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Goethe once said that Leipzig was “A little Paris that educates its people”.
Here are the top 10 cities in Europe with the highest demand for English language teachers.
Despite stricter visa regulations and tougher job markets for teachers, there are still many places in all parts of Europe that have a need for foreign teachers

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Although 800 million Currywurst are eaten in Germany each year and the country is home to 1,000 differnet types of sausage, over 1,200 breweries and the world famous Oktoberfest, it is important to remember that there is much more to Germany than beer and sausages. Signing up for your in-class TEFL course with ITTT in Germany means you will earning an internationally recognized teaching certificate in the home of some of the world’s greatest musicians, poets and thinkers such as Bach, Goethe and Nietzsche.

With three cities in the top ten of the Mercer Quality of Living Survey it is easy to why quality of life in Germany is considered to be generally high. Most cities provide excellent public infrastructure, quality living spaces and a number of leisure activities. Accommodation of a good standard at reasonable prices is the norm in Germany and the cost of living is lower in the former East Germany.

Germans like to spend the summer relaxing outdoors after work or at weekends and there’s always somewhere where you can enjoy sun next to one of the many lakes and rivers. Popular destinations for local and international tourists alike are the Baltic Sea in the north and Lake Constance (the Bodensee) in the south. In winter you can enjoy the snow in the mountains in the southern parts of Germany. Thanks to cheap train travel, with special offers at the weekend and on regional trains, it’s easy to get around and see all that Germany has to offer.

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Employment opportunities for English teachers in Germany are high, especially in the business English sector. As German companies work with a wide range of international clients and businesses, English is an essential for many workers. Therefore, there is a strong demand for business English courses in order for employees to perform their roles effectively.

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