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From this unit we understood that anything new we teach our students should be quite clear for them , they shoud understand the meaning of it, the usage and how it is constructed. It is known that the
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Clear Lake Shores
Students are often confused by modal verbs cause they are used a different way than other verbs and in many kinds of situations such as asking for permission and giving advice. In that unit, there is
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This unit was about the different future forms (future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, ‘going to’ future, present simple and present continuous), the way we u
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Unit 11 covered the receptive skills of reading and listening. The unit taught about the two divisions for reading and listening which is listening for a purpose and listening for entertainment then
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I learned that students respond to the teacher's personality entirely. It is important for the teacher to create a learning environment where students feel comfortable participating in class discussio
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Productive skills are an important aspect for teachers to teach when students are learning a new language. Productive skills include speaking and writing. Within speaking, it is imperative to focus on
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ESA structure that has been taught in Unit 3 is really useful by implementing in different types of teaching structures. When a teacher teaches vocabulary to the class, the teacher should know the Eng
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Similar to the previous units about tense, this unit focuses on future tense. I feel that this unit has helped remind me what the grammatical structures are of the future tenses, their usages and mist
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Covering future tenses, unit 8 is one of the most complex parts of all the tenses thought in the English language. There are seven basic structures, within the future tenses system. I have learned the
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Cockrell Hill
Evaluating student performance and achievement can be challenging without a clear understanding of the materials discussed in Unit 15. As stated in my Unit 9 Reflection, “evaluation or assessments
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Coffee City
Unit 17 mentioned a few equipment and teaching aids that you do not see much around anywhere these days. Cassette players and CD players are not quite popular anymore. One teaching aid that seems to b
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I feel that this section is vey complicated to a native speaker as it includes things we never think about. However, it is structured in a way that foreign language learners may remember more easily.
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There is such a balance that needs to be kept when it comes to assessment/testing and just allowing students to learn whatever they are able to learn. The insight on page 6,"Many teachers are not in
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In this unit i learnt a lot about planning lessons and teaching students , i also learnt about making lessons plans like writing down what i expect the students to achieve at the end of the lessons it
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College Station
This lesson discussed the opposite side of the coin, the first side of which was taught in the previous lesson, that is, namely, the receptive skills, that is to say, reading and listen; So therefore,
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This unit talks about past tenses. Here are the four past tenses seen in this unit: The past simple tense: it is used to express a completed action in the past. It could also be used on resume or CV.
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Covering the Management of a classroom,in this section is the primary focus. Understanding the use of Gesture,Voice and Eye Contact has alot to do with this part of being a good teacher. Positioning o
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The next unit in the series is about subtleties of times and tenses of English language. In this tutorial we cover the considerations of present tense and all its aspects. Various grammatical structu
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Colorado City
In this unit I learned about modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. Modals are used before other verbs to add more meaning to the sentence such as obligation, request, possibility, advice, etc.
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Unit 14 taught me that almost anything an english speaking person would hear or read is an example of authentic materials. This can range from newspapers and magazines to films and menus. I also learn
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This unit treats he aspect f teaching special groups.they are varried Special groups which are teaching beginners, teaching individual students, teaching children, teaching Business English( English f
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In this unit ,we mainly talk about how to plan lessons,the writing of lesson plans has a lot of functions,like an aid to planing ,a working document,a record. I learned how should a lesson plan write
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In this unit we have got a lot of information of speaking and writing including many interesting games , which we can use during our lessons. speaking and writing are both used for the same purpose to
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Conditionals and Reported Speech Conditionals are sentences that contain 'if' or a similar expression and refer to possibilities. These sentences contain two clauses: an 'if' clause that sates the co
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In this unit i learned about the importance of planning out your lessons and preparing for your class each day. Coming in ready to go helps you out with your students as well because it shows you care
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Mastering modal verbs is an extremely important step for any language learner and it enables them to increase their ability to more clearly express needs, obligations or make requests. The rules are q
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This unit introduces and explains the use of the passive voice and relatives clauses as well as model auxiliary and phrasal verbs. Looking at the provided examples of phrasal verbs, it was interesting
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I learned about authentic and created materials. It is important to use both of these in the classroom with students. Authentic materials can be used for more advanced students and give them confidenc
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I found this unit challenging, because planning out a class so thoroughly isn’t my favorite part of being a teacher. The reasons why you should use a planner were enough to convince me -especially t
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Unit 3 is about teaching methodologies. The natural language acquisition is the way we learn our native language and it is the bast way, but it is impossible to replicate when teaching. Nowadays a num
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Teaching specific populations requires different focus. For example, you would not approach a 1-1 teaching session the same way as you would a regular class. 1-1 sessions gives far more flexibility
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Copper Canyon
This unit gives a brief introduction into teaching new vocabulary, new grammatical structures and new language functions and gives suggestions what ESA activities might be useful for each new teaching
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Copperas Cove
This unit went over the basics of teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening. The two main purposes for receptive skills are working to achieve a goal and for entertainment. The tricky
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The first unite in the course covers the basic in's and out's of teaching English. This is done through two sections including Teachers and Students. The first section, Teachers, informs the reader ab
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Corpus Christi
There are so many activities that can be used for many different forms of teaching new words to the students. Lessons will never get boring with the variety of games and lesson plans that are mentione
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Corral City
The lesson planning sample presented in this unit is very nicely done, with a lot of useful activities, very helpful for future reference. Although I don't usually do a full lesson plan before my clas
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This unit is about the importance of integrated skills that we need for communication , productive skills-speaking and writing . How we can help our students develop their skills during the lesson.
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In this module, I have learned the existence of different ways of teaching ; the classical method, silent way, suggestopedia, the audi lingualism ... All of these methods requires certain skills for
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Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class, keeping a balance between a friendly, relaxed manner and a disciplinary attitude. The teacher can manage the class using his/her
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Cottonwood Shores
This unit has helped me have a better understanding on how to approach teaching the present tenses. It has allowed me to dig dipper into what I already know in order to grasp a better understanding as
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This unit covers the different types of ESL students (young learners, adults, professionals) and classes (groups, one-to-one, business) as well as a variety of teaching techniques tailored to each. It
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This unit covered the passive voice, modal auxiliary verbs, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. About modal auxiliary verbs, I learned great teaching ideas, such as, roleplay, signs, and rules/regula
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Due to classes that I chose to take in university, this unit was mostly review for me. However, being able to use this in actionable steps in the classroom to teach students was very helpful. The char
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I did not know that 'if' contained that much of meaning before. From the zero conditional to mixed conditional there were different structures that goes along with 'if' and it all look similar, but ha
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Coyote Flats
This Unit gave a good understanding of how to approach evaluating students performance in the class. I have learnt (and of course found) the range of assessment methods and evaluation tools described
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Reading and listening are the two important receptive skill which are important for students to learn new language. This Unit gives me a better understanding about reading and listening teaching thro
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In this unit I could retrieve some knowdlege I have not used in ages. It was really helpful for me to read again about the classification and importance of the four skills that any language has. Recep
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Cranfills Gap
Throughout the many years of studying English and the years of teaching the language I've managed to get accustomed to the predictable errors that students make while going through the Activate stage.
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There are subtle differences between various present tenses, particularly present continuous tense and present perfect continuous. It is important that students understand the uses and structures of t
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In this Unit I learned about the different methodologies available for teaching language. Which method is most suitable, depends on the teacher’s personality, culture of students and their needs. I
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