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I have always wondered if teachers or English courses in general provided regular tests like how they do in grade school here but I guess as the unit says, it depends on the school and then the teache
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In this unit i have made my knowledge about the parts of the speech more precise. I reconsidered and optimized my way of explanation about the parts of the speech for the students. For that adverb hel
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In the unit 9 was very important and useful that there is example of teacher plan with engage, study and activate phases ideas like games, questions, grammar. And exapmle with present perfect tense is
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Lesson Planning is one of my favorite things. It gives organization and structure and the ability to look back at what has been taught and document what has been learned. It is kind of like a journa
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I have learnt alot in this unit about correction and feedback. As a youth i would hate being corrected but thats how we learnt and it made us realise the correct way of speaking proper English. In con
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Tests are efficient ways to show teachers how well exactly are students doing with their course. There are many different kinds of exams: placement test to show a student's true level before a course
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Agua Dulce
This unit is about possible evaluations and testing of students. As a teacher you can assess a student's language level through tutorials, evaluations and tests. Especially the part on tests goes more
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This unit talked about different teaching equipment that can be used in a classroom and what these teaching aids can be helpful with. The online sources, learning and resources website hyperlinks were
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Alamo Heights
This unit is about productive skills, which are writing and speaking. It elaborates how to include accuracy and fluency in speaking in different parts of a lesson, what techniques one can use to motiv
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From Unit 11 I learned about receptive and perceptive skills division and their involvement in languages learning process. We went into details of reading and listening skills, stated the main reading
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Video Lessons This lesson presented two videos of a teacher teaching the same material to the same class with different styles and techniques. In the first video, the teacher generally displays a neg
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In this unit I have learned some valuable suggestions on how to teach the different present tenses. Such as "The Day in the Life of" for the present simple which I think is the best because it stresse
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In the beginning of my teaching career, I often made a mistake by giving a level test without building much rapport while teaching English as a private tutor. This was because, I was highly stressed t
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As a teacher, I believe that planning your lessons is as important as carry them out. You need to have a clear idea of what your are going to do in the class, even if during the class you are forced t
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This unit is very important because of how many tense the English language has. While earning Spanish, I found myself getting really frustrated learning all of the tenses because a lot of them made no
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I learned that this a difference between teaching beginners, children, business people, teaching students individually and teaching mono & multilingual students. Teaching each group of people comes wi
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Conditionals are sentences containing "if" and "when." The zero conditional form is if/when + present tense, present tense. It is used for actions and facts that are irrefutable (if and when don't cha
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Testing and evaluating students is clearly an essential part of language learning. Students should have a placement test to ensure they are placed in the right level, a diagnostic test to determine st
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Learning a language entails the efforts of both the teacher and the student. An effective teacher must be flexible to the needs of the students as well as understand and cater to their learning level.
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I benefited a lot from this unit, which looks at the system and structure of future tenses. There are seven different common tenses: the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the f
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This unit was one of the fastest for me to complete. I felt it was nice after the long present tense unit. However, there were some items on the task sheet that I did not expect after going through th
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I have learnt that teaching phonetics can be a little difficult however following the information from the diagram in this unit, it makes the lesson process more understandable. The teaching technique
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In this unit I learned different techniques to teach grammar, vocabulary, and functions of the English language. I think this is important to know because, personally, grammar can be very hard to lear
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In Unit 18, modals, passive voice, and phrasal verbs are discussed. Modals are auxiliary verbs that add to the meaning of the main verb. These show obligation, a degree of certainty, permission, reque
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UNIT 8 – FUTURE TENSES This unit covered the (often confusing) future tense in English. While I had previously learnt all of these aspects of the future tense, I still found it nice to see everythi
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This unit introduces how to create a lesson plan and the importance of lessoning planning, particularly for new inexperienced teachers. In particular this unit made me aware of the planning : teaching
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The idea of future in English can be expressed with different tenses. The seven most common are: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, 'going to' future, present
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Productive skills are important for communicating effectively. Unlike the receptive skills (reading & listening)that relate to taking information in, the productive skills, speaking and writing, are t
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The videos showed a very clear example of an ineffective teacher centred lesson and a fairly effective more student focussed lesson that made proper use of the ESA model. The comparison certainly cons
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In this unit, I learned about different kinds of tests that we can give to the students. I learned about their different levels and the time that we need to give them. It is also helpful for me when i
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Annetta North
This unit was about how to teach grammar, vocabulary, and functions. I learned that it is not enough to simply understand these myself, I also have to learn how to successfully teach them. The unit hi
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Annetta South
In this Unit, very critically, not only did I learn about what makes a good teacher and a good student, but also I learnt the relationship dynamics between the two. I have learnt about the various rol
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Managing classes is a learning process for both the teachers and the student. It is teachers' responsibility to ensure the teaching and practicing procedures. A good teacher should be aware that prope
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This unit treats the future tense and its different variatins which are seven in number. They're the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, the going
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Reading and listening skills are one of the most important techniques that students should learn and adapt. However, it is tough to make another person who does not have any interest in reading books
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In unit 10 I saw examples from the teaching of two different classes. In the first class the teacher was not successful in his approach to teaching. However, the second class proved to be a successful
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This unit is dedicated to lesson planning . It explains us as to why and for what purpose planning is necessary. What items should be included and how it should be written. Obviously, this is only th
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In this unit we learned the different forms of testing that will be used for testing students. There are placement tests to see what level of fluency a student has and to determine what class they sho
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Aransas Pass
Material for unit 6 was pretty straight forward to someone whose first language is English. There were some fun games that were mentioned to help the students get more familiar with using past tenses.
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Archer City
In this unit I have learned the meaning and use of the parts of speech. It's varies and differs greatly and exciting ways because I make a lot of mistakes using the adverds without knowing it until n
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In this unit , we mainly talked about the productive skills:speaking and writing ,while speaking and writing are subtantially different in many ways, they both are used for the same purpose--to commu
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Teaching Aids and Equipment covered in this unit. There are many uses for the topics covered. I've learned that most schools have different resources available. Most of the same types are found in maj
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When teaching the first lesson with your class it is important to establish a rapport with your students. Sometimes a group of students may already know each other, but when they do not it is equally
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This Unit covered three main areas of teaching language: vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions. When teaching vocabulary, the teacher must pay attention to which words are appropri
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Unit 8 focused on Future tenses, which the chapter said is one of the most complex areas to learn in the English language. The seven most common future tenses are future simple, future perfect, futur
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This unit is about how teaching different groups of student. Depending on the group of student, teaching will be adapted to the group. These different groups are beginners, individual student, childre
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From Unit 5 I've refreshed my knowledge of drawing the attention of the audience, how to arrange seats and the main "pluses" and "minuses" of a specific sitting arrangement, at what phases and in whic
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After reading this unit, I came up with different activities that I would deffinitely like to include in my lessons. Dealing with different problems in the classroom can be challenging, and they need
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In the unit, these two videos show how the attitude of a teacher can influence a lesson. On the first video, compare to the second one, the teacher did not make a proper lesson planning. He has an un
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It might just be the part of the world I am from, but the section about cassette players seems outdated. Whiteboards or in the event they still have chalkboards are probably the most useful piece of e
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