How do I get a TEFL job in Africa?

The huge continent of Africa covers many different climates, environments, and cultures, from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the vineyards and game reserves of the far south. Although you will not find the same large number of job opportunities across this region as you would in other areas such as Asia, Europe, and Latin America, there are options for those who are willing to look for them.

Where are paid TEFL jobs available in Africa?

The best part of Africa for teachers looking for paid positions is in the north of the continent where countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia all have a strong demand for TEFL qualified teachers. Most of these jobs are located in private language academies, although private tutoring is also a good option in many large towns and major cities. Elsewhere, paid positions are hard to come by unless you do a lot of digging or have local contacts who can find vacant positions for you. In some big cities you will find language schools, universities, and international schools where a small number of jobs can be found. One country where there is a particularly high demand for teachers is South Africa. However, most jobs are usually snapped up by local teachers who don’t require any official paperwork on the part of the employer.

Is volunteering as an English teacher in Africa a good option?

A more realistic option for many teachers who want to spend time in Africa is to volunteer their services. Volunteer programs of all shapes and sizes are widespread across the continent, providing great opportunities for foreign teachers to experience life in this extraordinary part of the world. A quick online search for volunteer teaching in Africa will produce a range of great options in many different countries. As every program is different, you could volunteer for one or two weeks, or opt for something more long term. By following this path you will gain invaluable teaching experience that will stand you in good stead when applying for future jobs, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing your time has directly benefited a worthy cause.

How do I get a TEFL job in Africa?