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This unit was on teaching receptive skills. Similar to how native English speakers may find it hard to break down grammar because of the way we learned it, I think it can also be easy to miss teaching
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Teaching receptive skills Reasons for reading: Reading or listening for a purpose or goal: reading operating manuals and instructions or listening to direction. Reading for entertainment, pleasure or
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Evaluations consist of tutorials, evaluations by the students themselves and testing. Tests include the placement and/or diagnostic test to gauge the level of English proficiency and to know where to
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Clay Center
Unit 11 is all about Reading and Listening. I learned people have different reasons why they listen or read and how much they would focus. There are two categories- purpose and for entertainment. Each
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Unit 18, the final grammar unit of this course presented, explained, and offered examples along with teaching ideas for modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The chart of modal auxiliary verbs sho
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In this section the translating phonetic scrip was the most challenging. It took a long time to figure out the last one number 20 but with a lot on tenacity I worked it out and believe I got it right
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This unit on future tenses was quite simple and easy to follow. The different tenses were well explained and very informative. I enjoyed the fact that after the content of each tense, there would be d
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In this unit, I have been able to reflect upon my practice as a teacher and my expectations related to the students. I could raise consciousness about many things I have already been adopting in the c
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This unit discussed the teaching of the receptive skills of reading and listening. It went over the reasons we use receptive skills, and the specific ways in which we use them; predictive skills, scan
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I didn't know there was so many articulate pieces to the English language. I had heard of the various phonetic alphabet pieces before, but I never thought of what use they could have. The phonetic alp
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An overview of this unit shows the importance of Vocabulary, Grammar and its functions with Grammar said to be the tree trunk and branches of a language while Vocabulary and Functions are the leaves t
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The present perfect form is one that is confusing at times even for native English speakers. I understand it but it can get complicated explaining it to non-native English speakers. This tense connect
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Just as the topic goes,this unit talks about how the classroom could be effectively and efficiently managed. It goes through the use of gesture, eye contact, voice,students grouping,effective ways of
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The most effective part in the Unit is a sample of a ESA lesson. Again, I learn how to make a lesson plan to both teaching receptive and productive skills and ensure effectiveness of student's learnin
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In this unit, I have learnt about testing and evaluation . There are number of ways to asses students. These include: - Tutorials: These can take place with a group or individual students. - Evaluat
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This unit covered four future tenses - the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, and the future perfect continuous. It also covered present tenses that can be used to describe the
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This unit covered lesson plans, the benefits they provide for teachers and students, and the the ways they are often implemented. Important elements of a good lesson plan were listed out and an exampl
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In this unit we can understand the differences between the past tenses in English. All continuous forms feature some form of the verb 'to be' plus the 'ing' form of the verb. All perfect forms feature
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The unit introduces a range of roles a teacher may play at any given time during a class and the various motivations, behaviors and expectations that learners exhibit and how these may affect the stru
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Crab Orchard
Managing Classes The voice Voice should have the correct clarity, range, variety and projection. Voice should change naturally according to circumstances. Greater projection is necessary in large or
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This unit emphasized that a great part of a teacher's function comes in the form of relationship management. The teacher has to understand the learner's need(s), abilities, motivation, etc. Mismanagem
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It has always been a puzzle for me when it comes to using/choosing material for the class. Therefore this unit has provided a clear guidance on how I should proceed in the future. I got a better idea
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In this unit I learned all about the different types of equipment teaching aids used in teaching language students. Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective
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The teaching model consisting of engage/elicit activities, study practices and activation skills will work quite well in teaching vocabulary and other language functions. In the engagement phase, the
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Coursework materials can be a mix of authentic materials such as newspapers, brochures, films, etc. and created materials such as crosswords, word finds and fill the gap exercises. There are pros and
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In this unite , I have learnt about theories , methods and techniques in teaching English as a second language.The most important retained is the method in which a teacher needs to proceed in his teac
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This unit expanded on the ideas presented in the previous unit and explained how to conduct lessons that focus on productive skills. It broke down the two aspects to focus on with these lessons: accur
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This unit covered all the ways a future action can be expressed, from future tenses to certain grammar patterns like "be+going+to" and the present simple tense. I was surprised that there were so many
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This unit has taught me all about evaluating students' levels and progress. There are a number of ways to evaluate a student's language level and they include, tutorials, evaluation by the students an
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Dakota City
This unit was very simple yet extremely eye-opening at the same time. I haven't had a straightforward lecture on grammar in a long while. I was familiar with all the topics and parts of speech, but no
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This unit helped me identify potential problems I might be faced with when I start my teaching career, such as students speaking in their native language, and what are the best and most effective ways
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Unit 8 tackles, as stated in the introduction, one of the most complex areas of the English language: The future. As with the Present and Past tenses, there are Simple, Continuous, Perfect, Perfect C
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This unit focused on the qualities, responsibilities, and motivations of teachers and students in an ESL classroom setting, and on the relationships that are therefore established between them. For te
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In this unit, they key notes to reflect here is the teaching environment. That is to say the relationship between the teacher and his enviroment which is the classroom, the students. A good teacher is
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This unit was very interesting as it taught me different techniques of conducting a lesson and how to do it well. The correction methods were also very interesting as I began to understand the import
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David City
Past Tense Past simple Form Regular verbs Affirmative: Subject+base form+ed/d I worked / I played Negative: subject+ did+not+base form I did not play /He did not work Question:Did+subject+base fo
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Unit 9 was a fine overview of lesson planning and served as a nice refresher for me. By first explaining the reasons why we plan lessons, the unit established their relevance and importance. General
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In each new teaching position a teacher will be faced with meeting a number of new classes for the first time. Imagine you are a language student. It's early on a grey, cold Monday morning as you arri
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De Witt
In this latest unit we took a deeper look into materials and texts that can be used for a classroom setting. I was able to read and learn through the types of materials one can use as well as their ad
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This unit was actually quit hard and took a lot more watching of the videos many times and double checking. and even triple checking. But after studying this in more detail learning about a lesson pla
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This lesson was about the importance of planning for a lesson, how a lesson plan should be written down, being organized, what should be included in a lesson plan, examples of lesson plan templates an
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This unit discussed many of the different types of test students need to take during their journey to English fluency. A diagnostic test is a test that will be given to a student at the start of a cou
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A short final unit, but filled with so much useful information. When I saw the unit's name I thought it would be miscellany. In truth, it was a short tour through the establishment of class procedure
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English tenses are complex. This is especially so for students from certain countries. In many Asian languages there is just one tense. In most Slavic languages there are only three tenses. Many t
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This unit mainly talks about the teaching productive skills, which are respectively speaking and writing. When teaching speaking skills, teachers need to pay attention to both accuracy and fluency s
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A brief overview of unit 2 has taught me the importance of understanding, recognizing and classifying the different parts of speech in teaching English Language to learners so that words can be combi
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Class flow and the effectiveness of language acquisition are related to each other. Students that are learning a new language should be in a classroom that has a low effective filter to decrease anxie
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As a native English speaker, I rarely consider the grammatically inner workings of the language. It was interesting to see all the individual pieces that make up a grammatically correct English senten
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This unit taught me about the teaching of Pronunciation and Phonology. Phonology is the study, science, analysis and classification of the physical properties of sounds. The text dealt with the areas
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