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This unit provides information on the course books and how they are both beneficial and non-beneficial. I've learned that course books are very helpful because they provide a general outline, or metho
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I personally know the delights and hardships of keeping documented lesson plans. Depending on how detailed your planning is, this somewhat over looked step can be a crucial help to yourself or the per
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Braddock Hills
It was really useful to learn about the different theories of teaching like the grammar translation- audio-lingualism- presentation,practice and production -task based- communicative language teaching
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It is good to know about the different theories and methodologies of teaching a language as it helps to build confidence in the teacher knowing that she knows the basics of properly teaching the lang
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Briar Creek
The video unit was really useful because it showed one lesson which was good example of how to teach English and a bad example of how to teach English. It showed that knowing the level of language of
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This unit was by far the most interesting for me. This provided two examples of the same lesson in a classroom. It became very apparent that the teacher's attitude had a huge effect on the outcome o
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There are components of language which are all extremely important to understand so as to advance learning, and these include vocabulary (such as meaning of a word, its uses, pronunciation and spellin
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From this unit ,we learnt how to evaluate the students after they have learnt a period of time.There are a number of ways to assess a student's language level:Tutorials; Evaluation by the students;Tes
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Just like the present tenses, past tenses are also important especially in establishing effective communication. Since we have many ways in which we express the time in action, we use these tenses. I
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In troubleshooting teachers face a lot of problems in the classroom . During the first lesson a teacher should know what to do and what not to do. A teacher should not bring in a course book in the fi
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Receptive Skills are often contrasted with productive skill. When learning a new language learners tend to develop their receptive skills first and then acquire productive capability.The receptive ski
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Broad Top City
This section dealt with how to set up and interact with the class. Various seating arrangements have pros and cons. I particularly liked the horse shoe method for giving presentation or performance so
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In unit 11 teaching receptive skills we learned about reading and listening, the reasons for reading and listening, and how to teach students. We read and listen for two main reasons; entertainment, a
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Broken Arrow
This unit gave an overview of dealing with vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. I learned that learners/students have two types of vocabulary: receptive and productive. I had always known th
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Broken Bow
Unit 5 exposes the reader to the concept of lesson planning. Included is the functions that planning your lesson out will provide such as an ongoing record of the classroom happenings and what curricu
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This unit have refreshed me of one of the most important foundations of grammar, the parts of speech. It was reaffirmed in me that genuine learning of grammar starts with the learning of the different
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This unit focussed on the idea of planning a lesson or series of lessons, and made the point clear that lesson planning should be done, but not to the extent where the entire lesson is strictly and ri
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there are four basic skills in any language receptive skills reading and listening and productive skillsspeaking and writing we can divide the reasons and motives for reading and listening into two ca
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English parts of speech can be viewed as "simple to the point of difficulty." Each rule makes sense for how words fit in a sentence, but there are many exceptions to almost every rule which can make t
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Special groups include beginners, individual students, young learners, Business English or English for Specific Purposes and monolingual or multilingual classes. These groups will require a special ap
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In this unit, i have learnt the differences among present simple tense,present continuous tense,present perfect tense and present perfect continuous tense. In the beginning,it wasn't easy to understan
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I found this unit extremely difficult to get through. While it was very interesting information, it's not something that I tend to teach often. My students always ask me the difference in pronunciatio
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Proper classroom management is key to the effective learning of your students and is dependent on the attitude / manner of the teacher, the organization of the classroom and the maintenance of discipl
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the two videos showed stark differences in student participation and understanding. The instruction in the first video was discouraging and disengaged where as the second video the students were activ
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The videos were very helpful at demonstrating their points. From the start the first video was intimidating and gave a bad feeling. The students looked confused and the explanations were not good enou
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This unit is about Conditionals & reported speech. There are five main conditionals: Zero Conditional, First Conditional, Second Conditional, Third Conditional and Mixed Conditional. Zero Conditional
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There are many ways a lesson can be conducted and there are many activities that one could utilize at different stages of a lesson, but it's not always clear which ones work best. In this unit, I lear
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I found useful from this unit what to think about when choosing what vocabulary, grammar or functions to teach. Sometimes I ask myself whether a word is too hard for the students to learn but it goes
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In this unit I have learnt about future tenses. In particular their forms, what each form is used for and some teaching ideas to use during lessons to introduce these future tense forms. Some care sho
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The unit is a introduction to grammar, which focuses on parts of speech, such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, articles and gerunds. I found unit 2 definitely more challenging than uni
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Calumet Oklahoma
This section sets the ground work for classes by describing the roles and basic dynamics of classrooms of all levels. It establishes the role of teacher; role model, proctor, entertainer, encourager,
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This unit covered the use of teaching aids and materials in a classroom, ranging from basic aids such as the white board and work sheets to modern online resources powered by Java and HTML designed to
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Camp Hill
In this unit i learned about the importance of eye contact, gesture, and using the voice in the classroom and the proper way to use each one of those managing tactics as well as the benefit to each on
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We read and listen for a variety of reasons, however our EFL students mainly read and write to help learn the English language. They do so but reading and listening but also by processing that informa
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Teaching Equipment is an interesting units which will help us to understand various equipment that can be used to make our classes interesting. The most commonly used resources in a classroom are suc
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Canton Oklahoma
This unit is mainly about productive skills? which are speaking and writing skills.I believe productive skills actually represent ones education level and also play a very important role in communicat
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There are many different kinds of ESL course books that are designed for students of all levels and ages on the market. So it might be a bit challenging for teachers to choose the perfect one for thei
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Unit 5 explained how to manage the classroom. It focused on appropriate eye-contact, gestures during class. It also highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of grouping students.
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I think that the attitude of the teacher can make a lot of changes in the classroom. The students will be happier and motivated all the time if the teacher smiles. We have to work like the teacher in
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Carroll Valley
This unit was very useful because I think speaking is one of the hardest parts of learning a new language. As an English teacher, it is useful to know how to encourage my students to talk so that I ca
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From this unit I have learnt that as long as people have been learning and teaching languages many methods were applied to achieve the best results. Nowadays ESA (Engage-Study-Activate) method became
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Cashion Oklahoma
I found this unit to be challenging and confusing; however, it was presented in a clear and organized way that allowed me to processes it. Having all of the main subjects start with "present" allowed
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While speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways, they both are used for the same purpose- to communicate.The teacher must creat the need and desire in the students to communicate.T
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In this unit I was given the opportunity to reflect on some of the points concerning the receptive skills primarily. I say that only because I have a four year old daughter, and she is a perfect stude
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This unit was quite interesting for me. It was amazing to see the difference between the two classes. The attitude of the teacher played a big role. in the first lesson the teacher seemed to not care
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Castle Shannon
A good selection of study materials can be helpful in teaching a successful course. The study material in a course can be divided between authentic material, created material, and textbooks. Authentic
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I was a bit confused by page 2 of the PDF towards the bottom under Creative Communication referring to how the scenario is usually created by the teacher but the 'content' isn't and I think it should
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Unit 14 went over lesson materials whether it be a course book or materials created by the teacher. As long as I have taken language classes course books have been involved. That said I personally don
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The video clearly shows that the teachers attitude can make or break a class. In the first lesson he was very rude and students responded with being intimidated or confused, I can tell that they still
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Cedar Valley
A course book gives the students a sense of security. As the class moves through it, the students can see the progress they are making and what they have achieved. A course books are good resources fo
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