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Lowry Crossing
Unit 3 brought up some very interesting ways on how to engage students into lessons. I particularly enjoyed the Fizz-buzz activity. Math is an important skill to have that will absolutely be used in e
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Mastering a language involves receptive skills and productive skills. Receptive skills are reading and listening. Reading and listening could be done either for a purpose or for entertainment. Regardl
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Through the study of this unit, I have a clearer understanding of the role of teachers in the classroom. As a teacher, I have the right to mobilize students' enthusiasm, cohesion or discipline.Through
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From Unit 4 I learned how to use present tenses.It has three different times in English;the past ,the present and the future.Each of these times has four aspects:simple,continuous,perfect and perfect
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This unit was very helpful in identifying grammatical structures that I had never really learned or heard of before. I found the phrasal verbs incredibly difficult to understand, and I wish there had
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This unit had a lot to juggle, covering vocabulary, grammar, and functions. Teaching new vocabulary is important,including how to select appropriate voacbulary and what information students will need
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In this unit I learned about the Past Tenses and that the Past Perfect Continuous tense is not used very often but does serve an important role of talking about things in the past that had been going
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In this unit I learned the importance of pronunciation and how it can effect meaning and context of a sentence. I found sound joining an interesting section, as it highlights the little shortcuts that
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This unit mainly talks about the problems related to textbooks, what kind of textbooks to use and how to use textbooks.The same knowledge points may be taught in different teaching materials in differ
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UNIT 5 – MANAGING CLASSES This unit was nicely detailed and gave a lot of information regarding classroom management. It detailed several different actions that the teacher can keep in mind to cont
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This unit was extremely helpful in giving clear differences in lessons and lesson plans depending on which type of learner you will be teaching. Of course, teaching younger learners versus teaching bu
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Proper planning can be a great tool for having a proper direction when teaching. Writing lesson plans can be used as an aid for planning, a working document of ideas, and as a record of what has been
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This unit covers how to teach new vocabulary words including: the meaning of the word, the use and how it interacts with other words. It also covers how to teach grammatical structure and what exactly
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Grammar is a very complex and vast area, and also one of the most crucial aspect of English literature, in order to properly write or speak. As mentioned in the previous unit that one of the most impo
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This unit number 12 was great, but it was not enough clear about the topic of writing, so give students possibility to write more and understand the level. It is totaly truth that there is lack of att
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Equipment and teaching aids are things that can greatly enable a teacher for more constructive teaching practices. While high-tech equipment and teaching aids are essential to a successful class, havi
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This section was very similar to the present tense section. Continuous forms in both sections use "to be" verbs and "ing" forms. Perfect forms in both sections use "to have" and the past participle. P
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This unit I learned that the difference between English learner and a person who grew up an English speaking environment because if English is their first language they better understand of how words
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Marble Falls
I learned that the two productive skills for learning a new language are speaking and writing. Even though they are very different in practice, they are both used to communicate. I also learned the di
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The videos in Unit 10 provided clear examples of what student centered learning should (and should not) look like. Frankly, I had a hard time watching video one as it felt so insensitive to the studen
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In this unit I learned about different tenses.First of all, it is necessary to define the meaning of the sentence, then judge the tense according to the meaning of the sentence, judge the degree of th
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I learned the different uses of the four tenses that we use in the past: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. The past simple is used to describe an action that sta
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Upon reading this lesson, I immediately jumped to "I am good at receptive skills but not productive ones." And this is true, and I will see how I can work on that myself in the next unit. With that be
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Assessing students are one of the important exercises that the teachers must perform in class. Although the student aced the placement test, the teacher does not know the student's English level in di
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With the advance of technology a whole new range of tools are available for the teacher to aid in language learning. The most obvious is the IWB although the cost of this can be prohibitive for some s
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Here we have the rules of usage future tenses. There are a lot of them and it is difficult when it connects with present moment and present tense. The Simple future is for actions which will take plac
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In this unit, I have learned that it is very important to know how to manage a class when it comes to teaching. There are three major factor that plays a big role when it comes to managing a class. Fo
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Students can be evaluated by tutorials, student evaluations, or by tests. The different types of tests give the teacher different types of information about the students. Placement tests are designed
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Evaluation and Testing, the focal points for unit fifteen. Covered the different types of tests and the reasons why these tests are conducted,at the beginning and throughout the course of a teaching c
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This thorough explanation of the ESA structure was very impressive. My lessons follow a similar structure, but I had never really considered Boomerang or Patchwork style lessons. Given the descripti
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Again, as with other grammatically based units so far, I at first experienced great difficulty wrapping my head around some of the differences between tenses and forms, however the information in this
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From this unit I have learned the differences between the future tenses and present and has helped with the present tenses that I studied in an earlier lesson. I learned when you would use certain ten
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This unit was about the methodologies that English teachers use in their classrooms, as well as the techniques that are more suitable for certain English levels. I learnt about the importance of follo
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Unit 20 Trobleshooting explained coomon problem situations that teacher will face during teaching activity like in the first lessons, how to do warmers, how to teach in different levels, how to teach
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I like to dig into the different skills we will develop, its like seeing inside the mind of our students. I did't realize there were 4 basic skills in any language. It's a great tool in my tool box.
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Through the study of this unit, I have mastered seven common forms of the future tense, as well as different variations and usages.In the specific teaching process, we should pay attention to the typi
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Unit 19 covered teaching special groups such as beginners, teaching individual students, children, business English, monolingual and multilingual classes. Beginners are separated into different types
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As a language teacher, there are many tools at your disposal, and you should know how to work with what you are provided with (be it high- or low-tech), as well as know how to augment it with your own
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As a teacher. it is absolutely essential to have a clear picture of how the different tenses in English work. Furthermore, it is necessary to anticipate possible sources of confusion and to determine
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Unit 17 covered equipment and teaching aids. The unit listed the different types of equipment such as normal whiteboards, interactive white boards, overhead projectors and other various equipment as
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I learned in this unit about teaching special groups. And all of the groups has different way of teaching, but the important thing is how will you encourage them to learn, or how will you make them en
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Meadows Place
In thus unit we talked about Receptive Skills Reading and Listening while also mentioning the productive skills speaking and writing. I think the receptive skills are one of the basics and most import
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Lesson planning acts as an aid to the teacher for the timing of a class. It is also a working document where the teacher can keep organized about what is expected to happen during class. Lesson planni
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The lesson planning unit discusses, in short, what may help for effective lesson planning. This may vary based on the teacher and experience level. Nonetheless, the course offers general tips into the
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Unit 17 Equipment and Teaching Aids explained there are some of teaching equipment often found in the classroom and study centers like white/black board, interactive whiteboard (IWB), Overhead Project
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Building upon the present tense verb forms two chapters back in Unit 4, this unit outlines the past tense verb forms: past simple ("They read."), past continuous ("They were reading."), past perfect (
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Unit 8 examines the future tenses of verbs. In my opinion, the future tense is the most complex due to the seven different forms and the incorporation of two present tense forms that can act as future
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UNIT 4 – PRESENT TENSES This unit gave a nice overview of the present tenses (simple, continuous, perfect, and present perfect), however as I am already very familiar with English grammar, I found
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This course is very useful for me.Let me think what is my style of teaching as a teacher,low-key or lively or vivid? Eye contact,gesture and the voice is very important in the class.I must let my stud
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This unit gives a brief overview of the tense system. There are three: past, present and future. Each tense has four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. More specifically, the
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