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This unit focused on ways the teacher can promote the development of students writing and speaking skills, as well as activities relevant to this and how to effectively structure activities around top
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This unit covered teaching english to atypical groups, including extremembeginner level types, special interest lessons (often business) and young learners VS adult learners. While studying this cou
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For me it was helpful to review the details of the different parts of speech. Some of them I have never learned before. For example, I didn't know that countable and uncountable nouns existed but they
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Great Bend
The most important trait of a teacher is to care about the students. If the teacher has a positive attitude, the students will be able to enjoy the class and enjoy learning. The teacher should be the
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Green Hills
After having this unit, I think classroom management is important as it can manage and control the class in order, maintain descipline, and can also make students pay enough attention on the lesson. I
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Green Lane
This lesson focused on building the critical receptive TEFL skills of listening and reading. There are many purposes for receptive skills based on the nature of task. For instance skimming a longer re
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There are a range of different methodologies that can be used to teach and there is varying agreement on the most beneficial method to employ, and for this reason different classrooms may require diff
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I've learnt the complexity of the various forms of the past tense and how complicated they may be for the student to learn. With these, you can differentiate what happened when and how much longer it
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This unit is about the different ways of evaluating students. Even though giving regular feedback is important so that students can be aware of their level and progress, it is also useful to conduct o
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It was nice to see the relationship between the present and past forms and the fact that despite there being several tenses and subcategories of tenses, there's a clear pattern which makes them easier
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Grove City
As started in this unit, pronunciation is one of the most cumbersome part of teaching if one isn't familiar with the rules. I in particular, it was my most challenging part of teaching. Having read t
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By learning this unit , i have learnt a lot of skills of organizing and managing the classroom.Not only by using language ,we can also use eye contact gesture and the voice.Except these ,also we can d
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In this lesson, first I've learned the advantage of authentic materials.Second, I've learned the advantage, disadvantage and the best use of course books.In the end, I've learned how to choose a cours
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To understand the 5 conditions you have to learn and understand the usage (real\hypotethical) and the form(present\past\future possibilities). The direct speech is used when someone is speaking in a d
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This course has been significant since it has given new knowledge to become a competent teacher. All the units studied have been clear and concise with useful and practical examples. In my opinion, th
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In this unit, it tells us how teach new language structure such as: vocabulary, grammar, and language function. I found it useful for me to consider the factors to select the words to teach my student
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Unit 12 showed some important aspects to consider when teaching two productive skills such as speaking and writing. I learned how speaking and writing activities are both related to gaining fluency an
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The writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions,it is an aid to planning ?a working document and a record.Before the lesson there are a lot of practical things you can do to make sure
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This unit focuses on the different present tenses, their forms, and usages. The different present tenses are; present simple ,present continuos,present perfect,and present perfect continuos.The tenses
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This unit teaches that although it is important for students to understand, pronounce, and appropriately use language, the language itself cannot be taught or learned in an exact or single way for all
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I learned from unit 6 that a good teacher must be prepared, organized ?himself before interring the class, prepare his teaching aids well before he ?or she can attend his or her lesson well. Attend ef
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This section was over teaching pronunciation and phonology. The biggest take away I received from this section was my lack of understanding of the IPA. This is something that I know I now need to have
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In this unit, the fundamental grammatical rules were introduced. More specifically, the unit taught about the different parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, etc. I am very pleas
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This unit has helped me to understand all the necessary tests a language student can get involved in. A placement test will help a teacher know the level to place a student, a progress test will help
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Harveys Lake
In this unit it states from 3 parts of teaching. First, it's about the theories of learning English. From this part I have acquired that in some of our lessons that try to imitate the natural language
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This unit was mostly about positioning ourselves as teachers of the class. Depending on the size of the class the set up could vary, although also strongly influenced by the space given. Thereafter, g
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This section was quite a challenge for me to grasp. I found the concepts a little more in depth and convoluted. It was difficult to distinguish the various tenses and their functions from each other.
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In this lesson, Unit 5, I basically learned three very important things: (1) the value of letting students gain confidence by providing a friendly and non-threatening learning atmosphere that is condu
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Unit 17 covered equipment and teaching aids. Several useful recommendations were given regarding to board work, the usage of interactive whiteboard (IWB), overhead projector (OHP). The advantages of v
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Most of the classes that I get to teach on my own here in Japan, I try to focus on writing and speaking activities. However, because Japanese students are so shy, it is often difficult to focus on flu
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Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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This unit outlines the basic tenets of teaching and learning. I have learned from it the explicit traits of good teachers and students. Although a teacher should be well organized and have a focused v
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Personally, I found it very interesting to compare and contrast what I learned in this lesson to the lessons that I've already been co-teaching, which are mostly planned by the teachers I work with. I
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Firstly, the teacher should have patience, love teaching, entertaining, should motivate learners and have good subject knowledge. Furthermore, the teacher should equally involve learners with good in
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Unit 4 was an in depth overview of the different components which are used to teach a new language. I learnt that the ESA method is always used when teaching vocab, grammar and functions and that it i
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This unit focuses on the importance of speaking and writing in an English class. As with the previous unit, I feel that this lesson provided a good overall guideline for teachers who are preparing to
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I learn that Teachers would fine great difficulty in being able to conduct a lesson in such a way to deal some of the language problems that may arise from such a lesson and may lack direction.I also
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While doing this unit, I was able to reflect on the things that I should and should not be doing as a Native English Teacher. My knowledge as well were refreshed and now more ready to manage the class
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Methodology is introduced in the third unit. Several teaching methods are mentioned and explained, suggesting one particular way at the end. This way is called ESA (Engage-Study-Activate). ESA is well
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We are given to different videos.The student participate in the class more affectively in the second class than the first, we can see teacher using different methods and techniques in the classroom.
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I enjoyed this unit so much and learned a lot from phonemic symbols. Most in this unit are new to me such as sound joining which talks about four major ways. Stress syllables are also fun to learn for
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Learning the proper way of teaching could become more confusing than the language itself, therefore keeping ESA in mind would make things easier when planning the class. Moreover, having the proper kn
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In this unit, I've learned the different techniques to teaching a class. Engaging, Activating and Studying are all important because you get feedback from the students, captivate there interests and a
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In Unit 4, I learned the differences between the four present tenses: present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous. Present simple is used for facts, routines, h
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In unit 12 teaching productive skills we learned about speaking a writing and how to teach it. Within the category of productive skills there are both fluency and accuracy activities. Prior to this le
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Homer City
In this unit I learned about what makes a good teacher and a good learner. Several things can make a good teacher, such as being patient and kind, the ability to motivate students to learn, being know
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Managing a classroom is a delicate balance or discipline and creating good rapport with the students. The teacher will want to encourage active and group learning behavior while expecting (and giving)
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The conditionals are used to talk about real or unreal situations. Real Conditional describes real-life situations. Unreal Conditional describes unreal, imaginary situations. Teaching conditionals for
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The relationship between teachers and learners is very important and complex. Good teachers will most likely have good students. To be a good teacher, you will need to know many things. For example, i
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As a teacher, I experienced teaching different age groups and with different needs. This unit helped me and gave me so ideas and tips that I can use in class especially in teaching different group of
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