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This unit talks about course books and lesson materials. Unit 14 reads that teachers sometimes like using the course books in class but sometimes they just despite them, and it explains why this happ
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Unit 1 has giving me a broad understanding of the basic principles of teaching English as a foreign language. I feel I have learnt the characteristics of being a good teacher as well as the roles that
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Seven Fields
This unit covered some widely-used methods for teaching language and their strengths and weaknesses, and then teaches the engage-study-activate method for planning a course. In this method, an engagem
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Seven Springs
This unit covered the classroom management techniques, the points that is been covered in this unit is using your eyes when you want to encourage students, also when you are using your voice you shoul
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Seven Valleys
It this lesson I learned about the methodologies that have been used to teach students another language. Some of them are: - Grammar-traslation: learning through finding equivalents of the new langua
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This unit on managing classes shows us the different methods we can use to establish a good rapport with our students, arrange classes to best maintain control and get the best results from lessons. W
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This unit taught me the different type of teaching resources we can have access to as teachers. Even tho I had a general idea of creative ideas to use as a resource, understanding the difference betwe
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Sewickley Heights
Students need to be exposed to the new language, understand its meaning, how it's constructed and be able to practice and produce it. The students are motivated to learn basic vocabulary as they begin
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Sewickley Hills
UNIT 6 This unit is based on video lessons about two teaching demonstrations featuring the ESA techniques. Below is an overview of the two videos, ESA demonstration – class 1, and ESA – demonstrat
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Shade Gap
In my opinion, the uses and structures of the future tense are very interesting as they are also very complex. They are not very common and people who study English try to avoid them, which makes it h
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Shamokin Dam
This unit is a lesson on troubleshooting problems with students. Many times, it says, students may be intimidated or not want to speak English throughout the lesson. Some typical problems occur when s
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This was a surprisingly easy unit. the Tasks at the end were good, but lacking in a way to check if I did them correctly. That is what is needed, maybe an answer key to the tasks so that we can see we
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Sharon Hill
This unit went into the specifics of classroom management. Initially, from the unit name of "Classroom Management", I assumed that the unit would simply cover discipline; however it went into details
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In unit 6: Past Tenses we learned about the four different past tenses. Having started with the present tense I found this section much easier to learn. It seems that there are a lot of common themes
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Before teaching your lesson it's very important to prepare a lesson plan. This will help you to review your lessons in a more detailed way, so it can help you to avoid eventual problems, for the teach
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I definitely feel a lot more comfortable in recognizing sentence structures after this unit. However, being able to recognize the structure and memorizing the structure to relay back to students are t
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Although pronunciation is very important for anyone at any level of learning English is the hardest part of learning this language. English is my first language and even at times I struggle with this
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Reading and listening skills are two of the four basic types of language skill, and are both a type of 'receptive' skill. They are extremely important as they are two of the means by which students le
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This unit focused on two very important factors of a learning process, the teacher and the learner. On the one hand, I have learned that a teacher should basically have two things: a good personality
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this was an easy unit, I have years of teaching experience here in Chile teaching English, so not much to say otherwise. Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you h
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This unit was once again a huge refresher for me but it also introduced me to things that I was aware of but may not have really known the name of. It is also nice seeing these as a Spanish learner an
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This unit is about Coursebooks and lesson materials. Compared with coursebooks, materials created by teachers are more interesting and more relevant. There are two kinds of materials: authentic materi
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This unit is about Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The modals are: can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't and ought to. They can expr
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I believe that Pronunciation and Phonology are very important aspects when teaching English, by understanding phonics and how to pronounce words correctly, they can they speak a whole range of vocabul
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The productive skills are speaking and writing, because learners doing these need to produce language. In contrast, receptive skills which are listening and reading are used when learners are perceivi
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The videos can be viewed by streaming them directly from within the online system, simply click on the relevant window for each video.Alternatively, you can click on the 'download' button and save the
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The system and structure of past tenses is not too different from present tenses.all continues forms feature some form of the verb "to be" plus the "ing" form of the verb.all perfect forms feature som
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In this unit I learnt that there are two groups of materials: authentic and created materials. The first one is just about anything a native speaker would hear or read; like magazines, newspapers, so
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In this unit I've learned what are some qualities that a good teacher should posses, e.g. be enthusiastic, sensitive, motivated and caring, as well as different important roles that he/she has in the
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In Unit 2 I learned about the various parts of speech (articles, pronouns, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, gerunds, prepositions, conjunctions, etc), their definitions and examples of them, and how
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Unit 16 talks about the conditionals and reported speech, and how important is to take these into account, when learning a new language. It explains that most of the time students use them wrong becau
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Sinking Spring
This unit covered course books and lesson materials. It compared the use of authentic, and non-authentic materials in the classroom. Also, it introduced some advantages, and disadvantages of using c
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This unit is quite useful, it gives me many effective and timely advices of managing classes. I’ve learned many methods of classroom management. For classroom arrangement, I could put a weak student
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After watching the two videos containing actual classroom footage, it makes think back to when I was an instructor and teaching my students, it makes me reflect. I will say the two videos had in my op
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I found this unit interesting because I have some trouble with keeping students engaged in my Japanese classrooms. They often refer back to using Japanese and I can't figure out how to remedy this, as
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This unit explained the importance of having a lesson plan giving 4 reasons. It followed with the elements of a lesson plan and demonstrated creating and using a pro forma one. Having made one it sho
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Slippery Rock
This unit discusses how to teach and select vocabulary words. Some of the main characteristics for selecting vocabulary are: appropriacy to the students, task, frequency, coverage and teachability. It
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it reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but ma
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Managing classes is the important part in a teacher's life. This unit helps a lot in that and gives various ideas and methods that will be helpful for a teacher throughout the carrier This unit expla
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It's true as educators and no matter where we are in the world teaching English we come across many different types of students and situations that we will need to be prepared to handle. Whether it be
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This unit was so far the most challenging unit for me. How ever it did help me to get a clearer understanding of the phonetic alphabet and how it is used. This unit also showed me ways that I could he
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Snow Shoe
In studying the unit about Teachers and Learners, I have learnt several things. First of all, when participating in an English class, both the teachers and learners have responsibilities for the
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When we choice the course book and materials should consider about the condition of the students.Materials divide into two parts:authentic materials and created materials.If the students are EFL stude
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There are many important factors that come into play in a classroom. These include the ability of the teacher to understand what type of role they need to embody with their class (for example facilita
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We would advise you to select answers manually rather than using the up/down arrow or tab buttons, to decrease the possibility of highlighting answers unintentionally. Please make sure that you are a
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This unit covered the use of course books and other content, whether acuired or created, in the class room and mainly focused on giving the reader ideas to use later in class. It also focused on the p
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South Bethlehem
This unit helped me to understand how fundamental adaptability and versality are in terms of teaching skills. First and foremost in order to be able to understand that each student is unique : age,
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South Coatesville
Basic concepts, principles and constructs of classroom-based assessment; different types of tests and testing (e.g.: proficiency, achievement, diagnostic and placement tests, direct vs. indirect testi
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South Connellsville
The criteria to choose for teaching vocabulary , in a proper for the students level and let them to apply in a different life situation. And expose the students to the new language, it's meaning, tea
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South Fork
This unit was talking about teaching the receptive skills, these skills are the reading and listening. The unit has covered firstly, the reason we read and listen. it also mentioned a number of specia
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