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This unit was about the Tense System. It focused on different present tenses and when to use the right form. Present Simple is comprised of affirmative, negative, and question forms. These are simple
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Piney Point Village
Linguists can create a very good solid argument that only two tenses exist, the present and the past, but as teachers of EFL we have to take a slightly different approach. The course books, and most r
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A challenge of teaching pronunciation and phonology is that it comes so easily to a native speaker - often to the point where the concepts behind how to explain it are not easily understood. This chap
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This unit discusses the importance of teaching pronunciation and how a teacher's ability to understand the ways in which intonation, stress, and phonology can help her to teach her students better pro
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While the basics of the past tense are clearer in light of the unit on Present tense, I still found the useage discussed in this unit very useful. That simple past used the definite time, continuous
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Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous....these are the vital present tenses needed by an EFL teacher. Being able to use it in the correct form is difficult bu
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Pleasant Valley
Course book is very helpful especially of new teachers. It provides guided lessons that are tried and tested. However, the teacher should not depend on the course book itself as some lesson might not
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UNIT 19: TEACHING SPECIAL GROUPS This unit talks about some of the different groups of students that an English teacher might encounter. These include one-on-one lessons, lessons with young children,
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Plum Grove
Unit 7 talks about vocabulary, grammar and functions. It discusses how to present new words, grammatical structures and word functions using ESA method. There are also ideas given that we can use in e
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Reading and listening the focus of unit eleven. Teaching receptive skills, explaining how reading motives for reading and listening can be divided into two fairly wide ranging categories. One of them
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Point Blank
Watching the video lessons was so helpful in visualizing some of the concepts from previous lessons. The importance of the teacher’s attitude on the participation of the students was so apparent. Th
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Point Comfort
This unit talks about the present tense. There are 4 parts to the present tense, the simple present, present continuous, the present perfect, and the present perfect continuous. The unit states that s
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In this unit I learned about the disadvantages and advantages and uses of many different teaching aids and equipment available. I have seen and used many of these growing up but I really hate interact
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Port Aransas
As I begin my master’s program in the spring of this year, with a terminal goal of teaching in my field, I found this unit particularly interesting. Establishing a rapport and being engaging to a gr
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Port Arthur
I would love to be able to provide custom made teaching aids for each class but as my mother is a teacher herself and very devoted one, I know for a fact, that it's not that easy. It would be helpful
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Port Isabel
This unit dealt with the future tenses, as well as present tense that sometimes used as future tense. This lesson was incredibly detail oriented, and it was great having each tense broken down by for
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Port Lavaca
i think this unit helps a me understand the importance of doing a lesson plan, its important as teacher to be well prepared for each lesson and have talking points set out and objectives for what you
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Port Neches
These units with lesson planning and such are the ones where I always feel anxious to try and the concept is abstract in my mind as I have nothing to practically refer it to straight away. I can alway
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This unit was clear and concise and gave good examples of each ESA function. I learned some valuable exercises and when and how to use them in the structure of the lesson. I liked that this unit built
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With this unit I was able to clearly define and identify the future tenses and their usage. The difference between future simple and going to future form is still a bit fuzzy for me and I wish the uni
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While teaching English language teachers should overcome the barriers of pronounciation. Phonology includes three main aspects -Stress, Rhythm and Intonation and it also concentrates on International
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This unit i learned that there different reasons for reading and listening. Mainly either for a purpose or for entertainment. And that there are various methods as to how we read. For example, for pre
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I got many things in this unit,To be a good teacher We need many characters :Most inportantly be kind and patient ,Then should be professional and has a good subject knowledge.And by the way I think i
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This section of the course made me realize that I was expecting the class to be a specific way and I had not pictured the ways that the classroom could shift and change. I feel as though this course e
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The main methodologies used for teaching ESL are grammar-translation; audio - lingualism; presentation, practice and production; task-based learning; communicative language teaching; community languag
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This unit was about different ways to teach new vocabulary, including words, grammar and functions. For teaching new vocabulary, I thought it very useful to learn the different methods to complete the
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Prairie View
The two videos given during this lesson were a very clear example of what you should do as a teacher and what you shouldn't do. I have learned that one of the most important things about your lesson i
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Thus unit covers the basics of grammar that every English speaker will need to know in order to succeed in the English language. While many of they are the basis of the language, it doesn't necessaril
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This unit was about evaluations and tests, it covered three main ways for the teacher to monitor and evaluate students. The majority of the unit covered different types of tests, how and when they sho
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I had difficulty with this unit. Grammar and syntax are difficult but they are more or less quantified, if you forget about all the exceptions. But this unit seemed more like making art, less rules an
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Unit 12 covered the two productive skills which are reading and writing. The unit taught about the general reasons as to why two or more people communicate with each other and the difference between
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Teaching methods differ greatly based on the group you are teaching. For many beginner students, your class may be some of the first exposure to English that they have ever had. Some students may have
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Teaching Equipment Many teaching aids and pieces of equipment may be available in the ESL classroom. All classrooms should have some kind of board for displaying lesson information. Writing on the b
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Progreso Lakes
In this unit I learned about equipment and teaching aids. For the most part, resources that are available to you as a teacher will depend on the school that you are teaching at. I am not very familia
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This unit is very interesting, it encouraged me to practice more in my pronounciation, it is difficult to read some words sometimes because the spelling is very confusing, I really need dictionary som
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This unit helped me get inside the mind of a student somewhat. Differentiating between vocabulary, grammar, and function would not have occurred to me before. This is a useful way to break up the Engl
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This unit was incredibly difficult to follow. There were so many different part of speech and different aspects to memorize and learn that I found it very difficult to focus on the unit and absorb mos
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This unit provides some valuable insight to the topic of lesson planning. I believe it is an essential part of language teaching as it helps the teacher to anticipate some possible problems and thus h
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There are many different forms of the past tense. There are also many different usages of each of them and it can be difficult for students to master. For most verbs adding an '-ed' at the end of the
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Queen City
This unit went into detail about pronunciation and phonology (the science, study, classification etc. of sounds). We learned how intonation in english language works, which syllables are generally str
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This unit talked about what the focuses should be when talking about vocabulary, grammar and functions of the language as well as different phases of a lesson and what should be done in those phases t
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I personally didn't learn much from this lesson to be honest. I do however believe that this was a good refresher for me as I haven't had to take any tense classes in quite a long time. I do believe t
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In this Unit I learned the basic use of present tense sentences. The present tense is broken down into four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous. Present simple is the area where m
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This unit looked at some of the most common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom and also suggested ways of how to deal with them. From going over what the fist couple of da
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I have learned that there are 12 tenses. There are three "main" tenses: the past, present, and future with each of these tenses containing the simple, perfect, continuous, and perfect continuous form.
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This unit introduces the usage of verbs in the past tense in the past. As with the present tense there are 4 grammatical structures; simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. Although the us
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Rancho Viejo
Business English is a part of English for specific purposes and can be considered a specialism within English language learning and teaching, or a variant of international English. Many non-native Eng
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Lesson Planning is like the backbone of the class. Especially for new teachers, it gives the framework to ensure the class runs smoothly and everything from organization, timing, phases and supplies n
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This chapter clearly laid out different classroom management techniques and aspects. It is important to know when to be in charge of the classroom, and when to let the students be more 'in control' in
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This study unit was about past tenses. The unit was helpful and insightful as it taught me the different forms of the past tense and that there are four different forms. These forms being past simple,
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