What does online TEFL course accreditation mean?

When it comes to online TEFL courses there are no official regulations which leaves providers free to offer any format of course they wish. Unfortunately, this virtual free for all situation makes it difficult for trainees to know which courses are of a high standard and which are to be avoided. However, one thing you can do to find out if a course is worth looking at is to check if it has been accredited by an independent body. An independent accreditation simply means the course has been reviewed by an outside source and they have deemed it worthy of their backing.

How do I know if an online TEFL course has been accredited?

Every online TEFL course provider will prominently display any accreditation they have received on their website, so finding it should be no problem. One word of warning here is that there is nothing stopping a provider from falsely advertising accreditation they don’t actually have or simply making up their own accreditation body. The vast majority of TEFL providers are perfectly trustworthy, but if you have any suspicions about accreditation it is wise to do a little more research to avoid the small number of unscrupulous operators out there.

Is there any other way to check online TEFL course validity?

Checking on independent accreditation is certainly a good place to start, but you should also do some research into what other trainees thought about an individual course. You should find course reviews for most options via an online search, with teaching forums and blogs particularly good places to look. If a course seems to have genuine accreditation and/or positive feedback from a number of previous trainees, you should feel confident that it will provide the start you need to your teaching adventure.

What about ITTT online TEFL courses?

As a long standing member of the international TEFL community, ITTT is at the forefront of online TEFL course training. For full details of our accreditations please visit our accreditations and affiliations page. To ensure we maintain our high standards we take the feedback we receive from our thousands of graduates very seriously. To see what they have to say about us, take a look at our graduates testimonial page.