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Unit 20 troubleshooting was just icing on top of the cake. Just the mere fact that this was the last unit of the course made the unit worthwhile and interesting. Furthermore the unit was easy to under
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The future tense can be extremely complicated for anyone who is not a native speaker of English. The varieties of manners in which future meanings is expressed is complex even for the native speaker.
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Red Cloud
Unit 18 is about Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. First, Modals- you use it before a verb to add meaning. Even though some Modals have the same usage but the degree of formality is different
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Republican City
In this unit the material covered aided in my understanding of conditionals and the inner workings of reported speech. I was able to learn and identify each individual conditional, its use, and defini
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Materials and Coursework should be something on a teacher's mind when preparing for classes. Two types of material are authentic (magazines, newspapers, articles) and created (word searches, flashcard
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Unit 17 describes the use of equipment and teaching aids. Given how quickly technology advances and changes these days, I thought the unit did a good job of describing what's often available and how e
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Rising City
After learning this unit, I have an overview of the role of teachers and what makes a good teacher as well as a good learner. About the teacher, a teacher have about nine main following roles:manager
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It was fascinating to see all the exceptions to past tense verbs. I can imagine learning English that would be really challenging to memorize the past tense of those verbs. Because there's not one par
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Future Tenses 7 most common future tenses 1.Simple future: Form: Affirmative: subject+ shall/will+ verb: I will pick you up at eight Negative: subject+ shall/will+not+verb: I will not pick you up
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The two videos give an interesting comparison of how attitute and skills of teacher effect the effectiveness of student's learning. The teacher in the second video did a simple but great job to build
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This chapter mainly talked about the future tenses. Unlike the present and past tenses, the future tenses are more complex, and many different ideas and tenses could be used to express future meaning.
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In this unit, I learnt about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. 1- modals:can, could,should, would, must, might,will, have to go, need to, needn't too, and ought to.They are use before other ver
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Classroom management seems predictable. I have worked in classroom environments before and with groups of children in different settings. So I've had the opportunity to use some of these strategies be
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I must admit, I am finding contradictory evidence throughout the internet on "have vs. going to have". Unfortunately the units never fully clarified this, or if they did I missed the area that they di
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This unit mainly talks about the different parts of speech including nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns and prepositions. The nouns refers to the name of something, there
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In this unit I have learnt classroom management to be specific grouping students, teacher talk time, establishment of rapport between the teacher and the students, maintaning discipline to mention onl
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This unit really showed how not to work a lesson.There was a massive difference between lesson one and lesson two a lot was attitude .The teachers attitude in lesson one was that he really did not car
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The two productive skills are, speaking and writing. Speaking focuses more on fluency while writing focuses on accuracy. Accuracy activities are usually integrated in the study phase. These are contro
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This unit being concerned about the present tense in English language, refreshed my memory on the present tense and it's various aspects which includes-present simple tense,present continuous tense,pr
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This unit covered teaching special groups such as beginners, young learners, and business people. I found the categorization of beginner groups to be helpful along with the many teaching tips regardi
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An Overview of this unit delves into the importance of the use of planning lessons or making lesson plans before teaching, because it is believed that it creates fixed teacher centered lessons but it
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This unit introduces how to teach new language by using the previously introduced methods to teach as well as ideas to complete a lesson. It sums up the four things that students need to do with new
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This unit has taught me of how to identify the seven most common future tenses and how to identify the usage of each one of them. The unit suggests some common mistakes made by students and activities
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This unit is extremely important as it reviews the basics and fundamentals of teaching. One can not teach correctly without motivating students, being lively and entertaining and correct learners with
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This unit has some great structure, but it is also muddled down at the end I feel. The opening pages have a beautiful table that I wish had been utilized further throughout the other units in the unde
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The use of a course book and basically any material that a teacher use in a class can either help your students to get motivated or feel reluctant to use them, so it is highly recomended to investigat
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As a teacher for many years I am very familiar with using content already created and creating it myself. I like to use a base line that has been tested, either by myself or another party, and go fro
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Body language and tone of voice can influence how you are perceived by your students and can determine how engaged they are with your lesson. Seating arrangements are also a powerful tool that shouldn
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Unit 1 discusses the important roles of the teacher and the student. Among the most vital qualities a teacher should possess, there is the need to be kind, patient, and motivating. Good teachers gener
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In this unit, I learned all about teaching the productive skills of speaking and writing. Writing is a skill which requires a greater degree of accuracy, whereas speaking requires a greater degree of
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For learners need to do with new language; be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it's constructed and be able to practise and produce it. Vocabulary is very important to the studen
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Lesson planing is an important factor to consider when delivering a lesson. Just like a builder building a house with a plan so thus a lesson plan to a teacher. Lesson planning helps to facilitate th
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This unit teaches the essential classroom 'set-up' skills to ensure a structured and productive learning environment for the students, and problem-free class time for the teacher. Classroom management
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A brief overview of this unit shows different approach in teaching and using teaching skills ranging from younger learners, adults, and industries learning English language. it also highlights various
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Silver Creek
In the unit 4 explains various methods and techniques of teaching. Most of them are Grammar – translation, Audio – lingualism, Presentation, Practice and Production, Task-Based Learning, Communica
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This unit is very important to understand how to introduce new language, grammar and functions to our students. We can apply the ESA methods to introduce new language to our students. Teaching vocabul
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Unit 17 served as a nice compilation/explanation of equipment and teaching aids. This included classics from my youth and teacher training in the 1970s/80s/90s, along with modern technology. I liked
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South Bend
This unit was especially impactful for me as it allowed me to get a critical perspective of the classroom setting. I was able to compare and contrast my own experiences as a student, as well as my exp
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South Sioux City
Unit 8 is all about Future Tense. Tense that will happen in the future timeline. Some of the present tenses can be used to express something that happens in future or will be happening in the future.
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An overview of this unit shows the system and structure of past tenses is not so different from present tenses, except that past tenses obviously relate to past time periods. The unit elaborated on th
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In this unit i learned what kind of groups i can have on my classes: from calsses with beginners till Monolingual vs. Multilingual students. There are important things that we have to bear in mind whe
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When speaking in the Feature tense there are five different tenses to use depending on the structure of the sentence and usage. There is the Present simple tense when the usage is a spontaneous decisi
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The Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology Unit took me way back to the days of learning Phonics early in elementary school. While pronunciation is quite likely the least covered aspect of language in
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St. Edward
With this exercise I was able to clearly visualize a positive and negative classroom setting. It was helpful to be able to see how the teacher's actions effectively 'snow-balled' throughout the lesson
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St. Helena
Unit 2 effectively broke down the components of simple and semi-simple sentences. We noted that a sentence requires a verb and a noun, from there we saw the different components that could extend a se
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St. Paul
After reading this lesson, I have learnt the parts of speech, this mean each word in a sentence can be further classified, according to its purpose and the meaning it adds. A simple sentence normally
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The type of teaching you do in a classroom depends on the type of students you have. This is especially the case for specialty classes such as business English classes or classes for young children. F
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In unit 14 I learned about the different materials and course books that can be utilized in the classroom. Classroom materials can be divided into two groups authentic and created materials. Authentic
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This unit is a guide for teachers to carry out lessons with a clear plan and good organizational skills. It is truly essential for beginner teachers such as me because I would imagine that my first fe
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