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Unit 8 introduced the different ways to express ourselves about the future. Future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous were introduced. Furthermore, it was explained t
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This unit felt very similar to the last one but I really enjoyed the game section and had fun coming up with different ways to teach different language or writing skills using games. Furthermore I fou
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Dickson City
The main difference with regard to student learning for the productive activities -- speaking and reading -- is the fact that to do them well requires preparation. For listening and reading, these can
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In this lesson, I've learned the system and structure of past tenses.From past simple,past continuous,past perfect to past perfect continuous.In the past, it was very easy for me to get confused among
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This section was about lesson planning and the importance of doing so. It gave reasons on why we should make a lesson plan and how we would go about it, even giving a practice format that could be eas
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This unit was particularly useful in an area I have struggled with somewhat, in how to get the most out of a classroom activity by establishing a particular dynamic. I was very appreciative of the 'p
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Unit 13 has provided me with a framework on how to approach and deal with problems of teaching various groups (young learners, older learners, business English, bilingual and monolingual classes). Eac
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When teaching language, the preferred method is the Engage - Study - Activate method. This method can be used for all levels of learners and is adaptable, and can be taught in various orders, to suit
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This unit outlines the different parts of speech which include; nouns, adjectives, adverbs, articles, gerunds, verbs, pronouns, prepositions and conjunctures. The text gave an outline of the rules inc
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This section was very useful in understand the various tests given to students and the appropriate time and place to administer them. Students have different motivations, therefore, knowing what their
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Unit 12 has showed me the difference between teaching writing and speaking skills (Productive skills). It is also important to understand the difference between accuracy and fluency activities, fluenc
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As native speakers of English we are often able to easily use and change between the tenses of verbs. We can use them naturally and are aware of mistakes because they sound odd but can't quote explain
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This unit covers the basics of receptive learning skills, i.e. reading and listening. I feel it covers the basics about how to make the most of receptive skills in the classroom, yet I felt it lacked
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Evaluation and test is an important part as this help us to understand student's levels and progress during the course. Tutorials, evaluation by students and tests are different options that can be us
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Detailed lesson planning is important to new teachers to give them a guide to conduct a lesson smoothly and be able to improve their teaching skills and methods in the future. Lesson plans should idea
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In this unit, I learned about the use of authentic texts, and why they are used. I enjoy using authentic texts with some advanced levels and had not considered that they could be used to build confid
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As I was born, have been raised, and live in a Spanish speaking country, I do not really see many differences in the use of the present tense. True, I am not supposed to teach in my country all the ti
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This unit is about the different factors involved in organizing and managing a class so that effective learning and teaching takes place. It covers gestures, voice control and the use of eye contact
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This unit covered how to teach new language to students with ideas about activities for each stage of the ESA method. The teacher needs to be able to teach vocabulary, grammar structures and functions
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In unit 5: Managing Classes, we learned about good techniques for the management of a class from the set up of the room to the discipline of unruly students. I can not say that I ever thought about th
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This unit talks about the managing classes, and how important this is when teaching a new language. We can read in this unit what a teacher can do to make his/her time in the class entertained but a
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In this unit I learned how to describe properly each of the past tenses such as past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. I also learned good activities for activating th
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For this lesson I learned how to teach vocabulary, grammar and functions in an easy way for the students to understand. It helped me realize that is not always important to teach easy words for studen
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This unit thoroughly reviews any scenario in which a person may describe future actions and intended actions. Just like the other tense lessons, it reviews each state and gives examples of how to use
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This lesson focused on productive skills of communication which are: speaking and writing. The lesson explained the difference between accuracy activities and fluency activities in the classroom. Acc
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Dealing with grammar can be a daunting task since it encompass such a huge deal of information that, if we are not humble enough to understand the complexity of its nature, can leads us to a blind all
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Unit 6 covers the differences between the past tenses: past simple, past perfect, past continuous, and past perfect continuous. Past simple is used for past actions completed at a definite time. The p
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Eagles Mere
I think that the most powerful tool a teacher can have is his/her voice. The voice can sometimes become the deciding factor in the effectiveness of a teacher in managing a class. A teacher’s voice s
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East Bangor
The qualities of a teacher, and of a learner, were a revelation: I understand and believe I usually practice those of a good teacher; however, I rarely consider what is needed for a good learner. Addi
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East Berlin
As a teacher I learned that it is important to notice students’ weaknesses, their culture, their expectations and limitations. I learned that a good teacher should be a great listener and a leader.
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East Brady
It was helpful to learn about receptive skills being reading and listening and how the different types of reading is categorized. I was thinking receptive skills being understanding language because
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East Butler
In this unit, I have mainly learned how to evaluate students and how to se exams for various purposes.In the previous teaching, I esed the traditional course book examination question type, and ignore
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East Conemaugh
Unit 7 is about the receptive skills reading and listening. We are informed that people use receptive skills either for a purpose or for entertainment.The lesson explains how the different ways of hea
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East Greenville
In Unit 5 we learn about planning are lessons and how important they are for us to become better teachers. We learn about the three important functions planning has which include, it being an aid to p
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East Lansdowne
Getting to know the transitive forms of phrasal verbs such as Seperable and insperable as well as the transitive was slightly new to me, as i have always known about phrasal verbs and transitive forms
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East McKeesport
A successful teacher should be confident, cheerful and be able to maintain discipline in the classroom. The teacher can use eye contact, voice, and gesture to communicate with students. There are diff
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East Petersburg
This unit covered the ways that you can present and teach new language. The things that this unit covered is teaching vocabulary techniques and the best way that you can select vocabulary to teach. al
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East Pittsburgh
This unit dealt with classroom management. It listed different ways to arrange a classroom, and the importance of grouping students depending on the activity to be completed in class. I have learned
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East Prospect
Reading and listening are not simply matters for the eyes and ears, but also a matter of using our minds to literally understand words and process them in our 'pre?existent knowledge' to gain true und
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East Rochester
This unit is about the parts of speech. They were clasified in 8: 1. Nouns: they name things, places, animals, etc. There are countable (table, pencil) and uncountable nouns (music, information). The
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East Side
UNIT 3 This unit focuses on the teacher’s role as a controller and manager. It expounds the necessary skills needed in organizing and managing a class; and in maintaining discipline in the classroom
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East Stroudsburg
In this unit I have learnt that there are four skills we need to learn in order to acquire a new language, the skills are :listening ,Reading,Speaking and writing. As a teacher,we should try to incorp
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East Vandergrift
In order to see whether the students are making any progress in their learning, teachers need to evaluate their students’ English. Conducting periodic evaluations and keeping records is also very us
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East Washington
While studying the unit on "Lesson Planning," I have noted several things. First of all, lesson planning is an importatant part of teaching especially for teachers with little experience. Withou
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Unit 7 introduced how to teach a new language. More specifically, how to teach vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. The important information students need to know about a vocab
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Eau Claire
Units six and seven seemed to compare and contrast "A teacher that got a lot right" vs "A teacher that got a lot wrong". When viewing the first video, I didn't know that it was meant to be an example
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As it was mentioned in my reflection for Unit 11, one challenge to English language teachers is the integration of all the macro-skills (receptive and productive skills) in the English language instru
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This unit deals with Future tense. There are seven most common future tense 1. The future simple 2. The future continuous 3. The future perfect 4. The future perfect continuous 5. Be going + Infinitiv
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When defining what a good teacher is, we must consider not only the teaching approach but also to be concerned about students and in his/her learning experience. There are different roles that a teach
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My favourite part in this unit is the "Visual Aids", for it supplement words with pictures, charts, graphs, or other visual information. They are important because they help the learners understand an
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