Feel free to click on the links below for information regarding TEFL jobs in specific countries and regions. Many of the most popular teaching destinations are listed and we literally have thousands of employers on file from countries all over the world.

Once you have earned your TEFL certificate, you will be qualified for a huge range of TEFL related jobs. There are many online resources with hundreds of vacancies listed and you will be provided with a comprehensive list of these resources after you have enrolled in the course.

Throughout your teaching career, we will help guide you into the right job that meets your needs. With our well established reputation around the world, you might even be hired before you finish the course. With our assistance, our graduates have a head start on the competition when it comes to applying for TEFL positions worldwide.

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International TEFL and TESOL Training

Graduates of our course will almost always find a job that suits them. Continuing growth in demand for certified teachers will grow as the demand for English language speakers grows internationally. The language is rapidly becoming the global language of business and governance, so there will always be a wide range of locations in which to live and teach.

For examples of the diversity in job prospects, please view our list of postings, but remember that the English language jobs listed there are only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to this, our course participants will be provided with comprehensive advice and tips during their course and for the duration of their career. We'll help you find advertised jobs, answer tough interview questions, consult with you in regards to your resume, help you with planning for mock lessons and just about anything else we can do to ensure you find the job that's right for you.

If you decide to take our course, you'll be on the road to a career teaching English overseas in almost any country you'd like. Our country-specific jobs page provides information regarding pay and benefits, and inform of samples of international job offers. It's a quick reference guide for helping you choose the right country for you.

Remember: the jobs there are only a fraction of what we have in our database. Jobs listed on these pages are meant to give you an idea of what employers are looking for and what you can expect from your employer.

After Teaching English

Statistics have shown that most ESL/EFL teachers teach abroad for between one and three years before returning home to enter the job market.

Many employers look very favorably on those who've demonstrated the courage and drive it takes to immerse oneself in a foreign culture. This becomes even more impressive if the teacher has managed to learn a new language while teaching English. Other important skill sets may have been acquired as well and this will always impress domestic employers.

We all know teachers are highly respected in almost every culture and many ESL/EFL teachers go on to further their training and eventually become teachers working in schools in their home countries.

Approximately 20% of ESL/EFL teachers gain advanced qualifications after having earned their TEFL/TESOL certificate. The options include a Diploma in TEFL or an MA in TEFL or TESOL. Diploma courses typically take six months to complete, while MAs will take a year or more. You can also dive into a four-year degree majoring in TEFL/TESOL. Demand for jobs in countries where English is spoken is increasing dramatically and many of our certified teachers will find the skills and experiences gained by teaching English abroad will provide them with plenty of job opportunities back home.

These advanced qualifications offer additional research into theory and methodology as well as practical training. They will often times include teaching practice. If you decide to pursue advanced qualifications, positions of responsibility such as Director of Studies, Teacher Trainer, Curriculum Designer, School Manager, Head Teacher and Materials Producer, all become available to you.

Many universities worldwide offer great jobs for those holding MA's in TESOL/TEFL. Opportunities also abound for anyone wishing to make serious money in oil-rich nations such as UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Teaching English abroad is a fantastic way to grow personally and professional while gaining the skills needed to find great jobs down the road of career development.

TESOL Job opportunities by region



Asia is huge and its demand for qualified EFL teachers is even bigger. Some Asian nations in particular have an enormous demand for certified teachers. Relative to this high demand for good teachers are high salaries. Even where salaries are low, the cost of living is even lower so affording a nice quality of life is easily done. In Asia, it's definitely a teacher's market for salaries.

Qualifying for these jobs is sometimes a matter of having a degree. Japan, Korea and Taiwan all require a university degree as well as a TESOL or TEFL certificate. These nations have higher standards of living and to match, salaries are also high even by international standards.

China, Vietnam and Thailand all have lower standards of living and salaries but these countries offer so much more in terms of cultural diversity and adventure.


North America

The demand for ESL professionals is huge in North America. Virtually all major universities and colleges have an ESL program, as do many governmental and charitable organizations. Here, teaching at a language school is much more common than in a government school.


Latin America

South and Central America offer a wide variety of jobs. Due to its diversity and charm, this region is a very attractive destination to the average ESL teacher. Overall, salaries are good in comparison with the local low cost of living. Most schools don't advertise their jobs online here so most jobs are found by 'hitting the pavement' and visiting schools in-person.


Western Europe

Job prospects vary between countries in this region and many teachers like the idea of teaching here as it offers reduced risks of culture shock. Finding a job here will certainly be easier for EU citizens but demand in some countries is so high, non-EU citizens will be able to land jobs and thousands of them have been doing so for years.


Eastern Europe

Thanks to major shifts to market economies throughout many parts of Central and Eastern Europe, this region has seen a huge increase in the demand for ESL teachers-particularly in the business sector. Almost every Eastern European country has plenty to offer in terms of job openings and most are open to EU and non-EU citizens alike.