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Expressing future can be challenging for English language learners as there are numerous tenses and ideas with future meanings, the most common being Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect,
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I found this unit to be very educational for me. Even though I studied English teaching it was my first time hearing about the ESA method for teaching. This method made sense and showed me a new way f
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This lesson helped me to clearly see how important is a good teaches’s attitude for the students to be motivated and be willing to learn and participate. The first video clearly exposed the problems
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Doing this unit has really clarified the differences in all the tenses for me and I’m starting to see more clearly the reasons why my students make certain kinds of mistakes. It’s still a bit weir
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El Reno
In studying the unit on "Evaluation and Testing," several things stood out to me. First of all, tests are given for several different purposes such as to place a student in an appropriate class
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This unit covered the variety of classrooms a teacher will encounter. There is a variety of student's who want to learn English and there are special cases that arise which require the teachers curric
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This unit is about Teaching special group. There are several categories of learners: the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the young beginner and the beginner without Roman alphabet. For each cat
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From this lesson, I've learned the importance of a lesson plans and what should be included in a lesson plan.First, a clear objective should be set up.After the lesson,students are supposed to produce
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This unit introduced and explained the different equipment and teaching aid that could be available to the teacher. I found the do's and don't of the equipment to be informative, because for example:
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This unit presents an interesting analysis of how students may come to behave within a group setting. What I took the most value from was the dynamic explanations for why and how to balance the amount
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This lesson has provided me a much more informational base as it would be applied to teaching English to non English speakers. The methods and how they could be applied in the various ways of getting
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These two ESA demonstration lessons gave me a great example of effective and ineffective teaching. As for the first lesson, I've noticed the following mistakes: the teacher skipped the Engage phase, h
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Elk City
In this unit I learned about the four present tenses. The first is present simple, which is formed with the subject + base form of the verb, plus s/es. In the negative form, you would add "do not" b
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Unit 9 has showed me how important planning is when it comes to teaching a class. A lesson plan is something every lesson should be taught with. The plan is important as it helps the teacher record pr
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This unit touched on the different types of classes one might find as an ESL teacher. The two that most stuck out to me were YLs and Business english. Both of those are things I feel are important and
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Unit 5 addresses how to organize a class, the students and activities in the class, and overall classroom management techniques. It is important for a teacher to use their eyes, voice, and gestures to
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Ellwood City
There are two productive skills: speaking and writing. Usually students focus more on improving speaking and teachers don’t dedicate too much time to writing. One difference between these two skills
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as a teacher, you should be kind and patient.only if you have patience,you can think metheds to teach kids. as a teacher ,you also have to own a good subject knowledge.This section is not graded but
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This unit reviews the different areas involved in English pronunciation: stress, rhythm, intonation, and the International Phonetic Alphabet. According to this unit, teachers often lack confidence to
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In this unit,I have learned something about classroom management, for example how to use eye contact/gesture/voice and something about grouping students, classroom arrangement, writing on the board, g
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Unit nine focused around lesson planning which requires three key functions, which include setting goals at the beginning of a lesson, using a working document to guide the lesson and keep it focused,
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This unit focused on receptive skills of the students, namely reading and listening. I think it is important to pay attention to a students receptive skills, because in order for them to be able to le
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unit 2 is an introduction to grammar which talks in detail about the parts of speech. for example Nouns, this is the naming of anything and there are different types of nouns proper, compound, collect
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Enon Valley
Course books have advantages and disadvantages. The teacher should consider many advantages the course books have. The course book has been tried and tested. It provides a balance of grammar, vocabula
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authentic materials ;they are real and therefore more interesting and motivating.students gain confidence when they understand them.they can be geared to the interest of a particular group of student
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All of the subjects covered in this chapter are very important to running a comfortable and successful classroom. Whether it be how the classroom is set up for the students or giving individual studen
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In this unit the conditional forms were described which include zero, first second, third and mixed conditional. The conditional tenses use the words if and when, which change the structure of sentenc
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A lesson plan is a really important part of a teachers' arsenal, as it allows them to keep plan out their direction for the lesson (while keeping in mind direction as well as goals for both students a
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Though I haven't submitted and seen the results this is the first unit where I feel I've become familiar with the detailed differences between Engage, Study, and Activate. While I certainly have more
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In my opinion, teachers have to develop good classroom management skills because this ability plays an important role in becoming a good teacher. In fact, it is a challenge for most instructors to mai
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Evans City
There was a lot to learn in this unit but reflecting upon the different techniques that can be used in the classroom. But helpfully giving an easy structure to work from using ESA and different activi
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This section was helpful in understanding how to approach writing and speaking with ESL students, where writing might not be a main concern. I had never thought about the importance of understanding t
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In Unit 9, I learned about the course books and lesson materials. For materials, they can be divided into 2 groups: authentic materials and creative materials. I learned that though authentic materia
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Unit 14 has taught me the difference between authentic and created materials. Authentic materials can be good real life practice, students need to build confidence levels and improve fluency with real
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As a new teacher the layout of a lesson plan will be very useful in tackling my classes and keeping track of my own performance and development. I do find the written element of this unit a bit confu
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In this unit, unit 4 "Vocabulary, Grammar, and Functions," I learned specific things students need to know and how to form my lesson plans based on what they need to know. What stood out to me is how
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This lesson covered the different variations of the present tense starting with present simple and moving on to present continuous, present perfect and present perfected continuous. I liked this lesso
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In this unit I learned the importance of maintaining a good visual contact with the class. I also understood that the level of my voice have an impact on how responsive is the class when giving instru
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Grouping students is a very good way to make students understand that we can not only learn from teachers, but also from classmates. Different people know different things. Students can get a variety
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This unit discussed Modal Auxiliary Verbs like might, shall , may, could would, should etc.These types of verbs are used to express ideas and can be used in formal ways. I also learned about passive v
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Falls Creek
Reading through unit 9 text, I would like to use the authentic materials for intermediate students because they already have a good grasp of the English language. Using authentic materials can bring t
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In Unit 10 two ways of teaching the same lesson were demonstrated. The first lesson showed an unmotivated teacher who emphasised how easy the material was for the students. In the second lesson, the t
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Fawn Grove
A brief overview of this unit: Different methodologies of teaching and how they function. What is Engage-Study-Activate( ESA), and ideas for us to use when in different stages. Giving feed back and co
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Fayette City
The unit may be one of the most important parts of the course, because it considers the teacher-student interaction and drives at the point where you reflect upon how to conduct a lesson. Thereat, lis
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This unit is taling about how to be a good teacher ,the roles of the teather and what makes a good learns.There are so many things i learn from this unit.Teacher must be patient and kind no matter the
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This unit continued where the first unit left off in terms of properly labeling the concepts that I have been practicing in the ESL classroom for the past several years. I found the framework for wri
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The presented topic in this unit taught me that proper management of classroom is necessary to avoid lost time in teaching. I was surprised that proper grouping and sitting arrangement of the students
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Lesson planning is an important tool for both experienced and inexperienced teachers as it helps to achieve learning objectives through lesson stages, gives something to refer to during the lesson and
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This unit covered teaching special groups ranging from young learners to business English. The unit covered the different types of beginners for the English language and what to expect. The unit also
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This unit was based off the two videos given about teaching a class and how differently students react towards their teacher based off different things. The first video the teacher rushed the students
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