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Unit 12 is dealing with productive skills, speaking and writing in particular. It touches the main reasons for communication difficulties students normally experience during the lesson and the ways of
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The future simple form is (I shall/will) + verb for the affirmative form. The negative form is (I shall not) + verb. The question form of the future simple tense is (Shall I?) or (Will you?). The fut
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Classroom management is one of the most important aims that a teacher should accomplish as soon as possible in order to be successfull. Firstly,body language,voice,eye contact and using students'names
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While this unit provided some new insights, it also confirmed to me that I am following a good method for teaching. Some of the information in this unit coincides with what I have been doing in my ESO
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Past Tense There are some general patterns in verb forms: continuous forms contain 'to be' + -ing form; perfect forms are 'to have' + past participle; perfect continuous forms are 'to have' + been + -
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Seven Oaks
I found this lesson extremely important thanks to possibility to review some details of English grammar, including conditional sentences and direct and indirect speech which are necessary to use corr
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Seven Points
This unit discussed classroom management. How a teacher conducts him/herself in the classroom will play a large role in the success of the class. Things such as voice, gestures, and eye contact all mu
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After studying this unit, it is far more clear to me what constitutes a good lesson plan. Perhaps, the most notable aspect of a lesson plan in not so much what is covered but how a particular subject
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Shady Grove
I found the ESA lesson model from Unit 3 to be quite similar to but a paired down version of the 7E Instructional Model which I have used for many years. The 7E model is a constructivist approach to t
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Shady Shores
This unit was all about the varied and different kinds of resources that are commonly found in the ESL classroom. The unit covered such things as photocopiers, video cameras, worksheets, and OHPs (Ove
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In this unit I learned about course materials and a more in depth discussion on authentic and unauthentic materials that we touched on in a previous unit. The largest topic of this unit was course boo
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The content in this lesson focused on showing the learner what an ineffective and effective lesson can look like through two videos. The first begins with an inattentive teacher who rushes the lessons
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Shavano Park
English can be a very difficult language to learn due to its lack of consistency in spelling from pronunciation and the number of grammar patterns. Spoken english has a number of patterns that a learn
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Foreign language teachers have many methods and techniques at their disposal when conducting a class. It can be difficult to identify which methodology is best suited for your students, as it comes do
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This was a unit on teaching materials used in class to support learning activities. It covered a lot of different tools, from overhead projectors to computers. For all of the aides listed it gave a br
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This study unit was about future tenses. This unit identified the different forms of future tenses like in previous units that dealt with past and present tenses however the future tense also included
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The videos were excellent. I learned a lot from this lesson and it is interesting to be watching the students learn in these two situations. You can clearly see what is wrong with the first lesson and
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From this Unit I know the point that the speaking skills require fluency while writing skills require accuracy. And I also know the three activities to teach speaking lesson to students: controlled,
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This Unit was focused on theories, methods and techniques which i found really interesting and usefull. It was full of examples and ideas. All the stages of succesfull class have been explained ,but
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Unit 2 concentrated on grammar and parts of speech. It had been awhile since I had reviewed grammar, so it was a good refresher and there were a few things like past and present participles I didn’t
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Unit 6 introduced the four past tenses: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. I had never thought about the construction of such tenses and especially the usage- for instance the past p
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I remember how difficult phonetics was for me in the university. Time and experience teaching has helped me to improve and use what I was taught. It is great to review it in this course as speaking is
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This lesson is very short but very useful. I got a lot of ideas about teaching materials. Authentic materials are very important because it has so many topics that will help you to your lesson, but Cr
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This unit provides some extremely helpful tips in structuring a class to make the most of the student’s time and attention span. I found the idea of playing classical music (Suggestopedia method) an
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Lesson plans are important to set up the possibility of a smooth running classroom. They help aid in planning, as well as the added benefit of having a working document of the class and its activities
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This unit showed how great an impact a teacher's attitude can have on students and their level of motivation. Clearly, in the second lesson students were much more involved and the teacher seemed to b
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This unit focuses on the receptive skills, reading and listening. There are two reasons for reading and listening: for a purpose and for entertainment. They could be a mix of the two of them. This uni
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It is important for teachers to build a rapport with their students in order to understand the students motivation and learning process. This will help the teacher to provide the most suitable lesson
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I have learnt that there are five main conditionals and that there are mixed conditionals as well. This would mean that teaching students mixed conditionals could possibly be more complex as there are
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Watching both video lesson it was obvious that the same teacher and same students came away with much different results not because of the students but because of the teacher's attitude and preparatio
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This unit really went over a lot of things Native english speakers don't really think about or realize they're doing in conversation. This unit was an overview of pronunciation and phonology and how t
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An effective teacher considers the teaching of pronunciation an integral part of each of their lessons. Students are more confident when they know what they are saying is easily understood due to goo
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This unit provided learning theories, methods and activities. First, it outlined a variety of language learning theories past and present, and offered critiques of each, noting positive and negative c
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Teaching Receptive Skills There are 4 basic skills in any language: receptive skill--reading and listening--and productive skills--speaking and writing. This chapter is about teaching the receptive s
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Sour Lake
Unit 1 of this course is about the characteristics, responsibilities and roles of teachers and students. I learned some personality traits a good teacher will have and some ways a good teacher builds
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South Houston
This module breaks down how to be an effective communicator in the classroom. It emphasizes the importance of animation of the voice and body, as well as the need for other visual cues, such as pictu
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South Mountain
The lesson was very useful and interesting to not pay attention on my own pronunciation but how to present the following topic to my students. Pronounciation and phonetics make essential part of any
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South Padre Island
English lerners who have the opportunity to live in an English speaking environment while studying have a huge advantage. They are surrounded by the language continuosly and are able to put acquired l
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The first unit is a significant part of initiating this great journey of teaching.The qualities, roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students are presented clearly by providing essential k
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This unit covered the second half of the general skills of a language, the productive skills writing and speaking. It focused on different types of activities which are targeted to improving accuracy
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Southside Place
This unit was very helpful in understanding the differences in teaching different types of students, from children, to business clients. While children need varied activities and constant use of games
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Many important points of management are being taught in this unit. How the teacher should speak to students in class, depending on the activity. He will use eye contact, his gesture or this voice to
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This chapter is exciting to me. I like to think about the students I will have the privilege to teach. The classroom management ideas are great and I will defiantly use them. I will as well use som
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Speaking and writing are two of the productive language skills. In both teachers need to know the difference between accuracy and fluency. Accuracy dwells more on getting the production of the languag
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This unit contains information about may different types of learning and teaching techniques. However, the one that appears bet suited for language learning is one that is a combination of many differ
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Spring Hill
Managing class unit reflects on how a teacher should present themselves during and between lessons in the classroom. A teacher must control the balance of the classroom to maintain a stable and nouris
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Spring Valley Village
As a teacher, you must learn to constantly adapt to your students' needs. Many times, this means dealing with a variety of problems in the classroom, many of which are all too common occurrences. A go
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There are clearly so many factors that can influence a class such as different levels, culture, problems with equipment and many others, so every teacher needs to be able to troubleshoot effectively.
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From Unit 4 I reviewed the material about present tenses (time and its aspects) as well as I learned some general information about tenses differences in various cultures (Asian in particular). I upda
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This unit contained valuable reminders providing tips and strategies for effective classroom management. This includes delivery of instruction (voice, body language, position and movement around the c
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