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This unit helped me to remember the importance of the best practices in the roles of teachers and learners; moreover, it helps to understand the different contexts of learning which will determine the
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placement tests:these test are designed to enable teachers to place new students into the correct class according to their language ability. progress tests should be used periodically to gauge what la
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In this unit, I learned about the different theories, methods and techniques that can be used to teach English to non-native English speakers. Methodologies included: repetitive drilling, Audio-lingua
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Writing is the most neglected skill in the TEFL world, as many teachers don't like to see classroom hours being devoted to what is often 'quiet time'. Writing, therefore, is often relegated to homewor
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The content of this unit contains essential information of how good teachers or learners behave. Examples are given from both sides to display the characteristics of good classroom behaviour. The ma
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I learned how important teaching pronunciation is to students and it plays and important part in learning new language. Above unit contain very useful content on explaining International Phonetic Alph
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The future poses certain problems for students since there are different ideas that are connected with future meaning. Sometimes these ideas are not clearly perceived as being “future” as, for exa
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This unit offered me an idea of the tools that are used in the classroom. Tools such as a white board or an over head projector can be useful in a lesson if proper planning is ensured. Other creativ
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McKees Rocks
I learned about the four different past tenses in this unit. The helpful part of this section was the different ideas for how to teach each of the tenses. For example, the unit gave different ideas fo
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Unit eight covers future tenses, which are “future simple,” “future continuous,” “future perfect,” “future perfect continuous,” “be going + infinitive,” “the present simple,” a
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In this unit I have learnt about the five main conditionals (zero, first, second, third, and mixed), their form and usage as well as different ideas to put them into practice in the classroom. I have
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It was very useful to see examples of two different lessons to compare them vissually.With this comparison, the strengths and weaknessses of the different stages of the lesson are immediately visible
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This unit briefly covered the methods and roles of different types of assessments used throughout different stages of an English course, from the entry to the completion stage. It also covered differe
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This unit explained the different types of testing that a teacher may have to do, namely: placement tests, progress tests, diagnostic tests, practice tests, and external exams. For me as a NET (Native
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This lesson covered a variety of teaching techniques, correcting and feedback of English language. Some of the methodologies include Presentation, Practice and production. Tasked-based learning, CLT o
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For the class,reading and listening are very important to the students.first of all ,we should build the confidence for them.so we can design ENGAGE phase of the lesson according to their purpose or e
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This unit shared many practical ideas of how to face different problems during the class. I personally liked the ideas for build a rapport between the teacher and the students, specially the “pass t
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In unit 10: "video lessons" we got to watch 2 different ESA lessons being taught. The first lesson was full of mistakes and quite honestly just awkward to watch. Right off the bat the teacher walks in
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In this class I have learned how to evaluate and test students.I have looked at different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress,as well as some of the common external exams that I may need
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We all know that books or materials are very important as a tool in teaching. After learning this unit ,i have realized that new teachers teach students through books or materials, but experienced tea
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The most common methods and techniques in EFL teaching are described in this unit. Some commom methodologies consider the grammar-translation, the audio lingualism, PPP, the communicative method and t
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Test 11 - Teaching Receptive Skills Receptive skills are essentially the roots of language learning. In order for students to start learning the language, they need to learn to understand it and its
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Course books are a useful tool in the classroom but to create interesting lessons that allow students to experiment, course books should be used more as a guide than a staunch manual. Teachers should
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Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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This was by far the most challenging lesson to date. There are so many different things to consider when teaching non native speaker about how to create the right sounds, tone, emphasis, etc. so that
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Pronunciation is very important in English but it is the most neglected part. This unit takes us deeply as how we teach pronunciation and phonology What is phonology, intonation all that is explaine
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Midwest City
It was helpful for me to learn more about the learner levels beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced and their abilities with language. It is good to k
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Lesson plans can be a vital part of the success of not only the teacher but also the students in that class. My belief is if the teacher is prepared and organized before the lesson then he/she can pro
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I was somewhat surprised to see the TEFL course teach about course books in such an honest way. Often, the official course books are not in control of the ESL teacher and can be used as a crutch to ma
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By comparing this two video lessons, I've learned there are certain criteria to make a good class. First, a teacher's positive attitude is very important. If the teacher is energetic and using clear,
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Unit 6 provided a look at two different videos which showed the same teacher teaching two classes in very different ways. The attitude of the teacher towards the students and the attitude of the stude
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How to manage a classroom is very important for the teacher to know. Eye contact, gestures and the use of voice , are all important for the teacher to use. This unit also taught the importance of bein
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Mill Creek
Listening and reading share many comprehension processes, there are differences in the way the information is processed. Readers often remember more details and can go back to the text. Listeners cons
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Mill Hall
I believe the methods mentioned were and are very helpful and explain the way a classroom can be and what to expect when being challenged by different levels of competency with the English language.
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Mill Village
Lessons that we about to teach may include new grammar, vocabulary etc. This unit brought many useful techniqus about how to better teach vocabulary and language structure.The techniques of teaching v
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In Unit 9, I have learned the value of being prepared for a lesson. Not only should I plan activities in advance and try to guess how much time each of them will require, I should also be flexible in
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In unit 7 we have learned how to use ESA lesson sequences to introduce grammar elements and to present new vocabulary to the students. I also reviewed how to build different blocks using the 3 ESA ele
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In this unit, teaching productive skills is addressed, which refers to the skills of speaking and writing. When improving a student’s speaking skills, it is important to utilize both fluency and acc
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In this unit,I examined the qualities, roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students in the classroom.a teacher that really cares about his/her teaching,but cares even more about the learni
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This unit brought lots of benefits. One of them is about correction techniques. There are many stages in a lesson. Corrections shouldn't be made in all stages of a lesson. The teacher should provide s
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Being a native English speaker, I enjoy learning the in depth analysis of different tenses of my language. As most English speakers do I use the present tense in these four different formats to give s
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For the students reading and listening are very important .Some reasons for the reading and listening ,There are for a purpose or for entertainment.So we can desgin ENGAGE part by this for our class.A
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Unit 7 has taught me how to go about planning English lessons structure. Lessons need to be planned and carried out in such a way that they satisfy specific criteria and teach the students particular
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This Unit is about Theories, Methods and Techniques. There are eight catalogues of methodologies. Sometimes teachers should mingle several methodologies to make students more interested in class. Wha
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I found this lesson on theories, methods and techniques extremely useful as it offers some great ideas for games and activities on how to motivate and engage students. Lesson starts with an overview o
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Unit 16 discusses conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences that contain "if/when" which refer to past, present and future possibilities. The "if" clause contains the condition whic
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In this unit i learnt about the modal auxiliary verbs,how they are used and how they are applied in the present,future and past tenses.I also learnt about active and passive voice in which the lesson
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Unit 15 discusses different ways to evaluate the levels and progress of students. Tests are one common way in which to do this. Placement tests may be given before the start of a course to determine t
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The fifth unite gives an overview of classroom management, how to efficiently organize and manage the class, and retain discipline in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. In order to do this, teacher h
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Mont Alto
In relation to Teaching Productive Skills, some things to be taken into consideration are as follows. First of all, a teacher must be carful to create a secure environment for student to be able to u
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