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Round Rock
From the perspective of a native English speaker it is very interesting to learn the structure and concrete principles behind the language that I picked up naturally as a child. Too often we fail to l
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Round Top
Unit 18 reflects again on the use of grammar and teaching activities that can be used in the classroom. Passive voice and active voice are a more complex area, by being taught by the teacher and by be
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This unit was about the phonology of the English language. It covered the sounds of the language at a basic level, including where stress, intonation, and articulation lie within the spoken language.
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Speaking a language and teaching a language are two different things. The depth of what grammar is in a language is something one must learn to be able to teach a language to others. Unit 2 is where w
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Royse City
This unit focuses on the future tense which is the most complex tense of the English language. This tense system includes the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuou
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Productive skills are speaking and writing. These relate to the terms accuracy and fluency. Accuracy is referring to how correct a student is while fluency refers to how creative the student is able t
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Runaway Bay
I like conditionals and I use them a lot in my speech. I guess that's how the world becomes open for me and all the possibilities start arising. The interesting thing though is, that I've usually been
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This unit is mainly talking about the past tenses. There are 4 forms of them: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous and talking about the form, usage each of them as wel
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Unit 20 was a troubleshooting unit and it taught about the common problems that can happen while teaching English and the common solutions to these problems or issues. The unit taught about first les
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It is important for a new teacher to establish rapport with the class in the first lesson. The teacher is also to find out about students' interests and motivations for taking the class. The individua
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While I found this unit to be considerably less challenging than the more technical, grammatically based units, I found it very interesting. I had never considered the implications of the way furnitur
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First, I have learnt from this unit that there is not one clear methodology to teaching and that there different approaches depending on many factors on which is better. In my opinion the ESA is the b
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The board in a classroom is where the teacher is able to instruct by writing, drawing, and projecting on it. It is important to write legibly and have clear, organized thoughts while writing on the bo
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If I was a student in the class in the two videos, I feel more comfortable and interested in lesson two. I think lesson two is more effective for that the relationship between the teacher and student
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Saint Hedwig
This unit outlined a basic plan for formatting lessons. Engage, Study, Activate (ESA) is a logical workable outline for effective teaching. Starting with something to grab students attention is impo
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Saint Jo
It was an exciting lesson full of useful and practical information for me to use in practice, plenty of wonderful activities and games. The most precious point for me is the way of effective approach
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Saint Paul
With this unit as a wrap up of the course, I appreciated the fact that the first lesson was addressed. Establishing rapport was covered again as a reminder and I feel prepared with ways to find out ab
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San Angelo
As I do not come from a background of teaching, this lesson was of particular interest to me. The Harmer method of motivating students to engage in lessons on language learning is the ESA, or Engage,
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San Antonio
This unit was very helpful for troubleshooting in the classroom. I have learned a variety of different ways to handle problems in the classroom with students of all levels as well as classrooms of all
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San Augustine
This unit discussed the many past tenses, as well as their multiple uses and common mistakes and errors. The lesson also included teaching ideas to help students master speaking about the past. The fo
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San Augustine[edit]
This unit focused on teaching the productive skills of speaking and writing. Through it I learned ideas for creative speaking and writing lesson activities, the difference between accuracy and fluency
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San Benito
As this is the first time I've seen techniques in action, it is quite hard to exactly evaluate what they were. One always tends to imagine things a bit differently when they're thought on paper and th
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San Diego
This unit covered the teaching of pronunciation and phonology including intonation, stress, manner of articulation and the phonetic alphabet. While I found the phonetic alphabet to be more difficult,
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San Elizario
This Unit enabled me to reinforce my existing knowledge of the 'present tense" (i. Present Simple, Present Progressive, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous). It was very useful for me to clari
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San Felipe
These contrasting videos were helpful in having concrete examples in what to do and not to do in the classroom. In his second straight arrow ESA lesson, the teacher introduced new vocabulary and spark
