Take our 4-week TEFL/TESOL in-class course in Surabaya
Being located in the 'Ring of Fire' and in close proximity to world-class beaches, you will find yourself in a tropical paradise while taking your TEFL course with us in Indonesia.
Our TEFL course centre in Indonesia is located in Surabaya, the second largest city on the exotic island of Java.
Surabaya provides a wide variety of social and cultural opportunities. It has tasty Indonesian cuisine, great water sport activities, a vibrant nightlife and countless paths and trails for exploring the national parks and volcanoes in the area.
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Asia is a premier destination for English teachers due to the ease of travel between countries, good salaries, extra benefits (free flights! free housing!) and the abundance of available jobs.

TEFL in Surabaya | TEFL Indonesia | ITTT

TFFL International’s center in Indonesia is located in Surabaya--the capital city of the exotic island of Java. Since 2007, we’ve been certifying teachers and helping them find employment in Indonesia, Asia and the rest of the world. Being located in the South Pacific’s, Ring of Fire and in close proximity to world-class beaches, you’ll be on paradise’s doorstep while gaining tefl certification in Indonesia.

Surabaya provides a wide variety of social and cultural opportunities. It’s got tasty Indonesian cuisine, great water sport activities, vibrant nightlife and endless choices for trekking through parks and over volcanoes.

Why TEFL Indonesia?

If your goal is to work and live within a new culture, there’s no better place to gain TEFL International’s certificate than in Surabaya.

Surabaya is packed full of interesting things to do and see. The most well-known of these is probably Mt. Bromo. This active volcano provides opportunities for hiking to the top of its caldera and watching Earth belch out its heat in the form of lava and magma. While you’re there, you can visit Welirang, also known as “Sulfur Mountain” and take in its sea of sand and mountain vistas.

Surabaya is neighbored by the city of Malang and both are centers for big business and therefore offer loads of opportunity for employment. You’ll have no trouble finding restaurants, cafes, theaters, high-end shopping outlets and nightclubs in both of these cities.

Indonesia’s unofficial hobby is dining out. Highly acclaimed food stalls see locals coming in from miles away, just to sample some of their legendary food. Many of these stalls offer only one or two items but since they specialize in only those dishes but this ensures the highest quality available.

Surrounding Surabaya are loads of scenic beaches, wildlife preserves, marine gardens, ancient temples, highland lakes as well as volcanoes.

You can access other parts of Java rather easily by train or bus. Flights from Surabaya to other major cities are also available. Famous Bali island is only a 30-minute journey away and this highly acclaimed destination for fun and adventure is only a short ferry ride away. Located in East Java is the island of Maura. You can visit here and experience yet another unique culture. This island is about 80 miles long and is famous for its bull races, where young jockeys are pulled on a crude sled by a pair of huge bulls along a 100-yard course.

You can also visit the ruins of the ancient Majapahit Empire. They can be seen at numerous temple sites and other archaeological digs. This empire flourished from the 14th to 16th centuries and was influenced by a mixture of religions. Surabaya means “land of heroes” and it was here where Indonesia’s fight for independence from colonial rules was centered.

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The School

TEFL International’s school is located in the heart of Surabaya, giving you convenient access to numerous attractions, fantastic beaches, as well as all the entertainment that the city provides.

Our classrooms are spacious and comfortable. We always provide all the equipment and resources you need to successfully complete your course and gain your teaching certificate. You’ll also have access to the internet, phone and fax with the school manager’s approval.


You will have two options for accommodation during your ITTT course in Surabaya. Our standard option consists of a furnished room located only a five-minute walk from the school itself. These rooms are air-conditioned and come with a private bathroom and Wi-Fi. The building also has a comfortable common room where you can plan lessons or simply socialize with your fellow course participants, while a laundry service is also available. Close to the building you will find a variety of restaurants, markets and even a gym with basic equipment and a large swimming pool. This option is priced at US$ 150 for the duration of the course.

Your second accommodation option is a larger, private room located around 20 to 30 minutes from the school. Travelling between the accommodation and the school is straightforward as local transport is both inexpensive and readily available. This option is priced at US$ 250 for the duration of the course.

You are welcome to have family or friends stay with you during the course and only a small additional fee will be added to your total costs. We simply ask that you notify us of this arrangement as soon as possible. We will also provide all bedding but we do ask that you bring your own towels.

