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Onsite TEFL Certificate
Problems for learners in SpainSpanish is a romantic language, spoken by up to 400 million people, however there are some major differences between spanish and english The alphabet is primarily the same so there should very few writing problems, once the student has an understanding of the alphabet, they will realize that many of the letters sound similar in both languages, however there are a handful of letters that are entirely different in english, i...
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Quick TEFL Classes
Pronunciation problems in TurkeyI decided to write an article on the topic ‘Pronunciation problems in Turkey’ because I think pronunciation is a real problem in Turkey...
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Preparation Discount TEFL
CommonLinguisticProblemsThere are so many spelling, grammatical, and pronunciation idiosyncrasies in english that it boggles my mind trying to write about linguistic problems for english Language Learners (ELLs)...
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Organisation Local TEFL
Teaching 1-on-1 vs groupsWhen people go to school to become a teacher, they are likely studying to be a elementary school teacher, a high school teacher, or maybe even a university professor...
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Dates TEFL Course
english as a Global LanguageAccording to The New York Times, a full quarter of the world’s population can communicate with some english ...
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Lessons Quick TEFL
Comparative Teaching Methodologies I am not an expert at teaching methodologies, and will not draw any technical conclusions in this article, merely provide personal observations on a topic of interest...
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Cost Teaching TEFL
British english vs American EnglishWhich one is the champion in the ultimate battle royal for english teaching supremacy? Could it be Britain or is it America? Most people would pick British english because the language originally was spoken in the United Kingdom...
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Complete TEFL Cities
Teaching EFL in a KindergartenI look forward to having the opportunity to teach younger children in the EFL setting...
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Centre Credible TEFL
Teaching slang and IdiomsThe question has been pondered as to whether foreign students should be taught english slang and idioms...
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Approved TEFL School
Differences between formal and nonAny discussion of differences between formal and non-formal language must start with a definition of these terms--a difficult exercise in itself...
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Acquire A TEFL
Business EnglishBusiness english is especially related to the international trade...
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50 Hour TEFL
english Pronunciation Problems italian LearnersI was born in Romania but moved to Italy when I was a child...
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Company Courses TEFL
I did not realize how much of the english language I had either forgotten or have never learned especially the grammar...
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Universites Additional TEFL
Establishing Rapport As a student myself, I find that no matter how interesting a subject may be, the teacher can make or break how well a student learns the material...
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Institute Fastest TEFL
Going into this course I had the expectation to become a better english teacher...
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Universites Short TEFL
Peculiarities of the english language I have always been aware of many peculiar aspects of the english language, and have often wondered what someone who is trying to learn english must think...
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Universites Location TEFL
Teaching EFL in a kinder gardenI am writing both from my own experience as a kindergarten teacher as well as from what I have learned in this TEFL course about teaching young children...
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TEFL University
Why complete a TEFL courseWhile everyone has a different reason as to why they are taking a TEFL course, everyone can agree that there are countless benefits in completing one...
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How teachers can increase their confidence in the classroomConfidence has become an issue for many people, with the increase in use of social networking sites on the internet and the decrease of face to face communication...
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TEFL Phd Program
Business EnglishWhile the international world of commerce and relations has many working languages, as it stands today english is the dominant international business language in many if not most parts of the world...
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TEFL Obtaining
MOTIVATIONIn this moment, there are hundreds of millions of students studying a foreign language all over the world...
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Professional TEFL Program
Why complete a TEFL courseBeing a native speaker of the english Language and a University graduate has granted me many opportunities...
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Organisation TEFL English
Creating Materials Creating materials, especially songs, will always be my main focus in teaching aides...
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Legitimate TEFL School
Role of the TeacherThere are many definitions of what a teacher is, including responsibilities, roles, attributes and presence in the classroom...
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Distance TEFL
Learning teaching skillsBecoming an effective teacher begins with learning quality teaching skills...
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Course TEFL Organisations
EFL in a KindergardenThe majority of my english teaching experience has occurred in kindergarten schools in South Korea...
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Class TEFL Cert
Establishing RapportThe reason I have chosen to write about this is that I feel this can be very difficult task for a teacher to do with foreign children...
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Rates TEFL Weekend
I am very grateful that it was this program that I connected with...
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Programs Diploma TEFL
It was an insightful and rewarding experience for me to take this course...
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Organisation TEFL Diploma
The plenty of lesson planning practice I received has been invaluable in giving me experience (I did not have any prior formal training in education) and increasing my confidence in teaching...
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Location Quick TEFL
In this course I have learned to think about my own language in terms of grammar and sentence structure...
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Lesson Location TEFL
I have learned a lot of material throughout this course in regards to what needs to be taught in an english lesson...
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TEFL Companies
This course has truly been a very interesting and educational learning experience for me...
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Week TEFL Courses
Pronunciation problems in GreeceMy research article will take a look at the pronunciation problems that Greeks have with english...
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University TEFL Teacher
Vocabulary Building Strategies for Asian StudentsOne of the challenges L2 learners face while learning a second language is to build a strong vocabulary inventory to enable them understand different topics and discussions...
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University TEFL Course
How Teachers Can Increase Their Confidence in the ClassroomAs a new teacher portraying confidence in the classroom is essential to having a successful class...
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University Residential TEFL
Teaching vocabularyMcCarten posits that “[t]he acquisition of vocabulary is arguably the most critical component of successful language learning” (2007: 26)...
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