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In this unit I learned that I had a lot to learn about my native language! In my own defense at the age of 27 I have not seen this material in a long time. The english language, like any language, has
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Unit 16 allowed me to review some topics about conditional sentences and reported speeches. I was able to review the five main types of conditional sentences like zero, first, second, three and mixed
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learn though this unit let me know how to became a good teacher and the role of teacher. The roles of a good teacher include : Prompter, Assessor, Organizer, Manager or Controller .. Different culture
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Reading and listening skills are very beneficial for someone who is learning a new language. The more the student reads, the higher his or her writing skills will get. The more the learner listens, th
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Unit 2 has given me a stronger confidence in my own understanding of English grammar. Although I participate in using proper English, this unit has been a strong reminder of the terminology regarding
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Oklahoma City
this unit, we have a clear example of a well planned class, the second, and a bad example of a class, the first. From the beginning to the end, we can notice a much better attitude of a teacher in the
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This unit is about the four tenses used to describe what happened the the past, as a completed action, an action that was happening at that past point in time, an action that had been completed before
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Old Forge
Knowing the necessities involving creating or having a lesson plan beforehand is really essential. As inferred from the unit, lesosn plans enable you conduct a lesson or lessons without any serious pr
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Unit 4 was a great breakdown of the present, past, and future tenses. I must even admit I have never thought about the tenses being broken down like that. I think you can see how the tenses can make o
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Unit 20 discusses common problems that may arise when teaching. The first lesson a teacher has with a group can be intimidating, but should be used to help build rapport with students, learn a bit abo
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The vocabulary and grammar of a language are the meat to the meanings bones. It is with these two things we lend depth and expressiveness to the use of language. A teacher should be very aware of th
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This unit is about Evaluation and testing. There are different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress. As teachers, if you give ongoing feedback, you are providing the students with the info
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This unit analyzed the conditionals and reported speech. From zero to third conditional it help me with simple formulas to explain each of the conditionals. I also learned the common mistakes or error
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Teaching English pronunciation is a challenging task with different objectives at each level. Pronunciation involves far more than individual sounds. Word stress, sentence stress, intonation, and word
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In this unit i learnt about books and materials used to teach,which included authentic materials and created materials and the differences between both types of materials.The unit also contained sampl
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Osceola Mills
I found it very determine specific parts of this teacher's lessons. I could see the second session went better with students communicating. He seemed to build rapport with students by writing his na
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Good teachers are kind and engaging and know how to be sensitive to student's culture and fear of making mistakes. They know how to motivate their students and encourage them to express themselves.
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speaking and writing also important for the students.Accuracy and fluency carry equal important.Accuracy during the Study stage and fluency during the Activate stage.At Controlled activities,Accuracy
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Unit 3 has helped me develop an understanding in how to gain the students attention so that I can continue into a lesson smoothly. Students should be engaged not through language content but through
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With the conclusion of Unit 1, comes the acquired knowledge of the qualities possessed, roles that may be taken on, and responsibilities of the teacher and the students. The teacher can take on o
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This unit gave me a clear idea of the different methodologies discovered in the past and how it is related to the present methodology use in teaching the English language. Before I started reading thi
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The biggest difficulty English simple past tense poses for Spanish speaking students, as well as simple present tense does, is the use of the auxiliary verb do in question and negation forms. We have
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Palo Alto
The attitude of the teacher is key in determining how much the students will understand and participate in class. Teachers with a positive attitude who engage with the students individually do better
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I loved the examples provided in this unit, as well as its examination of authentic versus created materials. I suppose it's more tricky to know what type of authentic materials to introduce in the in
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In this unit, I learn the two roles that exist in ELL teaching. I realized that a good teacher has good personal character and the mind which always cares learner's progress individually. A good learn
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This unit was a major refresher for me. Some I remembered such a prepositions(tree positions) and some I forgot like gerunds. Really this section breaks down the different parts of speech, how these p
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Managing class is very important unit because if manage and control your ??class in a good manner the rest of all class activities will be easier.? Self confident manner, clear voice, confidence with
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Patterson Heights
Unit 4 is about the teaching of a new language and what that entails. Firstly, the teaching of vocabulary is introduced and the difficulties depending on the word's spelling, pronunciation, appropriac
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speaking and writing different in many ways they both are used for the same purpose to communicate the most of students prefer to focus on their speaking skills but that doesnt mean that writing shoul
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Pauls Valley
The lesson helps to reduce the pressure on the teacher who is teaching the kesson. The lesson plan helps the teacher to pay attention of the students' learning process not just the steps the teacher n
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This unit dealt explained how to use a course book in the class room and what a teaher can do to supplement the course book using other resources such as, authentic and creative materials. I learned
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In this unit, I have learnt about the resources available for teachers to use in the classroom, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. First, there are course books, which need to be chosen co
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Productive skills, speaking and writing, is an important form of expression used to persuade or convince other people as well as to share ideas and feelings. Teachers tend to talk about the way we use
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Pen Argyl
This course was organized well and provided for everything that is needed and very useful for teaching. It enhanced my ability and also refreshed my skills. The instructions are very well clear on wha
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In this unit we can learn about methods, theories and techniques when teaching.We can see in it how important is elicitatiion not only for the teacher but mostly for the students. These must play the
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In unit 14, corse books and lesson material we learned about advantages and disadvantages of using a course book, and how to use other materials to supplement the coursework in a book. In my experienc
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Penn Lake Park
This unit is all about lesson planning which is really important for a teacher in whose future career.How to plan a flexible and interesting lesson required the teacher ‘s patient and experience and
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I believe I have gained a deeper knowledge of the different approaches that can be mixed together to make engaging and successful lessons. In my current job, I'm an ALT in Japan teaching English in hi
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Unit 19 talks about teaching special groups. It names the different types of classes we can see when teaching a new language, like is the case of teaching beginners, teaching children, teaching Busine
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Pennsbury Village
The first part of this unit is about different methods we can utilize to teach. These include grammar lessons, translations, drilling different pronunciations or structures, learning phrases and group
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The Lesson Planning subject was well explained and illustrated. The ESA structure was quite a challenge especially during the exams. That part when I have to sequence the steps. The Teacher should kee
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There certainly are many differences in teaching adults in the business environment versus teaching young children. Even if businesses pay more, I don't think I would like the format of the way lesson
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This section was particularly difficult because it heavily relies on the verb tenses previously taught. On that note, this unit drives home the notion that verbs are important in all their forms. Moda
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This unit covers the evolution of language teaching practices used in modern history, comparing approaches and methods and then explaining the concept of the currently popular ESA system. ESA is a c
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This unit felt like more of a reinforcement unit than others, focusing on some concepts and structures that we learned in previous chapters and our applications of them. In planning lessons, it can o
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This lesson helps me to identify different theories, methods and techniques that a teacher can apply according to different contexts and design of a class. It is very important that a teacher is aware
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I never thought I would say that I enjoyed grammar! But this lesson was extremely helpful and I actually enjoyed it. The combination of the reading, video, and task sheets really helped me cement th
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Although a lot of the first chapter's material seemed to be common sense information, I found it interesting to learn the specific titles for each role a teacher might play. I noticed myself thinking
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I learn that the future is one of the most complex area of the English language.So many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings.The future continuous form is used to say that somet
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Picture Rocks
I think that making a lesson plan is very important for inexperienced and experienced teachers alike. Some people just write notes while others prepare formal lesson plans. For a novice teacher, it is
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