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Hunters Creek Village
Teaching English in groups can be extremely challenging, but can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Patience, enthusiasm and good preparation can make working with groups one of the most enjoya
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In this unit I learned that in your first lesson you can encounter new or existing groups of students. It is very important to establish good rapport and there are a variety of possibilities to do thi
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This unit was helpful in providing a brief overview of the most common problems you are likely to face as a EFL teacher. Prompting students to speak English by giving no response when they try and spe
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These tenses were actually not as confusing as the last 2 lessons on tenses. I had a teaching idea of taking the same sentence and presenting it in all the future tenses to show the differences...tha
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Learning the phonetic alphabet is difficulty but it can be very help because it allows people to see the best pronunciation of a word for mottle languages with only one script. Learning the correct pr
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Troubleshooting and common problem situations that are covered in this unit,are very helpful. Making it understandable for the teachers, when dealing with problem situations. There are a number of sol
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In this chapter, theories, methodologies, and efficient teaching practices are discussed. The level of the class, the culture of the country where the teacher is teaching, and the teacher's personalit
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Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology Pronunciation is the most neglected aspect in English teaching because teachers lack training and confidence in the subject. However it is crucial to understandin
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Unlike native speakers who only know their language because it's all they've ever known, EFL students have to have an understanding of exactly how and why our language functions the way it does. Somet
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Indian Lake
This unit focused on course books and lesson materials. It explained the difference between authentic and created materials as well as presenting examples of the types of created materials teachers ca
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Watching these two videos gave me a clear idea of what I should and should not do in a classroom. The teacher's attitude and the way he adresses students has a clear impact on them in both classes. In
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Unit six was a great refresher on past tenses as a communication major who took many English courses it was nice to see how much I remembered. This unit touched on the different past tenses like past
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Building skills in speaking and writing requires that you keep students engaged This involves creating a need/desire to achieve successful communication, just as we would encounter in real life scenar
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I like learning, again, about this side of learning. Writing and speaking are the expressions of the learning the students are making. And that is exciting. I need to continue to be familiar with t
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Iowa Park
In this unit I really learned just how complicated the future tense is and how some present tenses can be confused as future tenses. The present continuous and going to future get easily confused even
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This unit taught me that there are 2 groups of class. A new group where students don't know each other and there's some work that needs to be done to establish rapport. Secondly there's an existing gr
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This unit was about the two productive skills, speaking and writing. It included different speaking activities to put into practice in the classroom as well as examples of ESA lessons for speaking an
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Unit Nine covers lesson planning and integrating components from past units, such as using the ESA model, and activities that correspond with engage, study and activate. There was a general reflectio
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This unit was a long detailed unit not only describing the different styles of teaching a lesson but also the different phases within the lesson. I was familiar with the stages of a lesson but I learn
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This unit covered grammar and parts of speech, wich helps to understand,the in depth structure of the English language, in it's proper form. It also explains the use of grammar for native English spea
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Lesson plans will sit somewhere on a spectrum of rigidity to flexibility, providing just enough structure to ensure the lesson flows well, and a good plan is informed by how students respond to it, gi
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Jacinto City
This unit described the four aspects of the past tense: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. The beginning of the unit laid out some common characteristics of each
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UNIT 17: EQUIPMENT AND TEACHING AIDS This unit describes various resources that can be used during lessons, together with things to keep in mind, as well as positives and negatives of these aids. Thi
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The teacher handled the two lessons were very differently, and it made a huge impact on how receptive and understanding the students were to the content. In the first lesson, the teacher did not give
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Jamaica Beach
Teachers must not feel discouraged to teach pronunciation although it looks too difficult for second-language speakers at first. The key is to be simple in teaching pronunciation by focusing on basic
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I admit tenses are really hard to teach. I sometimes encounter difficulties explaining these to my students. In this unit, I have learnt that it’s important to know the form, usage, typical student
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While speaking about past tenses, it is vital to mention that the meaning is the action happened, started and ended in the past , there is no connection with the present . With past simple forms it is
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Unit 10 provides a great realistic insight,of the do's and don't of an actual lesson. Clearly showing how to gain the rapport of students, from the moment the lesson starts till the end. Showing step
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Receptive skills and productive skills are equally as important. The two receptive skills in language learning are reading and listening. There are two main purposes for reading and listening, which a
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Jersey Village
the more i do these units with regards to tenses, i feel i understand it much better. i understand why and how things work and the way the tenses work, how each has its own structure of wording. once
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I have learnt that the methods of teaching come into play along with the materials chosen for the lesson. It is important to know when to omit certain parts of a given course book as well. Previously,
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The unit gives a very good description of the different structures that can be used to talk about the future. As it can be seen, there are plenty of more options to express the future as compared to t
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Johnson City
In this Unit, I have been able to reinforce my existing knowledge in the following areas: a) the use of modal auxiliary verbs; and b) the passive voice. The Unit also provided me a brief overview of p
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In this unit 3 about Theories, Methods and Techniques I learned alot about many kind of methodologies in teaching area like Grammar-translation, Audio-lingualism, Presentation Practice and Production,
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It is quite necessary to use authentic and created materials in language learning and teaching on the account of their usefulness as well as the interest and motivations they create for learners. Cour
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In this unit, I learned how to better explain and implement activities for students to practice and gain knowledge on past tenses. I realize it may be difficult for students to understand the differen
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Unit 5 covered classroom management which covered multiple different topics such as how and when to use eye contact, gestures, voices, and students names. It covered a basic idea of how to group stu
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In this unit I learned about the six different beginner groups I might encounter, how to know which category they fall under and possible needs they have that may be the same. There are a lot of good
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In this unit we learn about productive skills, which are the skills of speaking and writing. We learn that in the study phase we are more focused on accuracy (correct use of learned skill) and that in
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In this unit the main focus was on ensuring that grammar, vocabulary and language functions are taught in a appropriate and efficient way. Appropriate in terms of choosing the vocabulary that students
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Everything in this unit was new and useful information. Pronunciation is one of the most crucial issues in teaching non-native speakers English, especially if they intend to use the language for busin
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The unit outlines the importance of striking a balance between the time teachers spend explaining a language point and the students opportunity for active language use. This is summed up in the prescr
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Karnes City
Since conditionals use various tenses at the same time, it is important for the teachers to teach them nicely and slowly and to watch out for common mistakes. To make conditionals easier to teach to t
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In this unit I learned the correct way to lesson plan. I learned about the various ESA types such as a straightforward lesson, boomerang lesson and patchwork lesson. I also learned a variety of differ
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Creating lesson plans are not that easy. It’s not just about making the lessons to serve as your guide so you won’t forget which topic have you finished or which topic you haven’t discussed yet.
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I really enjoyed watching these two videos because it showed me how different formats work and do not work. Seeing things done incorrectly showed me how detrimental a dismissive or uncaring teacher ca
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UNIT 7 – TEACHING NEW LANGUAGE This unit begins by stating that students need to be exposed to the new language, understand it’s meaning and how it’s constructed, and finally to produce it, in
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Conditionals are such sentences, which include if or when , which have the sane meaning. They can express past, present and future possibilities .There are five main conditionals. We can start from ze
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These are great resources. I will defiantly use them in my classroom teaching. I have not seen an interactive whiteboard in use, but think it would be interesting. I do get a little concerned when
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To begin with, this unit is very informative and insightful for me as I am able to learn more about different types of evaluation methods and at what stage each test type could be used, as well as whe
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