What do TEFL teachers earn in France?

France is famous for receiving more visitors every year than any other country. Among the over 80 million visitors a year, there are always a large number of TEFL qualified teachers who are drawn by a wide range of attractions. Teaching jobs are widely available in many areas, although Paris is home to the largest market for foreign teachers. Due to the popularity of France as a teaching destination, some amount of previous experience is often required in the most popular areas. First-time teachers might find they need to be a bit more flexible about their chosen destination when looking for positions.

How much can I expect to earn while teaching English in France?

The average monthly salary for TEFl qualified teachers in France can be anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 euro. The exact figure you can expect will be influenced by several factors, including the part of the country you are in, the type of employer, and your relevant qualifications and experience. If you find your income is at the lower end of the scale, you can also take on a few private students to bring in a bit of extra cash. Private tutoring is common practice in France and you can earn 15 to 25 euro per hour on average. Extra benefits such as housing and airfares are rarely offered, although most teachers should receive some paid holidays and health insurance cover.

What type of employer will I work for while teaching English in France?

The highest salaries are generally offered by public schools and universities, however, these positions will normally require applicants to have a high level of qualifications and experience, plus a high standard of French language skills. In reality, the majority of teachers work for private language schools that are commonly found in all major towns and cities. By some estimates there are around 500 of these schools in Paris alone. Although the average salary offered by this type of employer is not particularly high, the hours are often flexible and you will gain a great deal of classroom experience. As mentioned, private tutoring is a popular way to add to your main income and you might even be able to make it a full-time venture if you are able to build a good client base.

What other employment options are there for TEFL teachers in France?

Jobs teaching business English are common among private companies in France, particularly in Paris. English summer camps are also a popular option for teachers who want a short-term contract. American citizens have another popular option as they can apply for the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF). If you are accepted on the program you will receive a long-term work visa which is not always easy to get for non-EU citizens. Because of this, the TAPIF is usually oversubscribed, so acceptance is not guaranteed. The program is typically aimed at recent college graduates who receive a monthly stipend of 790 euro.

How does the cost of living affect TEFL teachers in France?

Your living expenses will largely depend on your location and the lifestyle you lead. However, the average monthly outgoings for teachers in France is around 600 to 1,000 euro. The cost of living in Paris is particularly high which means it is important that you negotiate a good salary and budget sensibly. Accommodation is generally the biggest expense, with a one-bedroom apartment outside of the most popular areas costing in the region of 600 to 800 euro per month including utilities. Because of the high cost of housing, most teachers choose to share an apartment or rent a spare room from a local family.

What do TEFL teachers earn in France?