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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

Unit ten shows two ESA demonstration videos. The topic is animal vocabulary through which teacher introduces lesson point, modal auxiliary verb can. The same lesson is taught twice to a group of Thai students, but while one is taught effectively, in the other one teacher makes numerous basic mistakes. Some of them are: teacher's attitude, he has a constant scowl on his face, doesn't introduce himself or asks for students' names, he speaks too fast for students at this level (beginners) to understand him. He also doesn't offer clear instructions, seems bored and annoyed as students don't understand. He doesn’t bother to explain things in a different manner if students don’t understand, just keeps repeating how simple that is. There is no engage phase in the first video, the teacher just writes modal auxiliary verbs on the board and waits for students to give examples. Students are confused and intimidated, reluctant to participate. He doesn't give any instructions before handing out worksheets, students always work individually, teacher doesn't offer any help or monitor students. In the second video teacher greets students with a smile, introduces himself and asks for students names, is in a good mood and creates a relaxed atmosphere. To introduce the topic he plays a game with students (brainstorming animals), has students work in pairs, gives clear instructions, speaks loudly, uses simple language and instructions, uses flashcards and mime to introduce new vocabulary. The teacher has a positive, easy going attitude, makes students laugh, they have fun and actively participate in the class. The distinction between a successful and unsuccessful class is obvious, and it much depends on the teacher, what these two videos clearly illustrate. It is very helpful to all future teachers to see what some basic mistakes in teaching are, and how to avoid them, as this makes a huge difference.