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I found it most helpful to have so many different websites mentioned to use as teaching aids. It is important to consider where you are teaching and what resources are available. Some spaces may be sm
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Reading and listening are two receptive skills and the main difference in the classroom is that text can be captured on paper but speech or the playback of audio is of the moment. We read for differen
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The definition of phonology is the study of the physical properties of sound. Intonation is the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence. Intonation carries the message of the sentence. The n
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Cross Plains
I like that in the example lessons this course gives a variety of difficulty levels. I would imagine that finding a persons favorite level to teach might take some time and varies along the way. This
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Cross Roads
This Unit helped me to 'refresh' my understanding of the core Parts of Speech in the English language, as I have learnt them and used them in my teaching of the language. It was especially useful and
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Cross Timber
In this unit I learned about lesson planning. Learner objectives, personal aims, language point, teaching aids, anticipated problems (and a solution to deal with them), procedure, phase, timing, inter
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A good introduction on different ways to approach teaching a class. It demonstrated a few ways to plan a lesson, depending on factors like culture, age, experience, teacher and student inclinations. I
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Class management and effective classroom practices are discussed within chapter five. In order to optimize student learning, it is imperative for the teacher to represent a 'role model' figure to thei
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Crystal City
My mother taught phonics as a Reading Specialist for many years as it was and remains today, an integral part of English Language Arts (ELA) education in the United States. I was taught phonics curri
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In this unit I learned that a teacher's attitude plays an important role in conducting a class. For example, in lesson 1, the teacher did not introduce himself or get to know the name of the students.
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As a teacher, choosing a textbook for the class is really important. When the teacher chooses the textbook, he or she needs to consider the students' age, characteristics, and English language experie
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I learned that English has to be one of the hardest languages to learn, because there is so much irregularity! If there are rules, you can follow them, but if there are rules that only apply sometimes
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Grammar seems scary both for teachers because there are so many rules to teach and to students who have to remember the rules. Although I was aware of general subject + verb + object structure, longer
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Cut and Shoot
In my opinion this unit was easy for me in terms of grammar related questions. But it was helpful to review and memorize the drawbacks of my English level. Grammar is an area of English that strikes f
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This unit covered the tense system,and how many there actually are,also how difficult it really is for students and teachers. It is very viral for teachers to have a sound knowledge of this system. It
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This unit is a breakdown on the role of a teacher. It outlines the relationship between students and teachers; how the two should work together for the best learning outcome of the students. Having a
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This unit talked about the importance of the receptive skills reading and listening and how to go about using them in a class. What I took away from this unit was that students use reading and learnin
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Chapter 9 was very interesting it gave a good overview for how to make a lesson plan. This chapter said what should be included in a lesson plan which includes learner objectives, personal aims, teach
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Dalworthington Gardens
The Unit enabled me to see and assess the effectiveness of two ESA video lessons. I was able to see the critical main differences between lesson one and lesson two in many specific areas, such as the
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After watching the two video lessons, I noticed what things should and shouldn't be said. The first video showed me that not properly planning a lesson will lead to confusion and little to no particip
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This unit is absolutely constructive as we study the methods and techniques to produce the best results for our students. First of all,there are so many different approaches and methods which we have
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Unit 6, covers the topic of past tenses, and the rules of usage for it. Explaining the similarities, in regards to future tenses, and the principles to both tenses. It also explains, the common mistak
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From Unit 20 I learned the best activities for the first lesson and the difference between new group and existing group. I revised some warmers which had been mentioned in the course before, learned h
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In this unit I learned about different methods of teaching. I really enjoyed the description of the different activities that can be used in all three stages of the ESA methods of teaching. I often fi
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Dayton Lakes
This unit looked a teaching vocabulary, grammar, and the function of a language. There are four things that a student needs to be able to do with a language: be exposed to it, understand how it's cons
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De Leon
This unit gave me a lot of great tools and advice on how to teach the different learners that I might come across. While every learner is different as well as their age, reason for wanting to know eng
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Unit three introduced the ESA method which is what will mainly be taught from this course and various activities were given as an example for each of the stages in the ESA method. I didn't previously
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Helpful review of some of the grammar points that I learned what I was a student myself. The teaching ideas given in the lessons are very handy. I like how the structure of the sentences in this unit
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This unit introduced the different parts that language consists of; vocabulary, grammar structure and language function, how to break each part down and teach them. Vocabulary and grammar are language
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Deer Park
There has always been much debate as to which language learning methods produce the best results. Although reproducing the same mental processes and environment that allowed a person to acquire their
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The students complete a jumbled sentence worksheet. The students play a communication board game in pairs. The teacher shows holiday brochures to elicit the target language structures. 7 What DON'T
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Del Rio
My wife is a professor teaching languages and linguistic teaching methods at a major university. Watching her create lesson plans for her day to day work is one of the most daunting aspects of TEFL th
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Dell City
Unit 7 focuses on the techniques for teaching a new language. It is vital for students, when learning a new language, to be exposed to the language, understand its meaning, understand how it is constr
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It is important to choose engaging but simple reading/listening pieces that appeal to a broad range of students. In the majority of cases, beginner students should be mainly exposed to non-authentic t
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This course discuss how to teach learners of different types and ages. There are young learner, adult leaners, and business. Within these categories, the level of competency further stratifies the le
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Denver City
This unit was comprised of two videos, the first of which depicted a poorly executed class, and the second depicting a more correctly executed class. After witnessing several ESL classes on my own now
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When I learned about future tense the "going to future" is not a separate tense in itself, and there is no distinction between the use of "I will" and "I am going to". The lesson materials gave furthe
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Regardless of the type of aspect of the language that students are learning, they always need to be exposed to the language, understand its meaning, understand how it is constructed and be able to pra
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The use of the Past Tenses can be a little confusing for students, especially when you take into account that they also have the Present Tenses to worry about. Therefore, it is very important to give
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This unit explains the concept of Teaching methodologies balanced between nature and nurture ideology. The methodologies and techniques used since 17th century and how they changed over time. There is
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As a foreign English speaker, personally I value writing more than speaking. However, if someone asked the same question couple years ago, then I might probably have said, "Speaking". Nonetheless, bot
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My overview about unit 1 Teachers and Learners is telling us how to be a good teacher and the role of the teacher that we must understand because some roles explained as a teacher we have to help/enco
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Class management is not just being in charge of the students as shown on this unit. knowing the right gestures, eye contacted and your voice could make you a great teacher. it helps you to manage the
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I Have acknowledged and learnt the tense revolving around past time.I have also understood there are various types of past tenses. And how the sentence forms or structure changes to the period of time
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When considering what materials to use in the classroom teachers have a variety of options from already made course books and curriculums to creating materials of their own. Teachers need to take into
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oh wow, this is confusing. I have never thought about speaking and teaching in this way before. Reported and direct speech seem simple, but are difficult for me to understand the proper way to teach
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This unit is treats an espect of grammar(conditionals and reported speech). There are five main cnditinals which are: the zero coonditooinal,first conditional, second conditional, third conditoinal, a
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Dodd City
In the previous two years I developed and published a 660-page Career Readiness curriculum that embodied much of the information from Unit 14. I would like to share some of the principles and guideli
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We would advise you to select answers manually rather than using the up/down arrow or tab buttons, to decrease the possibility of highlighting answers unintentionally. Please make sure that you are ac
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This unit was about the roles of a teacher, what makes a good learner, the differences between young learners and adults, the different language levels, and the 6 levels of the European framework. Wh
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