ITTT will work to ensure your stay with us is comfortable and enjoyable and promise to meet any reasonable special requests or needs you may have. If you have any questions about accommodation in Surabaya, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Course dates

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Please check out our other course locations if you wish to attend a course before this one becomes available...

Course fees

The total price is divided into: deposit and balance.

The deposit may be paid via a) credit card b) Paypal c) wire transfer d) Western Union.

The balance of the course fee must be paid by cash, PayPal or bank transfer directly to the training center on the first day of the course.


US$ 600
to be paid in advance
US$ 1190
to be paid on arrival

Accomodation Fees

The accommodation fees are not part of the course price and you are free to choose whichever accommodation option you prefer.

You are not obliged to use the accommodation provided by the school and you are welcome to make your own accommodation arrangements. If you choose to use our accommodation, it should be paid for either by cash, PayPal or bank transfer directly to the school at the start of the course.

Full Course
US$ 150
(to be paid on arrival)
Full Course
US$ 250
(to be paid on arrival)
4 weeks in-class course in Surabaya
special price on offer from
US$ 1790
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my payment options?


    Course deposits must be paid to our administrative center. Credit/debit card payments are the fastest and cheapest way to pay, but we also accept payments via Western Union, Pay Pal and bank transfer. While there are no deadlines for a deposit, courses can fill up quickly and your seat will only be reserved after the deposit has been paid.

    Once you make your deposit, you will receive an email with an informational packet that provides detailed information about the course and Surabaya itself.

    The balance of course fees is payable on the first day of class and can be made with a credit/debit card, cash or traveler’s check.

  • What are my accommodation options?


    You have two options for accommodation during your training course in Surabaya. Our standard option (US$ 150) is located within walking distance of the school and consists of a private room with air-conditioning, a private bath and Wi-Fi. Our second option (US$ 250) consists of a larger room located around 20 to 30 minutes from the school. Both options are clean, comfortable and priced for the duration of the course.

    Your accommodation is available starting on the Saturday before the course begins through Friday (5:00 PM) following the final week. We hope you will plan to arrive in Surabaya by Saturday as this will give you a chance to relax and get accustomed to your surroundings before the course begins. If you wish to arrive in Surabaya before the Thursday when your accommodation is available, we can provide assistance in finding reasonably priced and well located rooms.

  • What travel documents will I need for indonesia?


    All visitors to Indonesia are required to carry a passport valid for at least six months after arrival date. Visitors to Indonesia from the United Kingdom, North America, Australia and New Zealand can stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 30 days on a tourist visa. Citizens from all other countries should contact their local consulate to obtain current travel regulations. Your local consulate can advice you on longer visa options. Post course your employer should provide you with a working visa once terms and conditions have been agreed.

  • What is the course schedule?


    Class time is generally 9:00am to 4:00pm, with mid morning and afternoon breaks as well as a lunch break. For approximately two weeks, you will be preparing to teach, learning all of the things you need to know in order to be successful in the classroom. For the other two weeks, you will actually be teaching each morning and preparing your materials in the afternoons.

  • What can I expect during teaching practice?


    We invite local Indonesian students for the trainees’ teaching practice. Indonesian students are very keen and enthusiastic and because we don’t charge them to attend, all students come to classes purely because they want to. We teach in our centre as well as in local schools and orphanages.

  • Who usually attends the course?


    Usually trainees from native English speaking countries such as the USA, U.K Australia etc but there will also likely be a few fluent non-native speakers on the course also.

  • Is there a dress code?


    During the input sessions from our trainers the dress code is casual and relaxed. While there is air conditioning available, it is hot and humid in Surabaya, so you will want to dress comfortably. Shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and flip flops are the norm. When you are teaching as part of the course the dress code is smart and conservative. Your shoulders must be covered, and any skirt or trousers must cover your knees when you are sitting down. For women, be careful that your shirts are not too low cut or show your stomach as you may need to lean over to help a student sitting at a desk. Jeans and shorts are not acceptable. Men should wear a collared shirt, though short sleeves are fine. Shoes or sandals should be smart.

  • What should I bring for course studies?


    All course related materials and equipment is provided but when you secure work you may be asked to provide copies of your birth certificate, college degrees and transcripts. You might also consider obtaining an international driving permit if driving in Indonesia should be necessary for you.