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The different methodologies of learning a language have been used and studied for many years, and while many people think one way is better than another, it just comes to show how all of these differe
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This unit covered two topics: different kinds of conditionals, or "if/when...then" phrases (zero/first/second/third/mixed); as well as reported speech (e.g. "they said..."). This may be tough not only
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I have studied the major concepts about this all important lessons. most of the questions in the test are quite difficult, I believe I have answered most of the questions. however, I will still use my
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Grammar is that part of language that enables us to build sentences and communicate ideas and thoughts to others.The key components of English Language Grammar include Parts of Speech,Grammar Usage,an
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This unit treats ina detail manner the methodologies teachers should use, mistakes and feedbacks. As cncerns methodloies it treats a numbber of commonly used techniques such as grammar-translation; au
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It is true that majority of the teachers I know have fear handling business English. I experienced that feeling as well during my first month of teaching business English. The idea embedded is that I
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This unit mainly studies conditional sentences and indirect speech in grammar.These sentences express past, present and future possibilities.In this kind of course activity design, let the students cr
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From this unit we understood that classroom Management is very important while working with students. It is the skill to organize and manage the class. Teachers should keep the balance , should be fr
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Balch Springs
I think it's excellent that the course material encourages to talk with students and to help them to start assessing themselves as well and make them think what would profit them the most. Tests after
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Balcones Heights
In this section, I the first thing I learned a lot about was different methodologies of teaching in a classroom. There is no one way to teach, and I think it is important to consider all available opt
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This section is about the receptive skills of reading and listening. Both are equally important and shoould be taught in ways befitting of the level of the students. For reading at a beginner level no
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Evidently, the teacher's attitude has a profound effect in students' participation. Each teacher must not only be prepared with the subject matter, but also with how they are going to interact withe s
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From this unit I have learnt various skills and actions I can utilize to maintaon classroom discipline and manage the class efficiently with minimal barriers. I have also acknowledged How different cl
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This unit was actually a good review and more of the linguistic courses I took in college. I say "and more" because obviously I did not learn about ways to teach pronunciation and phonemes to students
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This unit on how classroom lessons can be planned and structured began with an overview of historical methodologies, but largely focused on the three-mode Engage-Study-Activate or "ESA" approach, a go
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This unit is about the different forms of the present tense in English. For each there is an affirmative, negative and question form of the tense. There are also long forms and contracted forms of wor
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In this unit, I learned a variety of aspects of classroom managements. Eye contact, gesture and the voice. Grouping students: whole class grouping, students working on their own, pair and group work.
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This unit introduces the grammar of conditionals and reported speech. I found the breakdown of the structure and usage of zero, first, second, third and mixed conditional to be straightforward and sim
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From this unit, i have learnt the possible common problem situations that can arise and ways to resolve them. Additionally, all students and classes will differ so I would have to be able to approach
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From Unit 8 I got a better understanding of possible cases referring to the future. Form, Usages, common errors and mistakes together with teaching ideas were also outlined in this Unit. To me, some f
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Continuous forms of verbs use “to be” and adds “ing” to the end of the verb. Verbs in the past using “to be” are continuous. Perfect forms of verbs include the verb “to have” in the pr
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Bay City
The first part of this unit writes about what makes a good teacher. I learned that good teachers are kind, patient, caring, interested in their students, lively, and entertaining. Another lesson in th
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Bayou Vista
The template for planning lessons was incredibly helpful, as it gave me a general format to use. I've always been aware the importance of being organized in the classroom with curriculum, materials,
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In this unit, I learned about dealing with students who are always talking in their language. I realized that listening to them while they’re using their native language is also like encouraging the
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Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but may be part of a
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Managing well the class is an important element to guarantee the effectiveness of the lesson. The teacher should change his/her role depending on the situation, being flexible and not being too domina
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Beach City
With a focus on vocabulary during this unit I was able to learn different ways that work when teaching this part of the english language. I have learned that although vocabulary plays a huge role in t
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This unit is about the basic skills that we need in studying,about receptive skills-reading and listening. This unit provides information about what these skills are and how they operate and what are
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In this unit I learned how to teach beginners, young learners, and business english learners. The course unit introduced tips on how to cater the lessons to these individuals; for example, it is helpf
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This unit went over the major types of teaching methods and focused on the ESA (Engage Study Activate) method, which is the recommended method. It also gave information on when and how to give feedbac
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In this unit i learnt that speaking and writing comes hand in hand together. They are equally an important skill which the students need to master in. Speaking skill is not easy as it seems to be as s
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In this unit I learned the parts of speech, which I thought I already knew. However, what I did not know was the different sub-categories of each part of speech and also the order that parts of speech
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Bee Cave
This unit gave me a very difficult time in understanding the phonemic symbols. It was difficult to sound out the word to form a proper word to understand the entire sentence. Some of the answers were
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The reporting section was difficult. However, I have noticed that this class is geared for a British form of English and that some of the answers would have been correct in American English. The condi
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UNIT 12 – TEACHING PRODUCTIVE SKILLS Building from the last lesson, this lesson talks about the two productive skills: speaking and writing. Both of these skills need specific work and to be both g
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From Unit 18 I've got a quick recollection of the material about modal verbs, their division, shades of meaning, form and usage, as well as typical mistakes made by students and suggested activities f
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By watching two teaching video, there are very different feelings, simply put, the warm-up before class must have, because it can enliven the atmosphere and tell the students to have class, need to br
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This unit not only focuses on the two receptive skills that language learners need (listening and reading) but also the best way to ensure these skills are taught properly. Choosing the right topic an
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The use of additional teaching equipment and teaching aids help to keep students more engaged, and keep lessons from being too predictable and textbook heavy. The use of any material requires that the
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Through this chapter, I learnt that vocabulary plays an important role to the students. Students need to be exposed to a wide range of vocabulary in their life. There are many ways to teach the studen
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In this unit,I mainly talked about coursebooks and lesson materials,lesson materials can be divided into 2 groups:authentic materials and created material.Authentic materials are real and interesting,
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The lesson provides a comprehensive list of different methodologies that may be used in teaching English, as well as different strategies and lesson plans that are very helpful in conducting classes.
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I absolutely believe agree with the example of this unit that grammar is like the tree and branches of the language while vocabulary and functions are like the leaves and flowers.Therefore,we have to
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Being able to listen well in a key aspect of verbal communication which is probably the most common still. However, being able to effectively read in a new language is also critical because a large po
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This unit focuses on course books and lesson materials. It covers the advantages and disadvantages of course books and created material. In the end, course books are helpful although not perfect. Ther
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Choosing whether or not to use a course book is an vital choice for the classroom. Most new teachers should probably use a course book until they become comfortable teaching and gathering more materia
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Beverly Hills
There exists a plethora of classroom management theories, writings and strategies both generic and specialized. However, I believe the Unit 5 topics and subject matter can be categorized into three s
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Bevil Oaks
There are two types of language skills: receptive and productive. Receptive skills include reading and listening, while productive skills encompass writing and speaking. To be an effective reader/li
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Big Lake
This unit gave me very detailed and helpful information on the different (modern) tools and materials that are available to use in the classroom. I was not aware that a video camera could be a useful
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Big Sandy
I found this lesson a bit confusing while doing the test. In fact, it was extremely important to understand what kind of difficulties and issues any teacher may face. What should be done in case a stu
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