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There are four things students need to do with new language:be exposed to it,understand its meaning,understand how it's constructed and be able to practise and produce it.Vocabulary,grammar and funct
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I actually felt bad for the first group of students. The teacher made so many blatant mistakes in the first lesson that it was difficult to watch. The students were clearly having difficulty and he wa
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I learned from unit of Course books and lesson materials are a very emotive issue for many ??teachers. ?Some teachers follows all instructions typically, while other ?teachers Unconvinced by ?them. ?A
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This unit is about Lesson Planning. The writing of lesson plans is very important in many ways: An aid to planning, A working document, and a record. When we write lesson plans, we should keep them in
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Unit 15 has introduced me to student evaluation, it has informed me more on why and how students monitor and evaluate students performance. Tutorials are useful for reviewing the weeks lessons content
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Unit six gives an overview of the system and and structure of past tenses. There are certain similarities to present (and future) tenses in usage and emerging. E.g. all continuous forms use some form
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This lesson dealt with student evaluations, different ways to evaluate students through the means of tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. I learned the importance of evaluating students i
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I'm so glad to have taken this unit. I've heard of many of the standard English tests, but was unfamiliar with what each of them tested specifically. It's good to know more information about the TOEFL
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Watching the 2 videos that showed the contrast between some teaching techniques was useful. Teacher in the first video didn't pay attention to build rapport with his students, His body gesture was ver
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Lessons and books are absolutley vital for any educator to have a successful classroom, and students who want to learn from their teacher. Of course it is up to us to decide on how we are going to pre
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This unit is about Present tenses. There are 12 tenses in English learning. In this unit, present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous are introduced. The followi
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In this unit, I got the opportunity to see an effective Engage, Study and Activate lesson plan in action. Immediately, the first video felt like a "What Not to Do" video so I appreciated getting a gli
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In this unit, I thought explaining the difficulties that beginner to intermediate students face when encountering writing/spelling/pronouncing that they are unfamiliar with. For those of us who have
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This unit,it's talking about how to manage class.classroom management is a skill of organising and managing the class,having a friendly,relaxed manner and maintaining discipline.For a class to be able
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In this unit i learnt about the aspects of pronunciation in the English language.The unit also contained the phonology which include the definition and intonation,techniques for indicating and teachin
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This unit focus on nine main parts and each part cover specific point that need to be consider when you are teaching in the class such as the use of body language, grouping students, maintaining the d
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In this unit we can observe two lessons. In the first lesson we can see that the teacher skips a few phases that are very important during the lesson like it is the engage phase. We can also notice he
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In unit 15 Evaluation and testing we learned about the multiple types of tests that can be used to evaluate students. During my education I was oblivious to the fact that there are multiple types of t
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Class room management is a a very important aspect of being a teacher, it doesn't matter whether a teacher is an introvert or an extrovert. His or her ability to make the class interesting doesn't dep
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This unit has introduced me to the fundamentals of modal auxiliary and phrasal verbs, and active versus the passive voice. Modals are used for adding meaning to the main verb, and different types of m
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This unit gives us a good basis for planning lessons. It shows us how to structure our lessons so they run smoothly and gives us a guide as to what we want to achieve at certain stages. A plan also gi
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This unit taught me about ESA (engage, study, activate). During the unit each stage was broken down and described and gave me examples on how to approach the students. It also gave me the opportunity
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This unit recaps the parts of a sentence. It explains the functions and the relationships of the different parts of speech. Knowledge of the parts of speech help in the correct grammatical construct
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Unit reflection: Write a brief overview of the content of this unit and what you feel that you have learnt from it. If stating an opinion you will need to give reasons. This section is not graded but
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This was a fun lesson. It gives a good comparison of the necessary skills to teach adults versus children and the hurdles one may encounter. I especially appreciate how the ESA method is also examined
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In unit 18 Modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice we completed our last grammar unit! The modals are can, could, may, might, shall, will, would, must, have to, etc. Modals are used before verbs to a
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In this unit, i learnt about common problem situations and how to deal with them, some of the topics covered in this unit were based on first lessons,warmers,different levels,large classes,use of nati
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The two videos have helped me understand how to teach effectively. One main point being that the attitude that the teacher comes into class with will have a profound effect on the success of the lesso
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In prepping for the test in this lesson and also going over the material, this made me reflect back to when I was an instructor in the Army and teaching other Soldiers. By doing so it got me thinking
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I was surprised with how short this section was though it was a little nice to move through it quickly. This unit covered receptive skills. I had never actually thought about qualifying different skil
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While a lot of this seems like common sense, I was able to relate it to past experiences I've had in the classroom. In my personal position as a team teacher, I don't run my own class, so I don't get
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When I started studying English, I felt very hard to distinguish the difference between present perfect tense, present perfect continuous tense and past tense. And I think they're still confusing mos
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This unit provides details on teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions of a new language. The four main points of learning a new language can be broken down to exposure, understanding of meaning and
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This section was very helpful in giving examples of how to best utilize the course book and materials. Part of being a good teacher is knowing what student's need to success and how to best give them
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In this unit we learnt about the importance of teaching productive skills (speaking and writing), and that both are used for the same purpose: to communicate. All the skills are very important, but so
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Unit 14 covered course books and other lesson materials. Authentic and created materials were distinguished. Their advantages and disadvantages were brought to attention. Some created materials were d
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Through the study of this unit, I realized that it’s not easy to be a good English teacher. First of all, a good teacher should have the full knowledge and love of the subject. Second, a good teache
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From this unit,I know lots things about teaching new language. i will talk about three aspects that vocabulary,grammar and functions.vocabulary is very important for students,especially at the early s
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Unit 8 covered the seven ways future tenses of verbs may be used. This unit contains seemingly easy concepts but such are a bit difficult not just for the students but also for teachers of English. I
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The teacher should have plan about the class.The plan for the class is an aid to planning,a working document and a record.But teacher should according to the addition of the class maybe will change so
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This unit is about the aspects teachers have to consider to make sure their teaching is successful. Teachers have the responsibility of managing the classroom to make it conducive to students’ lea
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Unit 14 addresses coursebooks and lesson materials. Some teachers love to use coursebooks, some don't, as they can be both a good syllabus and outline for a course and are graded to the level of stude
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I've learnt from this unit that grammar is a complex aspect in learning English for students. In a huge number of grammar rules, the teacher should try to make learning fascinating.This unit provided
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The lesson in this unit taught me the different factors in teaching a new language specifically in vocabularies, grammar, and language function and how ESA method could be used to this areas. In the E
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Unit 17 covers “Equipment and teaching aids.” Among the common classroom resources listed and explained include, white/black board, interactive whiteboard (IWB), overhead projector (OHP), visual a
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The receptive skills are listening and reading. They are very important and we need to put into practice together and then integrate them with the rest of skills. Both of them can be really useful fo
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In this unit, the past tense was covered which includes past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Primarily, past simple is formed by adding -ed or -d to the base form o
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In unit 7, I leaned to know the receptive skills: Reading and Listening for language learners. I understand the reasons and motives for reading and listening can be classified into two categories: one
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I found it interesting to look more into the various teaching methodologies and compare them with the styles that the four teachers I co-teach with use. I was able to draw comparisons to their teachin
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It amazes me how little I understood the breakdown of our English language. What seems so natural and obvious is difficult to put into words. Exploring the depth of our own language is almost has obsc
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