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In unit eleven, the material discussed was teaching receptive skills, meaning reading and listening. Foreign speakers often have a more difficult time with reading and listening because they lack pre-
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The future tense is another complicated part of the English language from future simple which just simple indicates actions in the future. Future continuous which is describe as actions in progress at
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Pine Grove
In this unit we learned about the different criteria one needs to know when selecting vocabulary words and these include appropriacy to the student or the task, frequency and coverage, teachability. W
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This unit covered the basics of lesson planning, why it exists (including reasons its NOT intended for, like scripting) and provided en example outline of how to structure a lesson plan. I found thi
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In this lesson I found the material to be quite interesting. I say that the material was interesting because I as a now former military instructor, I have had to build and modify and use my lesson pla
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This section is very informative in that it provides great inspiration for how we can effectively organize a classroom and the benefits associated with those different types of groupings. The material
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Pleasant Hills
This unit covered the teaching of there different components of language: vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. It brought back and reinforced the preferred Engage-Study-Activate (ESA) methodol
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Things i have learnt from this Unit: - A good Teacher should posses qualities such as kind and patient, love teaching, motivate learners, he\she should have good subject knowledge along with good rap
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The biggest lesson I learned after viewing each of the videos in unit 6, was the impact my attitude and style have on student learning. In other words, if I am not clear in my instruction, slow down m
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While it is true that English teachers are presumed to have competencies in grammar, still, many of them find difficulty in dealing with tenses of verbs. Unit 4, to me, was crafted wonderfully since i
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This module allowed me to review the four Present Tenses form. They are Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. Additionally, I was able to check the follow
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For this part, we knew that different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress. We can use tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests to assess a student's language level. There are lots
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Point Marion
Language learning is a challenging task requiring constant effort especially for young learners. Games encourage learners to direct their energy towards language learning by pro
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Unit 8 gives an overview of the different future tenses, including future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, and "going to" future. It covers the different structure
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Ponca City
This unit presents the complementary relationship between a good teacher and a good student, detailing the traits, roles, and responsibilities required to produce effective teaching and learning. Fro
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Pond Creek
In Unit 10, we learn about evaluating students and checking their learning progress. Its important to give students feedback and let them know where they are and what they could do to improve the lang
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Port Allegany
Based on the unit, people have been learning and teaching language for many years.The most popular methods and techniques that have proven to show results are briefly explained in the unit. These are
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Port Carbon
For unit 3, I agreed the introduction that there are many ways. to be the best teacher in the world. As a teacher they can find their own ways in teaching style. The teacher will always inspire the s
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Port Clinton
Unit 7 covers the topic of teaching receptive skills, these being reading and listening. The previously listed skills are two of the four basic skills in a language. The unit provides further detail i
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Port Matilda
In this unit, I learned about how receptive skills are taught. The two receptive skills are listening and reading. In both of these skills, a number of techniques are used to engage with the material
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Port Royal
This unit was about classroom management and outlined various strategies relating to arrangements of seating (rows, circular, horseshoe, ect.), making/avoiding eye contact, hand gestures, amount of ti
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Port Vue
Brief overview of this unit? How to selecting vocabulary? What do students need to know about a vocabulary item? Typical ESA vocabulary lesson. How to introducing grammatical structures? How to teach
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This unit has helped me to know all the teaching aids that will help me to be an effective ESL teacher. When working with ESL students, whether they are adults or kids, an ESL teacher would need these
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I have learnt from this unit about different ESL methologies that a teacher can use in class.At different stages of the lesson, it's necessary to use different methods and techniques of teachinf, beca
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In unit 10 there are 2 videos and there are differences between them. In the first video the teacher didn't start with the engage phase and during the worksheet activity he assumed the students had un
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The grammatical system is partly covered in the unit including the common areas that a teacher should teach, starting with the sentence and the parts of the speech that classifies each word according
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The parts of speech and having a good grasp on grammar has always been the most concerning part for me in terms of my decision to study for a TEFL certificate. It is definitely my biggest weakness in
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Teaching English aboard can come across may different types of classes that very from different ages, skill set, and even multicultural classes. As covered in the chapter there many different to handl
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This unit covered current tense forms, split into 4 main types. Present simple, Present continuous, Present perfect and Present continuous perfect. Within this chapter, the greatest asset to me movi
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I knew almost immediately that the first lesson was the bad example by the teacher's attitude and even I had a hard time following his thought process in that he would say answers where wrong even if
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Prospect Park
Teacher should also be a decent speaker and psychologist, because the learning progress significantly, if not tremendously, depends on whether students feel comfortable, entertained and whether the at
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Pryor Creek
UNIT 5 This unit presents the functions of a lesson plan, and guidelines on how to create one. Lesson planning is a useful tool for organizing lessons especially for teachers new to the classroom, as
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The set-up and management of a classroom is an especially important factor of how well students learn, so components including the teacher's behaviour towards the students (including eye contact, gest
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Using the different tenses in the past gives you information about the moment the action happened and if the action continued or stopped in the past. For this reason, it's very important to study all
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In this lesson I have reviewed Present tenses, as it is vital for any EFL teacher to have a sound knowledge of the tense system in English. There are four aspects of present tense in English, namely,
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The unit covered the rules governing past tenses of verbs. I am delighted to be reminded of these seemingly complicated rules but are actually very useful especially in eliminating vagueness and ambig
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We saw the importance and common ways to approach teaching speaking and readingor receptive skills on the last unit, so this unit focuses on the other two which are productive skills. These are usuall
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The productive skill is indeed one part that most people who are learning how to speak English never like to concentrate on. Especially writing. This unit has explained this much better. Knowing the g
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Unit 17 illustrated different teaching equipment and resources that can be utilized in classes. Using these aid materials allow the teacher to prepare more interesting and diverse lessons. In addition
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I felt this lesson was very informative of the different special classes TEFL teachers may come across. It's not always certain which age, level, and profession you'll be teaching as a foreign languag
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Receptive skills include understanding when you listen and when you read. You receive the language and decode the meaning to understand the message. Productive skills are speaking and writing. You use
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Pushing the your student to speak in the classroom is a vital part of them not only learning how to speak the language, but also in the long run will give them confidence with speaking to their peers,
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Red Hill
This unit was about testing and assessments for English language learners and even included some sample test materials. One of the main points of this chapter is that testing should be done towards th
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Red Lion
This unit covers some initial units. most interestingly is the approached required when meeting unfimiliar group or vice versa. Getting to know how different levels can be treated also small and large
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Red Rock
In this chapter, we learn some advantages and disadvantages of working with books and material. Material could be authentic, (magazines, newspapers, songs, brochures...), or created (flashcards, cross
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Unit 5 provided a very vast amount of information on lesson planning, including what should be included in a lesson plan and how to effectively plan lessons and ensure that you are organised. I learnt
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As in the previous unit that introduced us with tenses (unit 4), this unit was very similar but deals exclusively with the various forms of the past tense. There are 4 forms of the past tense, which a
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Rices Landing
While studying the Unit about "Theories, Methods, and Techniques," I have noted several things. First of all, it is important to engage students at the beginning of the lesson to warm up; and act
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This unit touched on the various equipment and teaching aids a teacher will have in his/her arsenal. This unit was more of a review for me. Throughout my academic career I have had the opportunity to
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There are various evaluation and testing ways the teacher use to check their language ability.these same process help the students to know their progress.it also helps them to know what they have reta
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