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It was incredibly helpful to have a clear visual example of two lessons, and demonstrated how easy it is to tell the difference between a successfully delivered lesson and an unsuccessful one. It was
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Though teaching and using conditional tenses may be challenging, it can also be a great deal of fun. In many ways, the conditional tenses are the most creative of them all as are these that we use to
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From this unit we understood that there are many different ways which the teacher can use to teach more easily and productivately .In this case there come to help all techers teaching aids , which are
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Glen Rose
An effective teacher will plan a balance between grammar and vocabulary introduced to the class. It is important to know what ESA structured lessons will go best with the language a teacher selects to
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Glenn Heights
For a number of years, I have been a proponent of flipped classrooms. While the flipped classroom concept is more of a teaching model rather than equipment or a teaching aid, much of the equipment an
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This unit was a little more difficult for me. The other two tenses units were a little easier. I learned how to tell the difference between the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, the fu
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In my opinion, this is the most important unit and extremely beneficial for all teachers. I have learnt important points related to lesson planning. For example, the level, procedure and various activ
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It is very easy to get confused if you are not familiar with each type of present tense verbs. You must know the scenarios and have your students practice such scenarios. The students must memorize
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In this lesson I learned about effective methods to manage a classroom. I learned about the pros and cons to having less or more teacher talk time, as well as student talk time. I felt the lesson was
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Can I just say I need to learn a lot more about Modals and Phrasal Verbs before I teach this stuff! I was reminded of the difference between passive and active voice, which is helpful, but the rest o
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It's clear that it's really important to engage students at the beginning of every lesson. The various models provide the teacher with a range of choices depending on whether they are presenting new v
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This chapter was an introduction to the parts of speech in English grammar: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, articles, and prepositions. Nouns name people, places, things, qualities, and states. The
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This unit talks about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Modal verbs help when speaking about ability, making requests and offers and asking permission. Phrasal verbs are being used by native sp
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There are 3 parts of language that are taught to students. They include new language vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. Teaching these new language parts also can be done thro
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In this Unit I learned the various ways to organize and optimize a class room for learning. The main goal is to create a comfortable environment where students feel invited to participate in the lesso
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I found out that a teacher should create a lesson plan with such details as timing, learner's objectives, teacher's aims, phases of the lesson, monitor's teacher name, procedure, etc. The plan should
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Unit 12 is based upon productive skills such as writing and speaking. Both writing and speaking are equally important to focus on as a teacher. I learned about accuracy and fluency activities and when
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When you know a language as your native language, you don't necessarily know the actual names for each tense, and their usage. I have had many people ask me the difference between, for example, "I hav
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Unit 8 covered future tenses in English such as future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, and be going + infinitive. The unit covered the different usages for each
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I have learnt the following with regards to this unit:1. The different types of methodologies to use when teaching English to second language learners and which ones are more beneficial. 2. Jeremy Har
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Grand Prairie
In this unit we learnt about the four present tenses (present simple, present continuous, present perfect simple and present perfect continuous), their form, usages and typical errors students make. F
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Grand Saline
Thanks for this lesson and for providing me some creative tasks and methods to be used in the future. Definitely, usage of a course book only might make students feel bored and uninterested in followi
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This is the final unit of the course and it covered troubleshooting. It referenced heavily on things already covered in the course and it elaborated on problems that some students are likely to run in
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In English there are twelve tenses. They can be divided into three main tenses (past, present, future) each made of four aspects (simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous). They can be used in
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This unit focuses on teaching equipment and teaching aids such as: IWB, OHP, dictionary (most useful tool available to students) video (easier to understand and holds the students’ attention) and DV
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Granite Shoals
This unit helped me tremendously. It is quite clear that the differences between tenses can be a little confusing at times especially when needing to teach them to your students and help them to under
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Lesson Planning provides a step by step guide to help the teacher delve deep into what he/she is teaching. It is a guide for teachers to what he/she wants to achieve at the end of the lesson. It shows
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Teaching beginners requires the teacher to be aware of students needs and to be as visual as possible. It helps to use pair and group work, revise constantly, and to be encouraging to the students. Ho
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I have learnt that I should be an effective teacher by meticulously planning appropriate lesson structures for students. I have also learnt about the difference in a learner's receptive as well as pro
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This units refers to conditionals and direct speech. Conditionals refers as " if sentences " structures. - Zero conditional, used to talk about situations that are generally or always true. - First co
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While reading this unit I came across to some new ways of doing things in the classrooms. For example, when organizing the class arrangement. This chapter gave me a clearer idea on when to and how to
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Grey Forest
Unit 12 is all about the productive skills- writing and speaking. All lessons focusing on productive language should have two major types of activities, those based on accuracy and other based on flu
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This unit really laid out what I thought was an obvious problem. I knew about the different aspects of tenses but I didn't understand the general rules and exceptions to these rules. Demonstrating the
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The 7th unit of the course covers methods regarding how one may teach vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. The text briefly covers the basics of what students require to learn the language in
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This unit talks about the different methodologies of learning an English language. such as, grammar translation, audio lingualism, presentation and production, communicative language teaching etc. The
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In this unit, I learned how to use if/when. I also found out about the five main conditional of it. It is very confusing, so you should be very careful and analyze it really well. I also some ways id
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In this unit the past tense and its four forms were covered including, how it compares to the present tense. What can be seen is a form pattern and when learned can make the tense easier to remember a
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This unit cover the various types of future tense and their usage. I found the subtle difference bewteen when & how we use be going + infinitive and future simple tense to be quite interesting (i.e in
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Gun Barrel City
This unit reflects the basic and the most important parts of speech in the English language. It is important here to understand that each and every part of speech has its own complexities for learners
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This unit mainly learned the knowledge related to teaching equipment.Whiteboards, projectors, cameras, dictionaries, etc.Whiteboards are widely used as teaching tools and can be used for many things,
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It was an interesting and useful unit. It was mainly about the receptive skills: reading and listening. There are different reasons and motivations for listening and reading that we could roughly divi
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This unit looked at conditionals and reported speech and taught me the different types of conditionals and how different direct sentences are changed when reporting them. I found the teaching ideas in
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Hale Center
The content of this unit involves teaching new language, vocabulary, grammar, and functions. The unit provides ways to introduce new language in a balanced and manageable way. Lessons include new gram
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During the whole work experience teachers work with different types of groups with different ages, language levels and also specialized groups. When teachers teach beginners there is a need to take in
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This unit taught me that modal verbs can be used to express different ideas such as ability, advice and obligation etc. They can also be used to express different degrees of formality and don't change
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Modals are a type of verb used before other verbs to add meaning to the primary verb. Modals express concepts such as obligation, possibility/uncertainty, permission, ability and advice. They are used
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Haltom City
In this unit I have learned that when selecting vocabulary appropriacy to students and task, frequency and coverage, and teachablitly should all be taken into account. A student needs to know meaning,
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Oh it was great to learn about different ideas to use in the classroom. I really appreciate the reminder to allow students to talk as much as they can and to not correct all the time but allow studen
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This unit is about using technology in the classroom. These include using whiteboards, overhead projectors, visual aids, videos, computes, websites, and video cameras. Teachers should take into carefu
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The past tense of the English language was discussed in Unit 6. It is similar to the present tense that was learned in prior units. It contains four types of forms of the past tense, which is simple,
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