About ITTT


As globalization continues to grow and the English language as the international language of communication continues to evolve, the need and demand for English teachers inevitably rises. In order to meet these demands, International TEFL and TESOL Training has raised the standards in the field of teacher training.

For over 25 years ITTT has been the market leader in providing the highest quality TEFL courses. With thousands of graduates each year and our variety of online, in-class, and combined courses, we continue to develop and grow to maintain our position as one of the most highly regarded providers of TEFL training worldwide.

Teaching English abroad requires knowledge, as well as the skills and techniques required to convert this knowledge into practical teaching. Through the most up to date, relevant and comprehensive TEFL training available, ITTT will ensure that you more than meet the standards for working and teaching abroad. With a qualification from us, you will have already taken one of the most important steps in your TEFL career.

At ITTT we are well aware that receiving your TEFL qualification is only the first step towards working abroad and that finding a suitable location and teaching position can appear a little daunting. For this reason, ITTT provides extensive job support and career assistance throughout and beyond your time with us. On an ongoing basis, at no extra cost, you will receive guidance, advice, tips, and information that will make finding the perfect opportunity that much easier. We consider this an integral part of our responsibilities, which is yet another factor that makes us unique.

Our commitment to our students encompasses many things, including:

  • Continuing to raise the standards of English teaching all over the world by providing confident, prepared and knowledgeable graduates.
  • Exceeding the needs and requirements of any student who wishes to teach English abroad through our substantial and thorough TEFL courses.
  • Providing a variety of TEFL courses and methods of receiving your qualification to ensure we are catering to the needs of all our students. We also offer advice on picking the perfect course option for you.
  • Providing materials and high quality training which is constantly moderated and adapted to ensure it is the most up to date and pertinent available.
  • Helping our students through our extensive job support services. We will help all our students locate suitable positions in their chosen location.

To ensure that we are providing the highest standards available and meeting the promises we make to our students. ITTT is associated with and accredited by some of the most highly esteemed organizations in the field of education.

These include:

  • Lamar University (USA) validates all our in-class TEFL courses, while our online courses are validated and accredited by the Paris College of International Education (France). Both of these are among the leading institutions within the TEFL profession. Our five-day combined courses are moderated by the Teacher Training Council.
  • The Board of Academic Advisors (BOAA) includes several internationally recognized experts in the field of English teaching. The BOAA actively validates and moderates all our TEFL courses so our trainees can be assured that the highest standard of TEFL material and training is being provided.
  • The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL). More information on this body, of which we are an accredited member, can be found at:
  • ITTT is also a member of the Chartered College of Teaching. Further information can be found on their official website.

With over a quarter of a century of experience in providing the highest quality TEFL training, thousands of satisfied graduates each year and the support and accreditation of some of the most important educational authorities in the world, we are confident that we offer the very best solutions for your TEFL training. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses soon.