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In this unit we study how to teach pronunciation and phonology and how important is this subject when learning a new language. To communicate in a correct way we need to pronounce well what we are say
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This was definitely a great refresher, as I had not reviewed this content in quite some time. The english language can be quite complex, especially to someone newly acquainted with the intricacies of
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At the core of language learning, there are these key points of information that students need to know in order to learn it: meaning and use. For meaning, students need to be able to understand a word
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Central City
Brief overview of Unit3: How to manage class? How to use eye contact, gesture and the voice in the classroom? How to group students and the pros and cons of each way? Giving individual attention. How
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This unit combined a lot of separate elements from the previous sections and showed how you would combine them into a more full curriculum. I did find there where far too many pictures and examples I
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Centre Hall
In this unit I learned about how to manage a class. First I read about how the gestures, voice and eye contact are important for a teacher, e.g: gestures are important to avoid unnecesary teacher talk
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In this unit eight it focused on how to teach productive skills speaking and ?writing which they are both uses to communicate also explain the reasons ?of communication ,the purposes, what they want
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In this Unit, i learned about the four basic skills in any language. Non of the skills are more important than the others as they all have different roles they play and are important in the ways they
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This unit is about Equipment and teaching aids. During teaching process, a lot of equipment can be used: white/black board, interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets and word
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This section was a challenge because there were a number of different concepts that I have not had much practice with recently (i.e. direct speech/reported speech, etc). As native English speakers we
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In unit 17 Equipment and teaching aids we learned about the different resources available to teachers, and their potential uses. Since I have been in school there are a handful of new resources availa
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The preparation, use, and evaluation of instructional materials is a vital task for teachers anywhere in the world. Unit 14 covered the preparation and use and even the nature of coursebooks in langua
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In this unit, it helped me learn more about the history theories, methods and techniques. For me these are all interesting things to learn especially in teaching. Because of all these interesting an
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Cherry Tree
In this unit, I saw the importance of the productive skills which are the speaking and the writing. In my opinion, they are more difficult for the students than the receptive skills, because students
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Cherry Valley
I learnt about the different roles of a teacher that I didn't necessarily know before. This was helpful to me to monitor myself in my own lessons when I was acting as a certain role. I learnt that t
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Chest Springs
This unit is a guide for ESL teachers on understanding their students and further talks about guidelines on class management. It elaborates on roles a teacher can take for their students such as a Ma
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Chester Heights
There are a number of tests that can be given to English-learners to gauge their knowledge of the language. A placement test is typically the first test a learner will take, and measures his or her En
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Chester Hill
There are three aspect of English language that I need to cover in the teaching of this new language: grammar structure, vocabulary and language fuction. To do so, I need to take in consideration seve
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I was glad to read about the struggles teachers often go through to teach writing skills to their ESL students. I imagine it would take longer for students to learn how to write than it would for them
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Unit information is very useful. It allowed me to understand how the learner will grow and develop understanding in my classroom. Ii also showed some positive examples of how specific actions should b
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This unit showed the different Future tenses. The future tenses include Future simple (Subject+will+verb), Future continuous (Subject+will+be+ verb-ing), Future prefect (Subject + will + have + verb-e
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In this unit I learned that methods and techniques are very important because it helps the teacher to have an active and understanding lesson. I have learned that a lesson should be engaging so that t
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In this unit i have learnt about the different ways to structure a lesson using 3 main stages, engage, study and activate. These 3 stages can be used at various times to create different types of less
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In unit 9 lesson planning, we learned about what goes into planning a lesson using the ESA structure. I am glad that we have already had the ESA techniques drilled into our heads in this coursework be
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This unit is about Teaching productive skills---speaking and writing. First?we need to know why they want to speak. There are four reasons: some communication purpose, want to say something, want to l
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In Unit 10, I learned the content of evaluation and testing in English. There are 3 major ways that we can evaluate students’ language level: Tutorials, Evaluation by the students and test. Tutor
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This lesson has introduced conditionals and reported speech. I think they are the most confusing grammar points for students due to the number of changes that are made with verb tenses, patterns, pron
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The social dynamics of a classroom are as complicated as any situation could be; perhaps even more so because of the educational nature of the environment. The need to communicate and be listened to
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This unit provides inside into the basics of English teaching. Emphasis is placed on the features of a good teacher and learner. Different functions of the teacher are introduced (e.g. prompter, facil
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Clarks Green
In Unit 9, I was really familiar with the first part of the lesson, which was creating materials. Sometime for online classes we draw or have cut out figure to help students learn. I often go through
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Clarks Summit
In this unit which covered "Teaching New Language," several things stood out to me. First of all, different types of lesson plans are more appropriate depending on whether the material covers vo
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Speaking and writing are important skills in language and the way they are taught can be very beneficial for a student. Ensuring speaking and writing tasks are engaging and interesting (such as throug
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Teaching a new language is a rewarding experience, even when we have to face difficult class groups or individuals. Showing people how to communicate in a language that is not theirs can be a true cha
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Unit 15 covered evaluation and testing. Testing is a bit more of an obvious one but evaluating the experience of the students is one I had not thought of. My first thought is that it would be hard to
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ESA is becoming increasingly popular within teacher training programs. It allows for much more flexibility, and lessons often move between the different stages. However, the same basic structure is
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This section went along with unit 3 as it was going over the ESA and how to effectively teach students vocabulary, grammar, and functions. The unit gave some hints on how a teacher would choose vocabu
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Clifton Heights
From this unit I have learnt many methods and techniques about teaching. First, the methods like Grammer-Translation,PPP, Communicative Lauguage Teaching.etc.Each method will depends on individual cir
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Unit 17 talks about the equipment and teaching aids the schools and teachers use to make lessons more interesting, effective and not so depended on the textbook. This unit explains how important is to
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This lesson explained that there are four basic skills in any language which are: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Reading and listening are receptive skills while speaking and writing are pr
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There are four things that students need to do with new language: be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how its constructed and be able to practice and produce it. In this Unit we lear
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Coal Center
It is a somewhat complex lesson. It is also a challenge to determine which teaching methodology is the correct one to use at the right time. Also, how to choose between ages so that learning is correc
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In this unit,it's talking about the tense forms.when i was studying in my school,my teacher told us tense is very important for each sentence and it's a main part of learning English.The tense form in
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Unit seven mainly talked about the main four basic skills in any language ?which are listening, reading which considers as receptive skills, also ?productive skills which are speaking, writing which a
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This is a very nice lesson! This unit has just gave me a very nice experience that refreshed my memory regarding the most effective ways in teaching English to speakers of other language. It also gave
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This unit covered the basis of units of speech. As a native English speaker most of these topics are natural to me but, seeing them broken down and reflecting on the ways new learners of the language
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Test 20 -Troubleshooting Teaching English as a second language is already a difficult task but there are plenty of ways to avoid having confusing and potentially problematic classes. Creating a good
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This unit taught me the positives and negatives of using the coursebook prescribed. It also gave ideas of what I can do to make my lessons more interesting and educational for my learners. I can do th
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Unit 15 covered the evaluation and testing of students. The different kinds of evaluation which were mentioned were tutorials, evaluation by students, and tests. Since tests are a typical way to evalu
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In this unit, we reviewed why we have lesson plans. I think that it is a great tool to have because when you are dealing with students they are not going to answer the way you will expect and this way
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Like unit 4, this section was also a review of subject matter I learned quite a while ago, so it was challenging to remember all of the details. It was a very good refresher, as I have not thought abo
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