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Honey Brook
This chapter has taught me how to make a plan with lessons. First, procedure is important to make the lesson smoothy and make the teacher themselves flexible and can respond quicky to the clsss needs
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Educational assessment is a vital part of teaching and learning process. Unit 15 covered discussions on the forms of assessment usually conducted in language schools. The importance of assessment lies
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In Unit 18, emphasis was placed on grammar. Modal auxiliary verbs were discussed in detail. Can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't, and ought
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This unit gives detail grammar forms, usages and examples of 7 different ways for describing actions that happen in the future. The explanations and examples are needed because using there are two pre
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Hop Bottom
The video was helpful for learning about the productive skills. I didn't realize the receptive skills were at the end of the productive skills video. This would have been helpful for me to see and w
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Like unit 4, the past tense of verbs and their usage are things that most natives know how to use innately but we don't quite know the rules of usage. Thanks to this unit I was able to learn the gramm
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This unit provided two video demonstrations of how teaching a class should and should not be done. In the first video, the teacher didn't engage the class, or try and get to know the students to make
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Evaluating and testing students was the topic of Unit 15. It starts with a general overview of the reasons for evaluating students. Benefits of testing, for students and teachers, are also given. Name
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Grammar has always been a problem to both native and non-native speakers of English Language, this unit has helped me immensely to clear out the problems I had with grammar especially Preposition. It
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This unit covered different methodologies in EFL teaching. The lesson describes 9 different methods to teach ESL. In my opinion, the combination of GT, AL, LA and PPT can produce a well-balanced teac
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This unit is about Troubleshooting. When we teach classes, we cab encounter some common problem situations. When faced with a first lesson, we can use some activities instead of course books to achiev
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Overall when it come to teaching students any time attitude of the teacher has a huge impact on the response from the students. Students are more likely to engage and participate with the teacher if h
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In unit 7: Teaching new language I learned about good ways to introduce students to new language. As I would have expected this section was based off of the ESA structuring of lessons. I feel like I a
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A fascinating review of the present tenses in English. I especially liked the differences noted between the present perfect and present perfect continuous tenses. I imagine such differences are very h
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There are a number of teaching methodologies for EFL and circumstances such as students' culture, level of language experience and needs should be considered in focusing on the appropriate methodology
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This unit covers the different types of methods for assessing and evaluating students. These include placement, diagnostic and progress tests for learning the language and subsequently, practice test
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As a person that learned English very young I am quite on the level of natives where I know how to speak and write the language but I don't know the intricacies of it. I know how to innately use the r
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Hyde Park
The content is very useful for someone like myself who has zero or limited knowledge on what is consider good learner and a good teacher. Information is detailed to explain and allow us to understand
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What makes a good English teacher and what makes a bad one? The video lessons in Unit 10 has vividly given me an idea on the answer to this question. After watching the videos and after some time of r
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I always taught reading and listening, but I didn't really know about them being receptive skills and the theoretical part related to their skills. Outlining the different skills help me identify and
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Another fascinating lesson. I liked how it emphasized using class time to get to know some of your students interests before introducing reading material. I think I would wait until after the first or
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Indian Lake
Most of the lessons are student-centered, rather than teacher-centered. Old days, teachers were used to take control of the classrooms and students were expected to just listen to the teacher and spe
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The most useful part of this unit is the steps detailed in the first part of the lesson: Engage students by asking questions on a particular topic to create a link to their known knowledge, present t
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I found this unit to be particularly helpful. I liked the variety of games it introduced during the analysis of the Engage section, and I also enjoyed reading about the ways in which the Engage - Stud
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I will write a brief description of the content of this unit, what I ?have learned from it, and my point of view clearly about some of ?the theories in learning and the reasons for not agree with som
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From this unit I have learnt many different ways in teaching English and how does it use in real situations.The most impartant thing is not how many teaching skills you have or how many methodologies
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This unit gave me a good overview as to the qualities that make both a good teacher and a good learner, as well as their responsibilities and roles in the classroom. I believe a good teacher should be
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This unit talked about teaching to special groups, it clearly shown the different levels that you may teach. The different categories that the unit discussed are teaching to beginners, individuals, yo
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Learning about the sound structure of language requires covering a lot of ground. Some of the key topics are the anatomy, physiology, and acoustics of the human vocal tract; the nomenclature for the v
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Jackson Center
This unit covered some important things to remember when teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Language functions are the ways language is used on a practical level and include greetin
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This unit gave me a clear understanding of the different groups I could find when teaching English. I learned practical ideas to improve my future student’s motivation and how to avoid they being bo
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It is very important to arrange some test to assess the student's language level.When we met a students ,first we should a placement tests for them to know about his language ,and to judge which level
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Evaluation and testing is one of the most important unit in teaching English language and any language in general. Evaluation helps a teacher to know the language level of new students so that they ca
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Unit 5, Planning Lessons, taught me that lesson plans are my own unique, creative, blueprints for structuring a class around a specific objective. This objective states what I want students to accompl
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No matter what age you are teaching vocabulary is going to be the most important tool any teacher can use, because there a number a ways a student can learn the words of that language especially deali
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Jefferson Hills
Unit 9 is about the advantages and disadvantages of course books. The difference in the use of authentic and created matereals is explained in detail. Additionally matereals, such as cards, are includ
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Teachers should have a profound knowledge on modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, relative clauses and especially phrasal verbs as these may be quite a challenge for their students. As long as al
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This unit showed why productive skills are important. The basic for speaking and writing skills are the same but they have differences. For speaking skills we would focus of accuracy and fluency. For
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Teaching productive (speaking and writing) skills are covered in this unit. Starting with defining the differences between accuracy and fluency in students’ efforts, and the results and the phases t
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I often have a lot of trouble with students reverting back to using Japanese and I don't really know how to remedy that. I have found some good techniques in this unit. Although I try not to use their
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Jersey Shore
Most of the learning content here really was presented as a contrast between the two types of lessons taught to the same group in the videos. In a way this was a review of much of the content covered
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In general, I've relearned the rules for present tense verbs. I can see how easily students get things mixed up because I also found myself confusing one for the other. For example: Present continuous
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Jim Thorpe
Undoubtedly, coursebooks play a significant role in EFL teaching and learning by providing useful material to both teachers and students. However, heavy dependence on course book
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This Unit 18 talks about modals and phrasal verbs as well as sentences written in passive voice format. First, I reviewed the basic rules to use the modal verbs. The chart on pages 2-3 summarizes the
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I learn that hand writing is very much a personal issue and we can not try to make all students write in exactly the same way how ever poor hand writing may influence the reader in a negative way so t
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In this unit i have learnt about the different kinds of equipment that can be used in teaching, some of which are,the white/black board,interactive whiteboard,overhead projector, visual aids,worksheet
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Juniata Terrace
First of all, in unit one I have a clearly idea about the standard of being a good teacher and a good students. Secondly, I have known about the teacher's roles in the classroom like how to organize a
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This unit mainly taught about the qualities that make a good teacher and learner. It also taught about the various roles that a teacher may have as well as the different English languages levels that
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Karns City
Evaluating students English language skill is very important development because evaluation in teaching is assess a process how much they learned and have mastered of English to get better.In addition
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Vocabulary, grammar and functions are very important in the Study of English language or any other language. Every time one learns, there is new vocabulary learn and it is of great value to be expo
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