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370-hr TESOL diploma course with tutor (TEFL/TESOL Certificate & Diploma)

370-hr diploma course: (TEFL/TESOL Certificate & Diploma)
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US$ 499
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The online Diploma in TESOL course is our most advanced online certification. The course is a very popular option as it adds a high-level qualification to your CV/resume that allows you to apply for more prestigious teaching positions that typically offer a higher salary and greater responsibility. The diploma course begins with our standard 120-hour online TEFL certification course which looks at all the basic subjects required by new English teachers. Because of this, the diploma course is open to first-time teachers and those with some existing teaching experience.

There are many good reasons to take our online Diploma in TESOL course, including:

  • To enhance your development and knowledge as an EFL teacher.
  • The potential to earn a higher income.
  • The opportunity to obtain a more prestigious teaching position.

Diploma in TESOL course Content

The course is divided into 11 separate modules as outlined below:

  • Course Outline
  • Module 1: Study Skills
  • Module 2: A Brief History of ELT
  • Module 3: Second Language Acquisition
  • Module 4: Course Design
  • Module 5: Discourse Analysis
  • Module 6: Material Design
  • Module 7: Phonology
  • Module 8: Assessment Methods
  • Module 9: Classroom Management
  • Module 10: Embedding Learning Technologies
  • Module 11: Continuing Professional Development
  • Summative Task (Thesis)

All course modules require roughly 21 hours of study. The final summative task is a research-based thesis which generally requires about 20 hours of study. Therefore, you should expect the course to take around 250 hours to complete. The initial 120-hour TEFL certification course takes the overall study time to around 370 hours.

Diploma in TESOL course Aims

The online diploma course is designed to give you a clearer understanding of your role as an ESL teacher and covers a wide variety of subjects, from material design to different learning theories.

As you progress through the course you should find that you gradually improve your general research skills and your overall writing ability. You should also develop several other transferable skills that you will find useful both in and out of the classroom.

Diploma in TESOL course Assessment

Your understanding of the course will be continuously assessed as you work through the modules. After you have studied each individual module you will complete a multiple choice test that covers the information from that section. Your answers for each module test will be automatically marked and the results displayed on a bar chart. This assessment procedure will apply to all eleven of the course modules. To finish the course you will need to submit a research thesis as outlined in the summative task.

Upon successful completion of the eleven course modules and the summative task, you will receive your online Diploma in TESOL Certificate.

Tutor Support

This course includes the support of an online tutor, which means you will have access to the assistance of an experienced tutor for the duration of your studies. You will be able to contact your tutor at any time with any questions or problems you may have, and they will respond with helpful advice as quickly as possible. Your course tutor will be one of our highest qualified and most experienced teacher trainers. They will have been a practicing ESL teacher with at least ten years of ESL teaching and training experience.

Optional Teaching Practice

This course comes with the option of additional teaching practice that can be completed without having to attend one of our training centers. This will allow you to gain further teaching knowledge and some invaluable time in the classroom before you head off to start your first real-life teaching position. There are two different options for how the lessons are undertaken and verified:

Option 1: You can find a school or language center of your choice (either in-class or online) and teach your lessons there. The school will sign off that you have completed these lessons and your documents will be sent to ITTT for verification.

Option 2: You can find your own student/s and teach the lessons independently at a location of your choice, either face-to-face or remotely. You will need to video one of these sessions (1 hour) and send it to ITTT with your other documentation for verification.

Post Course Job Guidance

At ITTT we pledge to provide all the help and assistance we can to ensure you find a suitable job once you have completed your course. This includes the following:

  • Resume/CV preparation guidance.
  • How to find TEFL employment vacancies.
  • How to best apply for TEFL jobs.
  • Interview preparation guidance.

We will provide this assistance and more for the duration of your teaching career.

Diploma in TESOL Special Offer:

Enroll in our 370-hour Diploma in TESOL course before the end of this month and receive an additional specialized course free of charge. You can choose either the course in teaching English to young learners (CTEYL), the course in teaching business English (CTBE), or the course in teaching English online (CTEO).