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In this unit,I mainly learned about how to teach receptive skills--reading and listening.there are four basic skills in any language ;receptive skills --reading and listening,and productive skills --s
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Types of Past Tense: 1. Simple Past (Completed action at definite time) Subject + Verb + ed 2. Past Continuous (Past action in progress at a particular point of time) Subject+ was/were+Verb+ing 3. Pa
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Unit 18 Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice explained modal auxiliary verbs and it's really easy to understand because they have the table categories of auxiliary. For the passive voice easy also
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This unit was about how to properly manage a classroom based on different factors such as student’s age, nationalities, classroom space, students’ motivation to be in the class, etc. I learnt the
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This unit requires that we reflect on the desirable qualities of good teachers and students, as well as the ways in which students might differ from one another, especially across age groups. In essen
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The grammar units in this course have been so helpful in solidifying my understanding of English grammar structures. As a native speaker, so I often I take my knowledge for granted. Learning about m
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From this unit 5 Classroom Management they explained about how to do Eye contact, gesture and the voice, grouping students, class arrangement, writing on the board, getting individual attention, teach
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This session has been very useful to me. We looked at two language points in this session: conditionals and reported speech. There are many forms of conditionals and each one expresses a different ton
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Caddo Mills
The best and most instructive lesson by far! The first video - how not to teach - was painful to watch. I would not have wanted to be a student in that classroom as nothing productive would have come
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Within Unit 11, receptive skills are discussed. Receptive skills involve reading and listening. While each are important to learning a new language, reading provides a more concrete source of informat
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This unit covers the most common problem situations you could face during the teaching process and their possible solutions. For example, the unit tells us about dealing with different levels of stude
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Teaching special groups is a huge market and includes young learners, beginners, business groups and others. Each group requires special thought and preparation. Young learners are intrinsically motiv
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The productive skills of speaking and writing is where students begin to output the language they learn. Particularly with speaking, a student is more exposed to learning pressure in a class room, whi
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Camp Wood
In this Unit I was able to learn a great deal of the productive skills of language learning: speaking and writing. The difference on where to focus on accuracy and fluency activities was very relevant
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I learned what it takes to be a good teacher; a good teacher must be motivating, able to monitor and assess their students in an equal and fair manner, and able to stay organize to avoid chaos. Also,
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Course books are good because they give structure and help the students feel like they are progressing. The downside to using a course book is that it is made for a general audience instead of tailore
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Caney City
The videos were a big eye opener. The attitude of the teacher has a big impact in making the class comfortable for the students and encouraging interest in the language. Simple acts from the teacher s
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In this unit, I learned that reading and listening are equally important. I must admit that, I prefer reading than listening. Because in reading, you can see the words, and how the sentence constructe
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In this unit I learned the difference of accuracy and fluency, and I can say both of them are important in writing or speaking, As I can see, in writing, it is easier to notice if it’s accurate and
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In the first lesson, the teacher did not have an Engage phase and so the students were confused about what he wanted to them to learn. He also was constantly correcting their pronunciation or answers
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Carl's Corner
it was nice to see the different ways you could use authentic material to help students from any level, i find that much more interesting and keeping the students interested then when just using the t
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This unit focused on what types of tests are used to evaluate students' abilities and progress. I feel I have learnt what the different types of tests are (e.g. Placement, Diagnostic, etc), and when t
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Carrizo Springs
This unit is about the past tenses. There are four past tenses, the past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Sometimes it difficult to teach past tenses to learners beca
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From this unit I learnt that writing tasks needs to be really accurate and speaking should focus on fluency. Secondly,I learnt the difference between controlled activities, guided activities and creat
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Lesson Plans Lesson plans are used to aid planning and act as a record, but they are living documents that should allow flexibility. Each teacher will have a unique approach to writing lesson plans.
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Cashion Community
This unit was on teaching different types of classes such as beginners, individuals, business people, and monolingual vs. multilingual classes. Overall, the teacher needs to be aware of the type of st
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Castle Hills
Classroom management is an important skill in organizing and maintaining order inside the class. This unit talks about ways on how we can manage our class effectively. Using gestures and eye contact a
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This unit is about different types of classes of teaching groups. After completing this training i will be teaching kids in South Korea. Teaching kids is quite different from teaching adults, it chall
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Cedar Hill
This unit has helped me have a better understanding for all of the different types of testing that is offered and how it is used. These different types of tests can help monitor your students and thei
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Cedar Park
I learned that the conditional is something I never thought through as a native English speaker. Teaching it seems harder as a second language to learn which gave me the appreciation of learning the t
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So in this unit, I learned all the different future tenses (there are a lot) and looked back at a couple of present tenses that can have future meanings--boy that will be a struggle to teach. Anyways,
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This section went over the main parts of speech in the English language, which are as follows: nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and pronouns. It talked about th
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This units starts off introducing how the English language can be difficult for learners because there are so many different tenses that is used regularly and how they go beyond the typical sets of te
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When teaching a second/foreign language, the use of different materials id very important. Course books can be very useful to organize teacher's curriculum and topics, and aldo to use as a guide withi
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In this unit,I learned about teaching pronunciation and phonology.Pronunciation is very important because it gives life to a class and reflects feelings and personal reaction to different situation.Fr
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Very similar to the unit on present tenses, after that unit I'm a bit more familiar with the differnt tense formations. I can tell that I still need improvement, but likewise I can also tell that I ha
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I have learnt that I would need to be careful with how I would teach students about irregular verbs. This would be very important as irregular verbs do not have specific rules. Referencing the present
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Verb tenses may be considered as one of the trickiest topics in English grammar. In the Philippines, for example, students encounter it over and over again through their elementary and high school day
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Practicing all of the differences and usages of past tense verbs is very helpful. As a native English speaker, these are rules that I don't think about on a daily basis, but will be very helpful in t
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John has never scored a goal for his team. By the end of the match John had scored three goals. John scored two goals last Saturday. John usually scores at least two goals per game. 11 Which of th
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UNIT 16: CONDITIONALS AND REPORTED SPEECH With this unit I was glad to get back to concepts of grammar that I was familiar with, after so many units full of new terminology! In this unit the concepts
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Unit 19 Teaching Special Groups explained teaching beginners, teaching individual students, teaching children, business English/English for specific purpose (ESP), the monolingual and the multilingual
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China Grove
In this Unit I have learnt some useful tips for teaching different groups, including beginners, individual students, young children and business people. The methodology and techniques described for ea
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This unit was a bit short and provides a birds-eye view of how a class can be structured to teach vocabulary, grammar and language functions. I appreciated the breakdown of which activities are suitab
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The difference between the two example lessons that struck me the most was the degree of playfulness the teacher brought to each. He played more with the students in the second video and created a muc
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Good assessment is vital to productive learning. Both students and teachers need way to evaluate the progress being made throughout the course and determine strengths and weaknesses. There are four
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This unit has covered a variety of topics, beginning with what makes a good Teacher,types of relationship's a teacher should have with their students. How to manage and organize students and activiti
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In this unit about phonology and pronunciation, we learned the importance and use of the phonemic alphabet. Phonemes are used to understand how to pronounce words correctly. Intonation has its major r
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This unit examines the variety of materials an English teacher can use to help students improve their English skills in the classroom. Groups of material created by the teacher: authentic (not designe
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Clarksville City
In this unit I learned the difference between authentic and created materials along with the advantages and disadvantages of both. The incorporation of each is very important so it flows well with the
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