Am I too old to teach English abroad?

As there are generally few restrictions on age when it comes to teaching English abroad, we also have few restrictions when enrolling on any of our online TEFL Certification courses. All we ask is that you are at least 18 years old and open to new ideas. We have no upper age limit for our courses as we have had great success in training people of all ages who have then gone on to teach in their own classrooms around the world.

Are English language teaching jobs really open to older teachers?

Although many of our course trainees are under 30, it is certainly not the case that this is the only age group that international employers are interested in. Some schools do indeed prefer to employ younger teachers, but there are many others that have very good reasons for preferring more mature teachers. If you have any history in the world of education or in a training related role your services will be sought after no matter what your age.

Around half of all language classes worldwide are aimed at adult students and many providers of these prefer the life experience and potential rapport that older teachers can bring to the class. Teaching business related English is another very popular area of TEFL and older teachers with any kind of background in business are always sought after.

Where are the best areas for older EFL teachers?

One thing that older teachers should bear in mind is that some countries do have age restrictions on work permits and visas. If you have a specific destination in mind it is a good idea to contact the relevant embassy to check your status to avoid any problems. It is also advisable to be a bit flexible when it comes to your teaching location to give yourself the best chance of finding the right job for you. Regions such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Latin America are typically more welcoming to mature teachers than other popular destinations across Europe and East Asia.

What can older teachers do to improve their job prospects?

One very positive fact for older teachers to consider is that at least 50% of all EFL teaching jobs around the world will require an in-person interview. With a traditional interview situation you are given the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how your extensive life experience can be a real bonus in the classroom. You can also prove that you are physically up to the job and that you are a serious professional who puts the needs of the students first. The bottom line is that there are so many jobs available in countries all over the world that your age should not be a barrier to your success as a TEFL qualified teacher.