Why Choose ITTT: Earn University Credits


The fact that our online TEFL courses are accredited by a leading educational institution such as the Paris University of International Education (PUIE) is a major benefit to many trainees as you are able to claim credits towards your bachelor’s or master’s degree through the PUIE. For example, if you choose to take our 120-hour TEFL certification course (generally seen as our standard online course option) you can claim three bachelor’s credits or one master’s credit on completion. If you take our 550-hour Expert Package you can claim nine bachelor’s credits or six master’s credits. At ITTT we offer the chance to gain a teaching qualification that is recognized and welcomed by all the best employers across the TEFL world, while also adding to your higher education portfolio at the same time.

Another important factor to consider is that our certificates are the only purely online TEFL certificates on the market that are validated, accredited and credit bearing from an internationally-recognized university. The university credits gained via the PUIE have been transferred successfully to countless different universities in countries worldwide, while in the US credit evaluation services place the PUIE in the same bracket as a US regionally-accredited university. Our position as the top provider of TEFL courses online means that our trainees enjoy many advantages over trainees from other courses. And one of those is the unique opportunity to earn university credits from an internationally recognized institute such as the PUIE.

TEFL Course Accreditation

If you have done some research into TEFL certification you will probably have come across courses that are accredited by various different bodies. This is generally a good thing as it means that an independent organization has looked at the provider and their products and decided they are worthy of their support. However, there are a few things to consider when evaluating course accreditation. For more on this subject, take a look at our FAQ: Which TEFL courses are accredited?

No Degree? No Problem

Many of our course graduates do not have a full degree, yet they still go on to enjoy successful careers as EFL teachers in countries all over the world. If you are in the same boat, we can offer a few tips via our FAQ: Where can I teach English abroad without a university degree?

While you are there you can also browse through over 200 other commonly asked questions in our FAQ section and find out the answers in straightforward and easy to understand English. Whatever you need to know about teaching English at home or abroad, we have the answers at ITTT.

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