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Highlight and drill the contracted form of the structure. Elicit the present perfect tense structure and write it on the board. Students carry out the survey and give feedback to the class. A gen
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This unit is about conditionals. These are sentences that uses if which can refer to past, present and future possibilities. A condition is something that you must do, or something that must exist in
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Double Oak
As I see it lesson planning, no matter what the subject or discipline, has three basic components of instruction: content, process and evaluation. Content is the media and methods teachers use to im
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This unit was about course books and supplemental material and it covered what kind of material you would want in class and what to consider when choosing. I think it was a good introduction to think
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Dripping Springs
This unit contained 2 videos of example ESL lessons. The videos stood in stark contrast to one another. In one video, the teacher was not very effective. Everything from his demeanor to his actual les
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In this unit i have learnt a lot about the past tenses , there is a lot of similarities between sentences about past tenses and present tenses but this unit has helped justify the correct way to write
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Unit 4 Present tenses was a great refresher for me. It was also very eye opening because this unit did a great job with going in depth on the subject so I learned some things I didn't know before. Thi
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This lesson discusses the importance of receptive skills in the classroom. The chapter first covers the basics of what receptive skills are (reading and listening). Then continues by explaining purpos
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This unit was all about comparing and contrasting the two videos. The first video was, and I will be honest, very agitating to watch. Especially how he was calling his students losers, was rude to the
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Eagle Lake
This unit discussed how to assess a student's language level. The three main methods discussed are tutorials, evaluations, and tests. Tutorials are regular reviews where the teacher goes back through
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Eagle Pass
Watching the first video was hard to keep watching the teacher make those mistakes on purpose. He did it so well, that his behaviour and mistakes stood out so well. In the second lesson, the teacherâ€
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Modals,pharasl verbs,and passive voice are covered in this unit. Basic rules of modals and modal auxiliary verbs we're some of the key points of this unit. Relative clauses covered within this section
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Undoubtedly,lesson planning is important for both experienced and inexperienced teachers.It evident that too much planning can make lesson rather rigid and cease the teacher being flexible to the stud
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East Bernard
When teaching a language, it is important to balance both receptive skills, reading and listening, and productive skills, speaking and writing. All the skills are required in order to be competent in
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East Mountain
This final unit went through common problem situations in teaching. First lessons can be difficult because of the need to establish rapport and read the needs of the class. Because of this, content sh
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East Tawakoni
Speaking and writing are two important skills that a student should develop. This skills are the tools use to communicate and be understood. Speaking is somewhat easier to teach than writing and there
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This unit is first of the series, which focuses on the subtleties (nuances) of tenses in english language. It also happens to be the area where students could get confused. Therefore it is important
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UNIT 13 – TEACHING PRONUNCIATION AND PHONOLOGY This unit was the most interesting for me so far. There are many aspects of pronunciation and phonology that native speakers use without thinking abou
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The receptive skills are reading and listening. They are of equal importance to speaking and writing. The categories for the motives of the receptive skills are for a specific purpose or for entertain
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This unit covered half of the types of skills that are used when picking up a language, the receptive skills of reading and listening. I learned to distinguish between certain types of reception and h
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This unit was about four types of present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. I learnt when these tenses should be used as well as the correct w
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Edgecliff Village
Listening and reading are equally important skills to develop. Students use these skills in day to day basis to accomplish every day tasks. Listening and reading are only matters of eyes and ear but w
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For teachers it is very important to use different course books while teaching their students. Actually, it is quite difficult to choose suitable book for your class, which can be correspoding to thei
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Speaking and writing are last two basic skills in language. These productive skills are used to communicate. The action of speaking can be divided in two parts : accuracy and fluency. Accuracy is focu
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This unit discussed four of the twelve tenses used in English - specifically, the four present tenses: present simple (e.g. Subject verbs.), present continuous (e.g. Subject is verbing.), present perf
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The subject of this unit is to learn about different present tenses. There are four present tense. The present simple : used to define habits, facts, permanent situation, or even historical sequence
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Unit 8 focuses on the future tenses. I learned about seven common future tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, 'going to' future, present simple, and pre
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El Campo
The content of the 'Lessons planning' unit clearly describes every single stage of the lesson by providing example which is suitable and easy to understand. It gives a theoretical overview and practic
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El Cenizo
i could definitely notice the effects of different teaching styles had on the students participation and understanding, how the teacher came into the class setup differently had a major impact on the
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El Lago
This unit has reminded me of how much native English speakers don't think about the present being divided into four different tenses. I had to essentially re-learn the whole present tense and how to m
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El Paso
This unit went over the present tense. Each tense has four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. Form, usage, typical errors, and teaching ideas was presented for each aspect.
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In the final unit of my TEFL course, all of the lessons were wrapped up and concluded into this Unit 20. It described good practices of teachers to prepare us for the future of our teaching careers. E
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Unit 14 the use of textbooks and learning material within the classroom. The text begins by discussing the difference between authentic and created materials followed by their advantages. From there t
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Tthis unit is abut video lessons and brings out two videos with same teacher and same students. In one of them , the teacher delibrately make errs for us to see and indentify while in he ther the less
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Teachers can encounter many issues when they teach. Some examples are large classes, students excessively using native language, reluctant learners, and difficulties using listening materials. Teacher
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In this lesson i learned alot about how to run my classroom well. I am excited to implement it! I hope i will be able to use the horseshoe set up with my students, at least to start with, then move
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This unit allowed me to learn a variety of different teaching methodologies (grammar – translation the mainstay of language teaching and learning for many situations. Audio – lingual ism, presenta
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What I found particularly useful here were the ideas of building and maintaining your rapport with the class. It makes sense that how we conduct ourselves would affect how the students see us. If we d
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This unit examine the qualities and different roles of teachers. The characteristics and responsabilities of successful students. The difference between young learners and adults. Finally it explain t
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Enchanted Oaks
This unit gave an overview of the methods and techniques used for teaching language. While giving a brief overview of several methodologies, the focus was on learning the basics of the engage, study,
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This unit refers to Evaluation and different type of test. Here are the common type of test : - placement or level test, aim is to place student in a particular level of class. - diagnostic test, tell
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This unit explains how to organise and manage a class in order to maintain control of the classroom. Maintaining control does not mean dominating the class with teacher talk time, but rather ensuring
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In this unit ,I watched 2 different kinds of ESA demo classes,and I learned a lot from the comparisons,the second one is absolutely a successful class ,I can see a good lesson plan goes in the whole c
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If it's been a long time since you reviewed your grammar basics,it may be time to brush up on your grammar skills.Using grammatically correct sentence structure is important if you want to appear prof
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From this unit I learned what an example of a good and bad lesson plan looked like. This unit helped to show how even little things like a teachers tone can change the whole class. Seeing these two ve
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Teaching Special Groups This course has been geared to teaching groups of adults general English, however there are other types of learning groups which will require slightly different skills. Beginn
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This unit treats the fondamental aspects of prononciation and phonology and gives vital techniques with which these aspects can be taught.Prononciation is very ofen negleted byy st teachers for diffe
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This unit has helped me understand the important factors of what is a good teacher and learner, as well as the differences between adult and young learners and language levels. I once took for granted
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Teaching Productive Skills The productive skills are speaking and writing. Writing requires accuracy while speaking requires fluency. The teacher must create the desire in students to communicate. Ac
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I learned that this unit is somewhat complicated and a lot of preparation needs to go into lesson planning, although it doesn't quite matter how you format it. This unit taught me that it is important
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