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This lesson was very informative and educational. I actually look forward to learning more page by page. It captures how interesting our language is! Some great insights I learned are: it is importa
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Teaching New Language - Vocabulary and Grammar Learning new vocabulary is especially important in the beginner stage. In general, the vocabulary that students can understand is much larger than the v
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I found it very helpful to learn about some of the primary methodologies that have contributed to teaching a foreign language well. The Engage Study Activate method was very helpful to learn. It was
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My personal experience about this course is, I have learnt new ideas especially about how to handle difficult task and challenges in the classroom, the weakness and strength of students, motivating an
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This unit talked about the characteristics of good teachers and language learners. It described different roles that teachers can take in the classroom and the differences between the levels of langua
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This unit covers the most prominent methodologies that exist for teaching the English language as a second language. While each of the methods have their strengths and weaknesses, it is still debated
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This unit outlines the seven future tenses and includes examples of forms, usage, and teaching ideas. A condensed version: I will X (future simple); I will be Xing (future continuous); I will have X'd
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League City
In this unit I learned about different ways of evaluating students’ levels and progress. The placement test enables you to place students in the correct level for their ability. The diagnostic test
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This unit was one that I caught onto quickly and learned effectively (at least I hope). I wasn't really aware before doing this unit that we have 12 tenses to work with in the English language; I reme
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Unit 19 covers different students' age categories, teaching styles as well as purposes for students to study English. It suggests suitable activities list based on the above mentioned categories and c
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This unit was about teaching productive skills. I learnt the difference between accuracy and fluency activities and that the accuracy activities are more controlled whereas the fluency activities are
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This chapter described teachers and learners and their relationship. A teacher should be kind, patient, and sensitive, as well as passionate and energetic. Some teacher roles are manager, organizer, a
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Leon Junction
It is important to use the correct verb tense when writing business documents. Whether it is an email, memo, business plan, report, or any other type of business-related writing or correspondence, usi
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Leon Valley
It was such a useful lesson to easily understand the role of teacher. From my previous experience, I faced lack of respect shouting at children every single time they didn't follow my instructions. Af
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This unit taught me how to manage a classroom and some mistakes I already make during my English classes. For example I would always call the students name first before asking a question or how I woul
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In unit three we discussed methods, theories and techniques. Some of the different theories for learning used the behavioral model of audio-lingualism which focuses on repetition and conditioning of l
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The most important part and usually most overlooked when teaching is the classroom management. From the second students come into a class, the seating arrangement and position of teacher will tell stu
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Learning what type of seating works best for students as well as using the right type of groupings for different activities is really important. It was also helpful to go over building a rapport with
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This unit covers a variety of topics regarding teachers of the English Language (and teachers in general) and their students. It outlines what many consider to be a good teacher and a good learner; a
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This unit taught me the different ways in which a teacher can approach teaching writing and speaking of the English language. I learned that neither is more important than the other and that they are
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In this unit we have learned the tense system , present tenses. Many people accept only three tenses in English , present,past and future . But we as esl teachers should know ther are 12tenses in Engl
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I didn't glean as much knowledge from this unit as I had from the other ones, I feel like being prepared and having a lesson plan are obvious. however, the resources and templates given in this unit a
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Liberty Hill
In this unit five of the course, the subject was classroom management. The topics covered in it were about how the teacher can behave in order to organize and manage the class while being friendly and
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Lincoln Park
I learned how to give a better explanation to my students about transitive and intransitive verbs. I also learned the importance of teaching the basic things in a better way in order to help them unde
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Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but may be part of a
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In this unit I learned about different types of learners and how differently one much go about teaching a class. I found the do's and don'ts for teaching beginners really helpful because it pointed ou
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I am currently teaching a mixed level English class. The students come from four different countries and have varying levels of English understanding. Many have challenges reading and writing in their
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For this unit, the most memorable portions of information were the aspects that a teacher in a foreign country will need to use and balance effectively. For example, the challenge that being both a mo
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Little Elm
The receptive skills can be taught in many ways and at different varieties. I like particularly that there is no limit as to what ideas of games, debate topics or even class room discussions that may
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Little River-Academy
The more this course goes through these tenses, the easier it is to remember them and somehow also a bit more confusing in a way how you can perform similar activities to all of them and it's just the
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This unit is about classroom management and ways to prevent problem behaviors in the classroom. These include ways to group and arrange the classroom strategically so that the students are in an envir
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Live Oak
This unit teaches us about reported speech and conditionals. It elaborates the different types of conditionals and how they are formed and gives some ideas for activities at different stages of the cl
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Through the study of this unit, I learned different situations require different treatment, such as a complete teaching needs a activation process still need activation process for many times, still n
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I don’t bother rearranging seats for my students. I allow them to sit whoever they want and are comfortable to sit with. This lesson, I have learnt the impact of classroom management. This doesn’t
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Unit 13 covered one of the most difficult areas of teaching so far which is phonetics and how to successfully incorporate teaching phonetics into teaching within a classroom environment. This unit w
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This was by far the most intense and interesting unit so far: It has given me insights on what methods will work better for me in my career and given me tools such as ESA lesson format and how to stru
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This content I have found challenging yet informative , I found out there are many more styles and techniques that can be used for our learners. The videos were great the way the examples were given
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Log Cabin
In Unit three of this ITTT course, theories, methods and techniques were introduced. Many of these I had never heard of before, so I am glad they were explained. For example, methodologies like Gramma
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In Unit 3, I learned about teaching methodologies including ESA-Engage, Study, Activate, which includes effective methods for new teachers. Engage is the first part of the sequence, where teachers sho
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Lone Oak
I personally love all the creative parts of speech as said before, one tends to think differently with a different language. Usually creative games a hard even for a fluent speaker and coming up with
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Lone Star
This unit explained what tools we have and what we can do to manage a class. Starting with eye-contact, voice and gestures to how to arrange groups and the classroom, manage disturbances, establish ra
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This unit touched upon the two productive functions of English, speaking and writing. I think it was interesting they noted upon handwriting, as many, if not most, people type most correspondence now.
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I have learned that one of the most important thing is to give all feed back in as much of a positive way as possible so that students will not get discouraged. I did not know or think about the diffe
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Pronunciation and phonology were discussed in this lesson. After reviewing this lesson, it is easily understood why teachers and students find pronunciation an extremely difficult part of learning a n
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This unit deals with common problems in the classroom and how to deal with them. Being that I have experienced many of the issues outlined, I am grateful to understand why they might happen and how be
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Los Fresnos
In this unit I learned the importance of physical presence and voice in the classroom. Good eye contact is essential for good rapport with the students because it helps with involvement and understand
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Los Indios
I definitely learnt some new things from this unit, when I first glanced at it and saw the phonetics script I was taken aback by it, not sure how I was going to understand it. But once I actually read
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Los Ybanez
There are four basic skills in a language: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Reading and listening are receptive skills while speaking and writing are productive skills. There are two reasons
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In Unit 16, conditionals and reported speech were covered. Conditionals are sentences containing an -if clause, which has a condition to be met before the action or statement in the main clause can be
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While teaching , teachers can face some common problems , which they can solve and overcome after getting aquainted with such kind of situations. When the teacher meets the students for the first time
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