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Just as a previous unit covered the definitions, forms, and usages for present tenses, the same system and structures are given for past tenses in this unit. Past simple, past continuous, past perfect
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Kennett Square
UNIT 4 This unit explains how to teach a new language in a practical and effective manner. There are three main constituents involved in teaching a new language. These are vocabulary, grammar and lang
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Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but may be part of a
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Students need to be exposed to a new language, understand its meaning, understand how it is constructed and be able to practice and produce it. We can break down language lessons into three types: voc
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From this lesson, I've learned the phonology of English from three areas:stress, rhythm and intonation.Also, I've got a general idea of the International Phonetic Alphabet and its use in helping stude
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speaking and writing also important for the students.Accuracy and fluency carry equal important.Accuracy during the Study stage and fluency during the Activate stage.At Controlled activities,Accuracy
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Conditionals, reported speech, and direct speech are interesting subjects in English. Even though they are difficult to teach, there is lots of potential for students to use them to their advantage to
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Unit 14 talks about the importance of using the assigned books to teach in classes and the correct way to follow the syllabus provided by textbooks. The unit also addresses very well the issue of the
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I learned to be an effective teacher will think about which structure is most appropriate to the class and to the language that will be introduced.Beside, I learned some teacher grammer methods,for ex
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The past tenses might be a little confusing for students, but when they get to know the structures, usages, examples, and then activate the language by their own, they can understand the differences a
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After watching both videos I can clearly see the differences concerning the teacher's attitude and tecniques and the students' rapport and participation. When having a bad attitude and poor tecniques,
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This unit has reminded me of one of the most memorable things I learned while I was still studying to become a teacher, “there is no accidental teaching for even accidental instances are being antic
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At this unit,I learned the reason for reading and listening and how to read and listen,there are some skills.1.predictive skill 2.specific information-scanning 3.general idea-skimming 4.detailed infor
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Unit 17 has showed me the various tools available to the teacher for planning and use in lectures/classes. These tools can significantly improve students performance and lesson effectiveness if used c
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Unit 9 presented the most important aspects of the process of planning the lessons. This unit also explains why most teachers should elaborate lesson plans and how to do this task. Planning the lesson
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Lake City
UNIT 7 This Unit explains how to teach students to harness their receptive skills. Receptive skills encompass reading and listening skills; and are part of the four basic skills, i.e. reading, listeni
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This unit explain about past tenses, types, usage and forms of each type of past tense Past tense relate to past time periods Past tense is further divided into four types similar to present tense and
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Both videos taught me one lesson or the other. In the first video, the teacher wasn't friendly, He was more or less intimidating the students and also confusing them. He was more concerned about passi
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You will need to watch both videos and then complete the worksheet below before completing the unit test. One leson is being taught effectively, while in the other lesson the same teacher isdeliberat
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Productive skills comprise speaking and writing. To implement a successful speaking activities, teachers have to understand students’ need and desire. Writing skills are very important. Penmanship,
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This unit covers some of the materials that can be used to teach English in the classroom. Some of these materials can be authentic texts that native speakers typically use. This provided students wi
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Langhorne Manor
Group work can be an effective method to motivate students, encourage active learning, and develop key critical-thinking, communication, and decision-making skills. But without careful planning and fa
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Unit 16 focused on conditionals and reported speech. Concerning conditionals, the form and usage of zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and mixed conditional we
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This unit covered guidelines teachers typically follow when creating examinations. There are categories of tests that are used at different times during the course depending on goals of the examinatio
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EFL teachers should have knowledge of three main types of tenses: past, present and future; each has its forms and usages. When learners study these tenses, they make mistakes so teachers should come
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This unit explained the importance of receptive skills when learning a language. We must not only focus on one of them but on all. It is important for the student to write, speak, read and be able to
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This unit discussed the importance of reading and listening, and the motive to do so can affect how well we process what we read and hear. Our motives, or reasons, can be for a purpose or for entertai
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The teacher is expected to let the students decide what to do in the class but inexperienced teacher would find it difficult to conduct lesson in such plan. Some teachers will find themselves somewher
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Laurel Mountain
This unit was on evaluation and testing. It discussed different ways to evaluate students, and provided an overview of various tests English language learners may possibly need to prepare for. It al
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Laurel Run
As I inferred from the unit, the "Engage Study Activate" is regarded as the most effective methodology for teachers due to its components and how it engages learners in all ramification. I had to put
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Unit 5 For a teacher to manage and organize a class, experience is not only required but also to be able to change roles according to the situation. There are some techniques to put into practice for
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Theories, methods and techniques is exactly what the unit is all about. Brief introduction into various concepts covering the nature vs. nurture debate, which goes back to antiquity. However, the fo
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Unit 1 has shown me what characteristics I need to be a good teacher as well as what my roles should be. I realized while reading the roles of a teacher that the different roles come naturally once I'
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This Unit covered the use of future tenses, as well as present tenses with future uses. Like the other tense units, the main take away for me has been the uses of each particular tense, how to differe
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Le Raysville
This unit was about what the teacher needs to know before teaching new vocabulary and grammar structures. If you teach vocabulary, you need to say what the word means, how it is positioned in the sent
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Writing skills are essential as the reader makes deductions concerning the educational level of the writer based on the accuracy of sentence construction and vocabulary. The process should be fun and
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In this unit I learned that the two productive skills are speaking and writing. I learned the difference between accuracy and fluency as well as how to ensure they are both being practiced throughout
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This lesson helped me realize even more the importance of feedback to students. In my specific position as an assistant teacher who visits 16 classes with 4 different teachers throughout the week, I d
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The attitude and approach of the teacher has an impact not only on the atmosphere of the classroom, but also the students ability to understand and learn, as well as their confidence to engage with th
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In this unit i could learn about the parts of the speech and how important is the use of these when speaking. The parts of the speech compound a sentence like nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, a
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All I can think of when reading this unit is how terrible the textbooks I'm forced to use are and how many things they don't accomplish. Obviously, this means I need to create more supplementary mater
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Lewis Run
I have learned that we have to follow some steps from the moment we enter a classroom. I have learned that there are counteless rules and methodologies we can benefit from when teaching a student fr
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Unit II, “Introduction to Grammar- Parts of Speech,” covers the basics of English grammar, starting with basic sentence structure. The basics are covered in breaking down the parts of speech that
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Before teaching your lessons in front of your class it's very important to prepare your lesson plan. You have to think about which ESA method (Straight Arrow-Boomerang-Patchwork) will be more effectiv
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This unit taught me about different methodologies to teach a class and how yo organize my class too. I feel that correcting a student is very important, but praising is as important too. Congratulatin
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There is no best personality to be a good teacher, it all depends on the teacher's attitude, confidence, and flexibility. The classroom management will totally influence the effectiveness of the class
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From this lesson, I've learned the forms, usages and typical student errors of 7 forms of the future tenses.From my study experience, the forms of the tenses are easy to remember , but the usages are
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While teaching, it is very important to create the environment that allows students to be exposed to the language, understand its meaning and how is it formed and be able to actively use it. Therefore
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Another informative lesson. I imagine that teaching some of the "future in the past" conditionals to students will be confusing, along with trying to get them to choose the right tense to report speec
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Present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous are very important especially in our daily lives as we use it everyday. With the help of this unit, Now, I can expla
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