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The Classroom Management Unit explains various factors, a teacher should consider for conducting any class- Eye Contact, Gestures, Voice. Types of groups - Entire Class, Pairs, Individual and small gr
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Red Lick
Evaluation is a great way of calibrating student's progress and the areas the need more attention. This unit discuss the different methods to evaluate student's development in the English language. Ev
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Red Oak
Modal verbs are important to teach students as they advance in English. This is so that we can teach them how to express politeness, obligation, possibility, permission/prohibition, ability and advice
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This units refers to auxiliary verbs which are used to express the speaker feeling or gratitude and the passive voice. In the first part of this unit, we can distinguish true auxiliary verbs, and semi
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In this unit I learned what materials are useful for what and tips on how to use them. I learned that overhead projectors are useful because it allows for writing while facing students. I learned that
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This unit focuses on importance of creating lesson plans, especially for an inexperienced teacher such as myself. I feel like it has taught me why a lesson plan is required (e.g. It acting as an aid t
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The topic of this unit is pronunciation.Pronunciation may be a neglected aspect of teaching.But pronunciation is important.For example, the meaning of the same sentence will change when the stress pos
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In this unit we have learned theories , methods and techniques of teaching English as a second language .One of the famous type of teaching is PPP-presentation , practice and production. We have under
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Unit 4 focused on the four different aspects of the present tense in the English language grammar. The present simple is the easiest to grasp in that the forms (affirmative, negative and question) use
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UNIT 19: MODALS, PHRASALS, AND PASSIVE VOICE In this unit the course finishes its general overview of English grammar with three of the more complicated topics for students of the language. MODAL V
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I have learnt a lot of new things in lesson planning. It helps in planning effectively and it acts as a working document, where we can rely on for the class to go on efficiently. It also serves as a r
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This units foccuses on the use of course books and teaching aids, such as : - pictures, photos, there are stimulating for students, contribute to memorize better and stimulate discussions. - Workshee
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A good deal of this unit focused on the psychology of teaching and the psychology of learning, considering motivation, educational and life experience, age, and cultural considerations. It also covere
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Richland Hills
This unit has given me the tools and structure I need to successfully create a lesson plan. I have learned the importances of lesson planning and some major key points in how to make my lessons most e
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Richland Springs
The lesson is all about pronunciation. Intonation is a key skill to teach because prosody has such a influence on communication purposes. Knowing and understanding, as well as being able to detect,
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Writing and speaking are the two productive skills and loosely align with the concepts of accuracy and fluency, respectively. Both are equally important and necessary and engage different skills. It i
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This unit is helpful. Most of the information seems like it is obvious information but it is great to be pointed out in a clear way. It is useful that it provides different option for each teacher to
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Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice The modals are words like can, may, should, and ought to that are used before verbs to augment meaning. They can be used to express ideas like possibility, obl
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Rio Bravo
There are four important things to consider when teaching a new language, namely; exposing the students to the language, helping them understand its meaning, understanding the construction of the lang
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Rio Grande City
Unit VIII talks about the future tenses. It has seven different tenses which are future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive, present simple, and
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Rio Hondo
Teachers must not shun textbooks altogether; nor should they depend on them entirely. Teachers can learn to omit, replace, supplement and adapt material from the coursebook; in order to fit the needs
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Rio Vista
Choosing what to teach and how to teach is extremely important to successful ESL instruction. It is crucial that your choices be appropriate to the student's age and task, as well being practical and
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Rising Star
This Unit gave me a refreshed understanding of the future tense system, including their forms and usages. The distinctions explained in the Unit around 'be going to' and future simple, and future perf
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River Oaks
This unit has helped me to have a better understanding on how to teach speaking and writing lessons to my students. I have a better understanding on what is most important to focus on and how I should
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This unit covered testing from two perspectives. First it is covered as a concept, to outline the goals and utility of examinations (e.g. placement of students into different classes/levels, evaluatin
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This unit was dedicated to understanding present tense. The use of present tense in English is not the norm in most languages. I learned that English has 12 tenses, which is not the case for many Asi
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Roaring Springs
This lesson talks about various aspects of introducing a new language to the students. Before starting a new language it is essential for students to understand the meaning and the structure of the la
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Robert Lee
This has been actually pretty interesting to read through. It's been ten years since I last had grammar lesson and it was before I had been living in an English speaking country. I never thought that
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So, in this unit I learned about the different types of students I could or other teachers could possibly teach throughout their career. I never really thought about Business English but after this un
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In this unit I learned that having a positive attitude towards the class is vital and can in effect determine the success of the lesson. Speaking slowly and clearly is very important and using elicita
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This unit teaches how to teach new vocabulary (leave of a tree), grammar (the tree trunk and branches of a language), and functions (also leaves of a tree). It is recommended to apply the ESA method t
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This is one of themes difficult units i've done so far. This unit showed the relationship between the rules of the past tense and present tense and how they follow the same rules. I learned that all p
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This unit dealt with classroom management issues from classroom set up to handling disciplinary problems that have an effect on the whole class. I am mostly happy to have learned from this unit that I
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From this chapter, i learnt that evaluation and testing of a student is very crucial. By testing the students, we will know that which level should we put the students in. If we did not do the test, w
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This unit shows that the three tenses (present, pass, and future) has four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. Also covers the following areas: form, usages, typical student
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Pronunciation can be a huge challenge for students learning English as a second language. But for students who really aim to achieve a high level of English it is critical that pronunciation is good.
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Rocky Mound
While there have been many methods used for teaching English as a foreign language, the ESA method is the primary method we will use for doing so. It is a more modern method considered to be more eff
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This unit focused around pronunciation, how words can be stressed, intonation, and how sounds are produced from the mouth. I feel like I have learnt a fair bit from this, as a native speaker I tend to
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Unit 11 focuses on the receptive skills (listening and reading). I learned about the two different purposes of listening and reading which could be for entertainment purposes or for a specific purpose
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Roman Forest
This unit focused on the various forms of past tenses, their usage and suggestions for teaching methods. Learning and distinguishing between the tenses has been the most challenging part of this cours
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Form this planning lesson I learnt how to prepared lessons.Before I always records and notes my lessons but never make a detail forms.Most of teachers think filling the form will waste their time so d
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This unit treats Classroom management and gives basic techniques which teachers can use t be in control of the their respective classrooms.Basically, it gives the pros and cons of the following classr
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Rose City
This unit includes a lot of information on the needs of the students and the choices that the teacher must make. Both skills, reading and listening, are equally important so the teacher should always
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Rose Hill Acres
The content of this unit focuses on the description between the teacher and the students. A teacher was described in different effective manners on how to teach in a class. It talks about what makes a
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I found the idea of learning structure to determine which tense was a good one because you can look for a sentence with just a subject + verb with d or ed you know just by this structure that it is pa
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Course books, authentic, and creative materials are all tools for teaching and learning a new language. It is impossible to find a perfect coursebook for many reasons but they do provide a good outlin
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This unit treats aspects of English grammar which are auxillary verds passive voice , reletive clause and phrasal verbs. In all of them the basic rules, fomat, usage and teaching ideas have been given
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Classroom layout, the teacher-student relationship, and the way one speaks, writes and presents oneself to the class are important parts of the classroom "ecosystem". The way that these parts come tog
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In this unit i learned that there are many factors a teacher needs to be aware of in order to know how to arrange and manage their classroom. I learned that it is helpful to let student work together
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Round Mountain
This unit discusses future tenses. The topics in the unit are future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going plus infinitive, the present simple, and the present
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