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From this chapter, i learnt that different kinds of materials cater to different kind of students. The materials created by the teachers must also be interesting in order to capture the students inter
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This unit about managing classes was reassuring in that it seems to me that there is no one personality type that makes a good teacher - all teachers will need to find their individual style. Managing
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I really like this unit because in this unit, it is clearer for me now, how to use the Modal Auxiliary Verbs. It is better if you will use a right Modal, when you’re talking with different people. Y
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In this unit I learned about the productive skills: writing and speaking. These in my experience are usually harder to master than reading and listening but I guess it all depends on the individual st
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I learned that vocabulary can really make a sentence attractive and effective. When teaching young learners we should start in simple and basic words first, and the grammar is very important. Choosing
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In this unit I have learned about all the different methodologies of teaching the English language. I have also learned that there are many different techniques involved and now know about the element
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In this unit, I realized some of my way of teaching are different. It is good to know the best way to correct the kids and how will they participate and be more active in the class. Having a knowledge
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knowing the different uses for the wide variety of future tenses will be helpful in my classroom to help against common mistakes made when using future tenses. I found it helpful to read about a varie
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This unit was tedious and tricky, but once I got the hang of it I was able to decipher a lot of information that I’ve known intuitively but have found difficult to explain to students. One thing I l
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Books and Materials, the main topic of this section, gives a good understanding of the differences between both subjects. Authentic material and Created material both have great advantages and disadva
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In this unit, I learnt that reading and listening plays an important part to the students. You need to do a lot of practice on it in order to master the skills. In order to master this skill, I believ
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This unit focusses on equipment and teaching aids that can are commonly used in class. Through this topic, here are mainly equipments and their usages: - The board, which is a basic in all class. it
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Pronunciation & Phonology and teaching them to the students is difficult to me, but through learning this unit I get the following benefits: 1. The Phonemic symbols chart (including voiced, unvoiced,
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Teaching a new language and its vocabulary is not an easy task given students come from different nationality and different level of English standard they have acquired. ESA can be used again in Vocab
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In this unit we learn modal auxiliary verbs and how to describe them to students. We learn that modal verbs can be used to show different degrees of politeness or certainty of something; for example,
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This module is divided into two major parts : Teaching new vocabulary and teaching grammatical structure to students. To teach new vocabulary, it is important to select the vocabulary that is appropri
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The future is a complex area of the English language. So many ideas and tenses can be used with future meanings. This unit teaches the structures and usages of the future simple, the future continuous
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Knox City
This unit was over conditionals and reported speech. Conditional sentences contain 'if' or 'when' which refer to the past, present, and future possibilities. Conditional sentences contain two clauses:
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There are a lot of theories, methodologies and techniques teachers use to help students learn a language and these strategies continue to evolve as student’s generations change. What teachers need t
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Teaching vocabulary and grammar is the heart of language learning. To learn one without the other would produce a substandard understanding in language. Furthermore, these things needs to be learned t
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This section was difficult for me. The forms all seem so similar and I don't recall ever learning them in school growing up. It's possible that I did, but because I am a native speaker never really ne
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This unit focuses on the present tense and its four varieties: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. Simple can be used to express routines, directions, sequences, permanent situations,
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This unit was about pronunciation and phonology. It explained the different types of intonations and the rules of stress in sentences as well as some techniques to teach them in the classroom. It also
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The topic of this unit is evaluation and testing.Testing at different stages of the curriculum, such as at the beginning of a new class, can bring children of the same level together, so that teachers
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La Feria
From this unit, I learned the importance of productive skills in the classroom. It was very interesting to learn about the differences between accuracy and fluency activities and the different ways in
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La Grange
Just like the present tenses, there are four aspects of the past tense: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. The rules for forming each tense aspect follow a similar pattern as the pre
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La Grulla
Unit 5 is focused on managing the classroom setting. This unit includes many different aspects as this is a very complex part of teaching which deserves a large amount of attention in order to have a
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La Joya
This unit is about course books and lesson materials. It teaches us the difference, advantages and disadvantages of authentic and created materials, the pros and cons of using a course book, how to ap
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La Marque
According in linguists there are 12 official tenses in the English language. When we are speaking of the past, present, and future there is a simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous aspect
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La Porte
Receptive skills are something that I always find interesting. There's so much, that I've been able to understand just by working along with Japanese or Latin people. Especially after watching tv show
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La Vernia
Classroom Management Classroom management in my opinion means being in control of the environment of the classroom through lesson preparation, a general positive attitude, and creating good rapport wi
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La Villa
This unit focuses on the differing uses of the present tense. First, it discusses the present simple and explains how to form a sentence using this tense as well as the instances that it is used. Next
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La Ward
I love how playful the language gets when a person learns the future tenses and how much variation in everyday language it gives. This is a section where I would like to improve as writing something s
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Class rules are very important for having a good class . We teachers should know how to arrenage the seats ,how to motivate the kids ,how to encourage the kids ,how to absorb the kids' attention ,how
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This unit focuses on pronunciation (the most neglected aspect of English language teaching) and phonology (stress (basic rules of word stress in English were taught), intonation (patterns: rise/fall,
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I have learnt a variety of ways to 'manage the class' including when to and not to use a students name in class. The latter being at the start of a question... better to keep them on their toes so no
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Lago Vista
It is important as a teacher to balance different teaching methodologies so that classes do not become the same and predictable. At the end of the day, it is important to give students an opportunity
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Laguna Vista
I found the Unit 10 videos a refreshing look at the differences of effective and ineffective teaching based on the ESA lesson plan model and characteristics. The part I enjoyed most was observing and
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Lake Bridgeport
Unit One sets out very clear expectations for good teachers and learners. Teachers should be engaging, compassionate, discerning, and knowledgeable, while students should be eager to learn and show b
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Lake City
i can see how this can be confusing to students, as even for a English speaking person this can get confusing. but once you know how to structure the sentences or know how each tense gets structured i
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Lake Dallas
Another very useful and relevant grammar point Unit this was! I have learnt the various Conditionals - their form, usage and the potential problems that may arise in using them appropriately. In addit
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Lake Jackson
The productive skills unit simply explains how to teach writing and speaking in English. The activities focus on fluency or accuracy. Fluency activities are more centered to allowing the students to b
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Lake Worth
This lesson was a great read! I really enjoyed learning about the advantages and disadvantages of using course books in the classroom. My favorite part about this lesson was having access to all of th
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UNIT 15: EVALUATION AND TESTING There are a lot of different tests that can be used during an English course. These include placement tests, progress tests, as well as diagnostic and practice tests.
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The unit provided great insights on how to deal with various kinds of students. To be honest it feels a bit overwhelming and challenging to see all these possible types of students, but with the guide
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Lakeside City
Interesting and complicated topic at the same time. Nevertheless, a good example of detailed grammar structure of English. Some details such as relative clause. transitive separable and unspeakable ph
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Reading about the different methods and how they work helped me to understand more the way I plan my lessons. I dont believe there's only one good method to teach, I rather mix them and apply what is
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The future tense is definitely the most difficult of the tenses in English. Future Simple (I/you/he/she will) can be used to indicate future facts, promises or predictions. Future Continuous (I/you/he
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Lakewood Village
I appreciated the opportunity in this unit to revisit the lesson structures for TEFL illuminated further in Unit 3 of the course. It is helpful to see what works and what does not in terms of teaching
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Form this unit, I have learnt how to teach students about clauses. In addition, I have learnt that commas are critical in non-defining relative causes (an explanation I was unable to specifically defi
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