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San Gabriel
The topic of this unit is equipment and teaching aids and it introduces many or all currently available teaching aids in a classroom. It gives a good overview as well a specific tips and information h
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San Juan
The lesson is extremely interesting to get some basic theoretical knowledge of information to be provided to students. There are four basic skills that should be exercised while learning any new langu
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San Marcos
In Unit 16 I learned that direct speech is an exact quotation of spoken or written words which requires the insertion of “quotation” or inverted comma marks. Indirect or reported speech is the pr
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San Patricio
In this unit I learned some practical ways to manage a classroom. This unit brought to my attention things that I would not have considered in thinking about classroom management such as eye contact,
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San Perlita
In this chapter I learned how to create a class of a foreign language engaging with the students creating plans to study and activities to motivate, entertain and teach. During these classes the teach
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San Saba
As a teacher of Business Education, I had never defined my students as a “special group” but Unit 19 has provided me with a different perspective to my teaching. Secondly, I found the material ve
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I have learnt that lesson planning includes anticipating problems of students. I would have to anticipate hiccups along the way and prepare the solutions beforehand as well. I have also taken note tha
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Sand Hill
Unit twelve involves learning about how to teach the two productive skills which are speaking and writing. Speaking focuses on two parts, accuracy and fluency. Accuracy is producing correct language,
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Sandy Point
It was an enlightening review for me, and I certainly learned more technical terms and gained a wider perspective on the breakdown when it comes to assessing students' competency. It was honestly very
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This unit was a lot of fun to watch. In the first example of a poorly executed class I recognized a couple mistakes that I have made, especially in my first classes as an English teacher. (Thankfully,
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Trouble-shooting in the classroom is for when unexpected problems could occur or problems that are a possibility and the teacher is prepared with a contingency of how to deal with the situation. It is
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Sansom Park
The last lesson provided me some essential points of effective classroom management. The very first lesson in a new or in an existing group should be started with ice-breaking activities to get to kno
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Santa Anna
Nice and useful overview of past tenses that refreshed my mind and increased my knowledge in sense of better ability to effectively explain English grammar to my students. All of the following tenses,
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Santa Clara
The four aspects of the future tense follow the same general pattern as the present and past. The continuous tense features the auxiliary verb ‘be’ plus the ‘ing’ ending of the verb. The prefe
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Santa Fe
In this unit I learned about the four types of present tense verbs- present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous. I found it really helpful to see examples of ho
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Santa Rosa
Having never learned the phonetic alphabet in school this was an incredibly interesting unit to study through. I really appreciated the frequent examples of its usage as well as the placement on this
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Unit 7 focuses on how to teach vocabulary, grammar and functions of the English language. When it comes to teaching vocabulary, teachers must consider the level of difficulty of the vocabulary based o
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In this unit I learned about the basic rules of modal verbs and that they can have different ideas depending on which ones are used and how. The chart was very helpful in explaining a lot of the diffe
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The two videos in this unit demonstrated how the teacher’s demeanor and attitude can affect the learning environment of the class room and participation levels of the students. The impatience and fr
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Certainly, teaching new language is a crucial aspect of language teaching. It is very important to anticipate possible problems and to determine how to work around them. This unit offers a very good s
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Even though I am a native English speaker I was suprised to know we have and use 12 different tenses. I use them without even thinking about it but once you try to understand in which situation you mu
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This unit helps me to know that there are different kind of future tense. And this is very confusing. You need to analyze it very carefully. Specially there are also similarities with present tense. I
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In this class we talked about two kind of classroom materials: created materials and authentic materials. Authentic materials can be really handy when having class with higher level students. Created
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It is good to know that we need a mix of authentic and created materials to really engage our students. It makes sense, I don't want to only use one book while learning something either. It will als
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This unit discusses the importance of reading and listening in language acquisition. Both are receptive skills; receptive in that you are receiving information, orally or through the written word. Bot
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