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Fair Oaks Ranch
This unit talks about the tense system that is considered most difficult by many learners of English. Many times learners get confused with the grammatical structure or the fundamental rules of differ
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Unit 15 covered evaluation and testing. The unit gave examples of tests that take place within a school such as placement tests, progress tests, diagnostic tests and practice tests. The unit also ga
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This unit covers the tenses of future. These tenses are future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous,going to future, present simple and present continuous. The most fre
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This study unit is entitled “teaching a new language: vocabulary, grammar and functions”. This unit was helpful in that it taught me how to identify when certain vocabulary will be easier or harde
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Falls City
The first unit has given me good insight on the roles and expectations of both the teacher and the student. It thoroughly described what characteristics a teacher should have, such as being kind and p
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Farmers Branch
Most of my personal phonetic studies I went through when I was in primary and elementary school. I strongly remember having the phonetic alphabet with the dictionary words at the back of our course bo
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It was interesting to watch the same points taught in drastically different ways and my main takeaway was that lesson planning and attitude of the teacher is very important in student success. Dependi
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Preparing activities for the students is indeed very tough job. I have a lot of classes with all ages and sometimes it drains me thinking of what exercises to provide. I always want my classes to be a
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Unit 15 Evaluation and Testing explained there are a number of ways to assess a student's language level by tutorials, evaluation by students, and test. There are many kinds of tests in the course ( p
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In teaching new language vocabulary learning is indeed important. Its an essential part in foreign language learning. This unit helped me to review how to apply ESA methods to introduce new language.
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This unit covered the importance of two productive skills, speaking and writing, and how to properly use games in the classroom. I learned how to create simple lesson plans to help teach students how
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I have learnt to focus on the importance of gaining the students attention through the engage stage. It is important that they are interested and willing to learn. Some students may struggle with rece
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In Unit 17, teaching aids within a classroom are discussed. Teaching aids can take many forms such as the whiteboard, interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets, cassette play
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This unit entailed watching ESA demonstration classes. There were two lessons to watch, lesson 1 and lesson 2. There were many differences between the two lessons, in the first lesson the teacher’s
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In this unit I learned different theories, methods, and techniques for teaching EFL along with examples of each method. Its important to know the different ways to teach because not every student lear
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Flower Mound
The concepts from this unit have been by far the most difficult. I learned many things I didn’t know before inlcuding what phonology is. It is the study, science, analysis, and classification of th
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In this unit, I learned about different kinds of teaching materials. It is helpful for me because I can use other ways in teaching my students. It is also good that you provided some resources here be
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English is not a phonetic language, and pronunciation can be one of the most difficult aspects to master for a foreign speaker. On top of this, intonation (the rise and fall of pitch during a sentence
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Forest Hill
I learned that there are four basic skills in any language- reading, writing, listening and speaking- and that all skills are equally important. In this unit the receptive skills, reading and listenin
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Modal auxiliary verbs are can, could, may, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't and ought to. They can express obligation, possibility or probability, permission or
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Unlike past and present tense which have four sections, future tense has seven. Not only does future have the simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous but also has "be going to" and also pre
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Fort Stockton
Due to the complexity of the future tense, students need to have understood other tenses before arriving at the future tense. This is because the future tense works together with structures from other
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Fort Worth
This unit was all about management techniques for the classroom. It covered topics ranging from the tone of voice and type of gestures that a teacher might use, all the way to how to arrange a classro
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The tense system can be very complicated for EFL learners, and intimidating for teachers because of this. In English we have a total of twelve tenses spread across three times which are divided into f
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It is refreshing to know that teachers and students are not alone when it comes to teaching and learning English as a foreign language. From classroom supplies, such as boards, IWBs, visual aids, OHP
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this unit talked about lesson material and course books and how the two work together to help teach students. I found it helpful that they talked about authentic and created materials because I can s
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The first real English lesson I ever taught was on the Present Perfect form, and at the time it was very out of my depth. This unit was a great summary of the various forms of present tense. The cha
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This unit presented some important aspects of English Teaching. Indeed, a teacher may be very well-prepared academically, but if he/she does not know how to manage the class then his/her work will not
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From Unit 13 I learned about the importance of teaching phonetics to students, various intonation patterns with their meaning, means of teaching intonation, stress function and various stress position
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Every essence, that goes into the class preparation is very important. However, personally I think that teacher's attitude toward the class is the most important thing. This is because, no matter how
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I have learnt the different types of tests and when they should be taken by students. It is very important to note that progress tests should include all four skills (reading, writing, listening and s
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This study unit was about lesson planning. This unit taught me why making a lesson plan is so important, what to consider when making a lesson plan and the important aspects to include when drawing up
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The Past tense is a fairly straight forward unit. This short explanation of the past tense helped to remind me of the past perfect continuous tense, something I don't often think of but use. The examp
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There are many different conditionals to learn in English. Conditionals are used to express present and future possibilities using the word "if" and a main clause. The conditionals are zero, first, se
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The teachers need to evaluate their students English good or bad,need to know what content they don't understand and hold it.I always use test to assess my students language level.Because it is very u
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This unit is about managing the classroom. Managing the classroom well is a very important part of being a good teacher because it creates a positive learning atmosphere. The unit covers how the teach
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Unit 5 focused on how to manage a firm but relaxed classroom environment in order to help students develop more confidence in learning. The demeanor of the teacher often stimulates how the students es
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Galena Park
I'm sure there's many more problems to come and to solve. Before getting things started, this all feels kind of foreign but at the same time just like common sense would tell you to do things. I guess
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Good unit for rounding out the simple, perfect, continuous, and perfect continuous forms of tenses. I understand why the future tense was saved until last, as the future can be referred to from other
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This unit covered teaching special groups. It begins classifying different types of “beginner” students and gave tips for teaching them. Individual students usually are highly motivated. Also less
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UNIT 9 – LESSON PLANNING This unit describes the basics of lesson planning. While there always needs to be an element of flexibility in lessons (so as to best tailor a course to the needs of the st
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Garden Ridge
This unit gave me great insight into the different types of theories, methods, and techniques used in English language teaching. I learned a great deal about the different methods I can use in the cla
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Verb tenses and knowing when to use the correct tense in direct speech and reported sentences is an important part of learning the English language. Role playing can be a great way to practice these s
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Unit 3 has covered Topics such as, Method, Techniques and Theories,wich are all very helpful to teachers and students alike. This section gives teachers a number of ideas,on plans for daily class subj
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As an overview of classroom management I found this helpful. Although classroom seating arrangements are not something I currently control, grouping of students certainly is. We generally do whole c
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Gary City
This unit described the past tense. This is the most difficult tense with seven total aspects. Two of the aspects are in the present tense with future tense applications. I find this to be the most di
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I believe that the four skills -Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking are of equal importance and that we need to incorporate all in every lesson. It’s not like in a day you will practice reading
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George West
I found this unit trickier than the others as the conditionals are one of the more difficult tenses to understand. However, I now feel as though I fully understand them and am confident in teaching th
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Teachers have several options when it comes to course materials they can use with their class. Authentic materials expose students to English with real world media, which builds both confidence in the
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This nit talks about evaluating students and the different ways through which evaluatoin is done and for what reasons r purpose. Evaluatoin can be done throgh tutorials, evaluatoin by the students and
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