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South Greensburg
Lesson plans should contain enough information to help guide the teacher and so the teacher can use them as a reference point for later in the year to reflect back on where the class was, but should a
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South Heights
The nine methodologies, some easy for the teacher,but not so effective for students,do offer ways to get through a lesson, but the ESA - Engage/Study/Activate - really does seem to be the most effecti
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South New Castle
I believe that receptive skills are the base for building up the core of comprehension of another language.Learning and reading are very important to understand a conversation and to collect informati
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South Renovo
This unit went over the productive skills of reading and writing. From the text, I learned that there are basically only four reasons that people communicate; however the video summed it up as just t
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South Waverly
In Unit 7, we learn about the two receptive skills reading and listening, five different specialist techniques and selection of topics. Reading and listening can be done for a purpose like in order to
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South Williamsport
I was personally devastated even having known what the first video was for. I know it was a demo lesson which was going to involve comparing two methods of lessons and students' reaction but even so,
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This unit taught me that there are four different types of present tenses. These are the Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous. There also different Fo
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Southwest Greensburg
Overall this unit discussed the relationship between students and teachers, and demarcated: the various levels of English language learners as defined by European and American standards; the motivatio
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First and foremost, the attitude of the teacher has a profound effect on the lesson. In the first video, the teacher was uninterested in the students, abrasive, and sharp. This made students feel unin
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I found this unit to be fascinating for my own language study not just the teaching aspect. In talking about the different parts of the mouth and vocal organs that are used in speech, I felt I was get
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This unit helps in understanding the theories, techniques and methods of teaching. It tells us the different methodologies and techniques which helps in producing the best results. There are differen
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When a student is learning a new language there are four relevant factors that matter for efectiveness, these are exposure to the language, understanding of meaning, comprehension of the structures an
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Spring City
This unit was about past tenses: usage, grammatical structure, common errors/mistakes made by students and activities to teach these tenses. There are 4 past tenses in English: Past Simple: to talk
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Spring Grove
I better understand when selecting vocabulary what students need to know and techniques that would be beneficial. I see how using pictures and discussion would be very beneficial for students. This
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Conditionals are sentences containing 'if' or similar expressions such as 'when' which refer to past, present and future possibilities. We learn about different types of conditionals and when we use t
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This unit covered the basic building blocks of sentences in English often referred to as parts of speech. It covered the 8 basic word types found in English. Nouns, Adjectives, Articles, Verbs, Adverb
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St. Clair
There are two lessons conducted by the same teacher ,the first lesson were ineffective because the teacher were not well prepare,did not start the engage stage by introducing himself and learning stud
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St. Clairsville
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St. Lawrence
This unit was helpful to know how to use my body as a resource to conduct a lesson the best way possible. How to use the Eye contact, my voice and gestures are tools for improving my classes. In addit
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St. Petersburg
In Unit 6, we learned practically learn by observing a classroom setting what is a better way to teach a lesson. These videos help one realize what one should do and what one should not do. As well as
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In this unit we revised the parts involving a sentence. The name and function of each word, From the different kind of nouns to nouns, connectors and verbs. We also saw many adverbs that we use in ou
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My biggest take-homes from Unit 8 were the creative writing activity lessons using the straight arrow ESA lesson format. I really appreciated the creative ideas such as the cartoon strip activity wher
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This was the final unit of the course and it was covering problems that may arise in the classroom. That might be from too big of a class to a multi-leveled class and how to deal with these problems.
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Motivation, difference of knowledge levels, class size, comprehension are only some of the problems that teachers might face. To avoid them teachers should follow the next recommendations. On the very
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This unit gives a stark comparison of effective and ineffective teaching. The first video shows exactly what can happen in a classroom if the basic concepts are not followed. The students were confuse
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This unit's material highlighted the formation with a lesson plan, which provides a visual framework for those entering the ESL community and some context to how many ESL organizations will expect the
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This unit covered conditionals and reported speech. It also opened my eyes to topics I haven't seen in a long time and covered them allowing me to better prepare myself for the future. This unit broke
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I really enjoyed this lesson because not only was I taught the differerent types of teaching methods, I was also made aware of the different stages of teaching and learning, and where it is appropriat
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As a teacher, there are many important benefits of having a clear and organised set of lesson plans because good planing allows for more effective teaching and learning. This also shows our students t
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This unit explains about course books and lesson materials We understand about authentic materials, created materials and course books in this unit There are many advantages and disadvantages in usi
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This unit focused on the two receptive skills of listening an reading, as well as core components of them, important differentiation in goals of receptive skills and manners in which they are employed
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I think it is a good idea to mix contents of previous units. It is very important to know how we have to plan lessons, because it is very useful. It is an aid to planning writing down what we expect t
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Unit 8 dealt with the vast amount of methods and techniques which are used to teach the productive skills 'speaking' and 'writing'. I learnt that speaking and writing are equally as important, and tha
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This Unit covered more than the basic parts of speech. I learned that there are different types of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. For example, verbs are either Transitive or Intransitive. Trans
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The main purpose of this lesson was to outline how the ESA model can be used to structure a lesson effectively. Depending on the level of the students, the form can be varied and repeated throughout a
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If you give ongoing feedback, and especially if you make the feedback procedure overt, you are going a long way in providing the students with the information they need to evaluate their own level and
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In the English language there are many ways to say the same thing but have a different meaning or even a different time. In grammar it is very vital to know how to state the correct tenses. Or even us
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Sugar Grove
Corse books are a great resource for teachers to have. They provide a tried and tested syllabus and a wide range of language activities, which should be level appropriate. Books with teacher's guides
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Sugar Notch
This unit was talking about conditionals and reported speech, the unit discussed the different types of conditionals which are zero condition, first, second, third and mixed condition. It clearly show
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Reading and listening is very important for not only the students but also the educators, because listening to the students and their needs is just as important as the students listening and understan
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Unit 16 has introduced me to conditionals and their various forms, as well as reported and direct speech. The teaching ideas I could use in classes, to teach this content to learners (such as: Complet
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Teaching a new language the teacher has to think about vocabulary, grammar and functions. An effective teacher has to think about which structure will be most appropriate to teach a new language to th
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In this lesson, it's showed many different teaching aids in order to help teachers make the lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the text book.When we use the white board, make su
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Summit Hill
My understanding of this unit was the detailed explanation of the theories,methods,and techniques that have been effective in the past and that are still effective today. The method that is the most e
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Susquehanna Depot
This unit was a lesson on what makes a good teacher and learner and what roles that a teacher will play in interaction with the students. I learned the type of personality the teacher needs to have as
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I enjoyed this unit and had fun while learning new things about the reported speech which I new already when I was still in high school. I liked doing activities and exercises for reported speech and
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Once again, it's wonderful to be able to have access to all of these great tips on how to teach a variety of different classes. Establishing rapport sounds extremely important and I'll definitely work
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In this particular lesson, I thought that this by far was a money maker. I say that in the sense that within the English language, I found that if you were learning English learning how to say the wor
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Teaching receptive skills is the main point of unit eleven. There are four basic skills: reading and listening (receptive skills), and speaking and writing (productive skills). All four of them are eq
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Unit 19 discussed the different types of classes or audience a teacher may teach. These could be Beginners, Children, Business associates or Individual students. Teaching beginners or children are bel
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