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This unit explained how teachers can use equipment and technology as teaching aids. There are a variety of teaching aids available, such as white boards, overhead projectors, worksheets, DVD players,
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Ridley Park
In this unit I could see how relevant is the attitude of the teacher towards the students and the objectives of the class. In order to have a succesful class, the teacher has to be patient and underst
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Firstly, I reviewed the different grammatical components of a sentence such as main types of nouns and the plural forms, as well as types of adjectives and their order when using more than one. Simila
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This unite is more about the different types of methods and teaching techniques. I learned that there is not a perfect methodology. However; the main thing is to make sure students have much exposure
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Unit 19 talks about teaching English to special groups of students such as beginners, individual students, children, and business people. I find the 17 tips for teaching beginners submitted on page 2
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Definitely the toughest lesson so far. There was so much to learn including parts of the mouth (hard palate, soft palate etc.) plus how different parts of the mouth corresponded to tongue movements th
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From this lesson, I've learned different usage of tests and exams.Teachers can assess a student's level by tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. Different tests are given at different stage
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In Unit 13 pronunciation and phonology of the English language were introduced as often neglected and problematic but essential areas of teaching. Concerning pronunciation, intonation and stress were
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Roaring Spring
This was so effective because I found the first lesson difficult to watch, the teacher was short with the students and didn't explain the lesson properly which left the students confused and uninteres
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I personally found this lesson to be unrealistically challenging. I've worn hearing aids since I was born, so while it's not significant, I've always had a bit of trouble with correct pronunciation my
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This unit is talking about how to managing classes.It includes eye contact,gusture and voice.Gusture is very imprtant.It can encourang contributions and hold the attention of students who are not bein
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Teaching a new language requiere more than just go straight and teach vocabulary and grammar. This lesson helped me to go deep into the details of each stage of teaching a new language which includes
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This chapter was just a bunch of common sense information about different tools that should all be fairly obvious to anyone who's going to be teaching anything. Half the chapter is just a list of link
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Upon reflection, my biggest take-away from unit 2 is that the techniques within the TEFL methodology of Engage Study and Activate (ESA) are endless. I learned various techniques that are immediately a
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Managing classes is the topic covered in Unit Five. Many suggested tactics are given to engage students’ interests, increase instruction effectiveness, and encourage and maintain student participat
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In this unit, the text covered common problems that teachers will face and the best ways to solve these issues. The most important thing a teacher can do to help prevent problems is to establish rappo
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Creating a lesson plan seems like a crucial part in giving an effective lesson. I am a very organized person so this makes sense to me and I don't think I could work without one. Being flexible with t
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Rose Valley
Teachers have many jobs in the classroom, and depending on the day, age group, and lesson topic/plan, will have to take on these roles in varying degrees. Sometimes the teacher will simply monitor the
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This unit focuses on present tenses. When I first read the title of this unit, I thought “wow, there’s enough material on present tenses to have one whole unit dedicated to it?” I’d forgotten
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This unit covered the production skills in more detail. Speaking and writing skills and how as a teacher they can be used effectively in the classroom. This unit gave insight on how a teacher would go
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Rosslyn Farms
This unit covered the different ways that you can assess and evaluate students, it covered the different types of tests that you can take whether its a placement test which is taken to know students
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This lesson I thought provided some needed guidance on the ins and outs of materials that would be needed in the classroom. I found that when I was in school and also as an instructor, that using auth
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Having now discussed many differing tenses, it is clear now why in the English language they are necessary. I have a young daughter and while I am learning and ultimately relearning these tenses it ha
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Unit III focuses on teaching methodologies. In particular, the ESA methodology is covered. ESA stands for “Engage,” “Study,” and “Activate.” With the ESA framework. Many variations and e
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Rural Valley
UNIT 9 This unit examines the materials and books used for teaching EFL lessons, how to choose them and how to use them. Generally, many teachers have independently either sourced or created the teach
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Rush Springs
This unit was on principles in lesson planning. A lesson plan should be a written document that outlines the structure of a lesson. In addition to helping one actually plan the lesson, the plan can se
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This unit covered the topics of modal verbs, phrasal and passive voice and all their variants. I learned the explanation of the use of all modal verbs as well as their structure in diferent tenses. Th
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In this unit evaluation and testing was covered. It gave a brief overview of how testing and evaluating a students level of English. How some institutions decide what level a student is at and where t
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Unit 1 was about Teachers and Learners. It talked about what qualities a good teacher should possess and what roles a teacher should perform to cater to his or her students' learning needs. Also, it t
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In English language there are many tenses and structures that can be used to express future meanings. That is why learning future tenses can become challenging for students of different ages and level
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This unit provides information on productive skills: speaking and writting. It explains the difference between accuracy and fluency. It also provides with example of speaking activities and their type
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This unit is about putting together all that had been learned in the previous units by observing two videos of the same lesson taught in real time. The first showed mistakes or what should not happen
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Every teacher has to find his own style can be low-key or very outgoing, teacher will his own style through practice in the classroom. Eye contact and gestures are very important for good rapport with
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Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but may be part of a
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I've learnt from this unit about different techniques for teaching vocabulary, introducing grammatical structures, teaching language functions.I think that examples of typical ESA lessons well illustr
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Sand Springs
This unit demonstrated effective ways to teach receptive skills to language learners in the classroom. It explained different strategies and techniques used to teach reading, and listening skills to
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Sandy Lake
This lesson covered teaching the productive skills which are speaking and writing. it covered the differences between accuracy and fluency and which one is more important. the chapter demonstrated the
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Unit 7 taught me what plays a role when I need to teach new vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. I feel that this unit really gave me some new information. I personal never thou
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Managing classes is one of the most important ways to be successful in teaching the English language. In this unit, it shows how it is difficult to always talk to someone whose attention is somewhere
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Wow. A crash course in the foundations of English grammar. I didn't think you could condense the basics of nouns, prepositions, gerunds, verbs, conjunctions, adverbs, adjectives, articles, etc. into s
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Readers and listeners employ a number of specialist skills when reading or listening, and their understanding of the context will depend on their expertise in these areas:Predictive skills,Specific in
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This unit covers material on two basic receptive skills: reading and listening. It explains reasons and motives for reading : for purpose and entertainment. Also, the unit has material on specialist s
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Scalp Level
Unit 5 is about lesson planning with the help of a well structured lesson plan.This should support the teacher in keeping track of everything that has happened in class and could be useful in case a s
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Unit 11 is about teaching receptive skills, which are listening and reading. The motives for reading and listening can generally be broken down into two categories: for a purpose, or for entertainment
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This unit showed the different ways that one could manage the classroom. It showed how one could correctly use eye contact, gestures, and voice appropriately to keep the lesson flowing smoothly and to
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Schuylkill Haven
It was interesting to learn about the different tests. I was not aware there were so many. It was helpful to see a sample placement test. There are many different reasons for using tests. It is he
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From this unit,I learnt that what makes a good teacher and a good learner.teacher has many roles in the stage,like manager,organizor,assessor,prompter,paticipant,tutor,and observer.it's important that
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This unit is a very important unit because it talks about lesson planning. It is essential to take into account and notice that doing a lesson plan is extremely important for teaching special when you
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Unit 2 dealt with a number of theories, methods, and teaching techniques. In particular, Presentation, Practice, and Production ("PPP") has been used effectively to teach language at lower levels. Ano
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Fascinating. The teacher in the first lesson was so terrible. He introduced a grammatical concept with a highly technical name and expected students without well developed language skills to immediate
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