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Lesson planning is an important component of teaching-learning system.The lesson plans that you will be working out in a class will be designed to brainstorm the teacher. They will be the guide and ma
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Ford City
This unit was talking about teaching pronunciation and phonology, it covered intonations and its types and when to rise and fall your sentences. Also covered word stress and the various rules that ar
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Ford Cliff
Conditionals are sentences that refer to present, past and future possibility. They have two clauses: the “if clause” (condition) and the “main clause” (consequence). There are 5 types of cond
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Forest City
This unit corrected my idea about the personality character of the teacher. I always thought that extroverted personality is an essential for successful teachers. Eye contact is essential to feel conf
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Forest Hills
In lesson 6 we see two videos and can compare the effect the teacher's behaviour has on the class. In the first video the teacher makes many mistakes and presents a confusing and confused attitude. He
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The content that I have familiarised myself with in this unit, that stood out, focused on the teacher as well as the learner and what both their qualities (TEACHER- kind & patient, love teaching, shou
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Fort Gibson
In this unit, videos were shown of ineffective and effective lessons. In the ineffective lesson, the teacher was unclear, mumbled, and rarely checked in with students along the course of the lesson. H
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Forty Fort
Knowing the impotance and usage of both coursebook and workbook merits as well as the drawbacks is really essential, most espcially having to know that some pages or units can be overridden and replac
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Fountain Hill
In this unit we learned about methodologies in EFL teaching which include Grammar Translation, Audio lingualism, PPP, Task Based, Communicative Language Teaching, The Silent Way, Suggestopaedia, The L
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Fox Chapel
This unit was about productive skills: speaking and writing. Speaking is often the focus of many english classes, and writing can frequently be ignored, or pushed to the back burner as teachers do not
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Lesson planning is an effective way to perform a class in which you can assure that students will reach the objectives of the class because you can outline and hightlight the important content and the
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A short if not information lesson. I like how lesson 7 reinforces concepts already studied in lesson 3 (ESA, the straight arrow, the boomerang, the patchwork). I also enjoyed the examples provided for
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Frankfort Springs
This unit was about lesson planning, and wile the lesson content was relatively light compared to other units, it gave a good overview of some of the key ideas involved - being prepared, keeping it si
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This lesson taught me the criteria needed when considering the type of vocabulary to teach and why. This is important information to know because each class will be different depending on their skill
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Franklin Park
This unit was mainly about the idea that coursework either can be standardized - and recommended by the teacher or school - or developed out of whole cloth by the teacher. This coursework generally co
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In this lesson the introduction to the English language as a non English speaking individual can be very intimidating. My wife, who is from Thailand can speak English pretty well, but still has a hard
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This Unit focused primarily on the qualities of good teachers and learners, the roles of a teacher in the classroom, the general frameworks for language levels in learners, and potential motivations f
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This unit is definitely complex and I can see why it would be difficult for students. It's somewhat difficult for me to wrap my head around even though I do it naturally. Actually, some of the "correc
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From this lesson, I've learned receptive skills include reading and listening.They are equally important to English study.Also,the reasons and motives for reading and listening are divided into two ca
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This unit felt like a revision for me. The the fact that this unit was solely for explaining the present tenses was extremely helpful. It helped me to focus on the present tenses without having to wo
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This unit has taught me how to handle all levels of students, knowing clients levels will go a long way in knowing what to deliver to them. a teacher will not give what is expected to be given to a be
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This unit, Unit 7, covered one of the most important things that English language teachers should know: “How to teach the new language”. The unit emphasized on teaching vocabulary, introducing gra
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Unit ten shows two ESA demonstration videos. The topic is animal vocabulary through which teacher introduces lesson point, modal auxiliary verb can. The same lesson is taught twice to a group of Thai
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If the teacher has not properly planned the lesson it will lead to confusion and the learning experience will be frustrating and unproductive for the learners. The classroom will be disruptive due to
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Productive skills are the most important part in the language learning. The two productive skills are speaking and writing Communication is very important part in today's world. This unit explains in
