Is it possible for couples or friends to teach English abroad together?

Teaching English abroad is an experience that can certainly be shared as a couple or as a group of friends. If this is something you are interested in there are a few things you should think about before you head off.

Is the destination important if couples or friends want to teach abroad together?

Probably the most important decision to make before heading overseas is to pick a destination where you both have a good chance of finding a job in the same area. If you dream of lying in a hammock on the beach between lessons, you might need to think again as most locations like this will have a limited number of job options and a high level of competition. In contrast, most big cities around the world have a high demand for TEFL qualified teachers, so finding jobs close to each other or even with the same employer are much higher. It is also worth noting that some countries restrict teaching jobs to native English speakers and/or those with a degree. If you or your partner fall into these categories it is vital that you take a close look at the official requirements of any countries that you have on your list of potential destinations.

Do schools like to employ couples or friends?

It is relatively common to find teaching couples or friends sharing the same accommodation, but it is less common to find them working for the same employer. One reason for this is that some employers worry that if they hire two people together they will lose them both at the same time when they decide to move on. On the other hand, there are also employers who actually like the idea of employing people together as they feel that their mutual support can help them to settle in quicker and deal with everyday problems better. As with many things in the TEFL world, there are no set rules in this situation as it is entirely down to each individual school.

When should we look for work teaching English abroad?

Whether you plan to head overseas to teach alone or with someone else, it is a good idea to be aware of the best times to find a teaching position in your chosen destination. In many countries there are specific hiring seasons when the chances of finding the best jobs are substantially better than at other times of the year. By conducting some basic research in advance you can time your arrival to ensure your adventure as a couple or friends gets off to the best possible start.

Is it possible for couples or friends to teach English abroad together?