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This unit was a little challenging especially when it can the the three basic types of phrasal verbs. I found that I wanted to see more examples, because the examples in the unit where short sentences
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This unit has taught me about the structure of the class, and the different approaches to language teaching that are in use. I could identify some such as the audio ones to be the most popular when se
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In this unit,I realized that theories, methods and techniques need to be proper use.The ability to correct is a skill that takes time and experience to perfect. It is an area in which students are of
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This unit was incredibly helpful in understanding the general layout of a lesson, what I really enjoyed was the fact that the content gives you the tools to developing a lesson plan that will work for
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This unit covered a variety of grammar points often taught in language schools globally, Including the passive voice, modals auxiliary verbs and phrasal verbs. Having taught all of these in class alr
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That writing lesson plans before teaching is very necessary. It can helps teachers to understanding the teaching aim, selecting proper teaching method and checking and adjusting the teaching result. T
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A teacher should to be a manager in the class. First ,teacher should consider about kids addition in the class.and then according to the knowledge to arrange the class activity.the teacher can use eye
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I'm lucky to have learned many of the tips provided in this lesson. It sounds like teaching a multilingual course will be great because the students will have to speak with each other in English, alth
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Teaching new language to students is always interesting. What ever the level of the class and however we arrange the study phase of the lesson we have to understand that there are four things that the
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This unit covered the Past tense forms of English, How to form them their regular uses within English and a handful of possible activities to run with students during the activate phase of a lesson.
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When the teacher teach new vocabulary should arrange the a possible Straight Arrow ESA structure of the class,like: Engage - Study - Activate.At Engage part,can use picture,cantrast,discovery and so o
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I learned the importance of being flexible as a teacher. Knowing when to engage the stupids and when to let them engage with eachother as well as how to interact with the students using eye contact, k
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Glen Campbell
From this unit, I learnt how to teach new language from 3 aspects which are teaching vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures and teaching language functions.Teaching vocabulary is very importan
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Glen Hope
It's very important to study the grammar of a language to teach it. That's why I think giving a close look to the twelve different tenses of English is absolutely necessary. As one of the roles of the
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Glen Osborne
Testing and evaluating serves many purposes in the classroom. Placement and diagnostic tests help teachers see what level of english students have and what sort of things they should focus on in the u
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Glen Rock
This unit showed me how important it is to be organized and be ready when conducting a lesson. For unexperienced teachers- like myself - it's very useful to plan a lesson and consider all the necessar
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This unit covered the manner in which teachers should introduce new vocabulary, grammar and language uses to learners of the English language. It also covered possible activities to be held in each st
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I found this unit to be very difficult to digest and am still quite uncertain about a lot of things in it. The modal verbs come naturally to a native speaker, so it's easy to look and see what they sh
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This unit gave me a chance to see an example of a poorly run lesson and contrasted it with a model lesson to highlight differences in teacher behavior and its effect on students and the outcome of the
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There are opposing opinions on should teachers plan their lessons; while some propose it, others oppose it, saying that too much planning makes a lesson rigid and prevents teacher from being flexible.
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This unit gives the basic knowledge of how to manage the classroom. Besides talking, the teacher can also use eye contact and gesture in the class. Not only language the teacher uses with a right voic
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This unit fantastically gives a lot of examples of different methods of teaching, as well as the objectives those methods aim to achieve. It is a great resource to have for the future as it provides a
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The receptive skills reading and listening are equally important. Examples when these two skills would come in handy are asking for directions and then listening to the detailed instructions OR readin
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Kind and Patient Loves Teaching Motivate Learners Rapport and Interaction with The Class Knowledgeable I believe that all the above qualities are important but in the EFL world, it’s very important
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Unit on Lesson plans seemed at first very simple and straight forward until I got to the questions 10-15 during the test, where I needed to place them (pp) them in an order, which forced me to conside
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