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Writing and speaking are equally important in mastering a language. Giving students plenty of exposure and opportunities to speak, read, and write is important. Some of the things I have learned in th
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this unit simply talks about the past tense in English language. It refreshed my memory on the four aspects of past tense which includes-past simple tense,past continuous tense,past perfect tense and
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I believe that this unit very well helps to understand how to organize the learning process to build already relationships with students to prevent possible conflicts in the class. Improve the activit
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Modal auxiliary verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. They included words such as can, could, may, nmight, must, shall, should, would, have to. Modal verbs are followed
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Teaching special groups of students requires some special kind of skills. In this unit , I learnt how to teach different groups of students. These groups include: Beginners, individuals, teaching
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This unit covered conditional statements and reported speech. For conditional statements it went over zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals, their proper uses and potential sources of con
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There are many teaching methods utilized to engage with ESL students. I like the Communicative Language teaching method as it encourages students to focus on using the language in real life situations
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This unit is a review of the conditional forms in English. It lists and explains the use of the following forms : the Zero Conditional, The First Conditional, the 3rd Conditional and the Mixed Condit
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Conditionals are used in situations where an action or event is probable or possible to occur. It’s also used in situations where an action or even is hypothetical. There are four types of conditio
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In unit 17 I learned about the different types of equipment and teaching aids that may be provided in ESL classrooms. In addition, I learned the most common piece of equipment is a white/chalk board.
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This unit is very interesting because helped me how to help my students to better pronunciate the words in english. I also learned the different issues with the IPA: With the IPA we can teach our stud
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It is important to remember that: 1) all continuous forms use some form of the the verb to be plus the ing verb form; 2) all perfect forms use some form of to have and the past participle; 3) all per
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this unit give us a look concerning a very useful point of the english grammar the modals, the phrasal verbs and the active-passive voice. Modals can be used to express different ideas for example: ab
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This unit has taught me basic and common effective methods and techniques required in teaching English language to foreign learners in order to produce good results. I also learnt my personality, cult
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In Unit One, Teachers and Learners, there was an in-depth examination of the roles of teachers and students and how each role can translate into a positive learning environment. I learned that teacher
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Truly this has been my favorite unit. These specifics in proper language teaching are not gone over in any real sense in basic education courses. This wholly explains why my previous attempts as a tut
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I really enjoyed unit 10. The fact that I did not have to study any text but just to watch and observe two different videos made the learning process very interesting. The two videos exposed me to the
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In this unit I learned that the different past tenses are very similar to their present tense counterparts, but the point of reference is shifted into the past. I had never thought about it this way,
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La Vista
This was an extremely interesting and idea inspiring lesson. By outlining different teaching methodologies and providing various effective classroom ideas, I truly have been handed a wealth of valuabl
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Phrasal verbs area topic that can confuse English learners because when these words come together, they take on a different meaning than what each individual word means. For example: “put up with”
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Most teachers make notes, or complete lesson plan forms, but will build in flexibility.The writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions:1 An aid to planning; 2 A working document; 3 A r
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This Unit introduces us to the present tense with its four forms : simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. It is a review of its construction, its usage and the best ways to teach it. The
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This unit covered how to teach a range of type of classes, from beginner to young learners to business English classes. I found the business English section particularly interesting because I always w
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Pronunciation may be difficult for teachers to teach a class, and is one of the most sought-after aspects of mastering a language. Intonation describes the pitch and variation of whole sentences, whic
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There are a million resources that teachers can use to enhance students language learning. One of the best and most basic resources are dictionaries -for spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary buildi
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This unit covered the various aspects of Classroom Management. Ideas for teacher use of eyes, voice, and gestures took up the first few pages while the positives and negatives of Whole Class, Individ
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Watching the first video was actually painful to watch and brought up some very bad teacher experiences I have had in my lifetime of education. I understand the importance of engagement and making th
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In unit 2 I learned about the different names of the parts of speech in the English language. I learned more about each common part of speech such as, an article can be definite and indefinite. I also
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There are different groups when teaching English, and each group must have its own methodology since age, level, motivation and interest in the language is different in each one of them. To be able to
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In this unit , I have experienced a first hand demonstration by the teacher in the two lesson video. I have actually gained in terms of teacher student relationship and also the manner in which lesson
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Future tense is one of the most complex tenses learnt so far. The are seven future tenses which - Future simple with form S+ WILL + VERB - Future continuous with form S+ WILL+BE + VERB-ING - Future p
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This unit covered general information about testing and measuring students' language knowledge. It talks about what kinds of tests are appropriate for which stages the students are in during a course
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Unit 6 is dedicated to the grammar topic. It contains information about past tenses structures and their usages. Also, the unit reports on the most frequent mistakes and errors which students make whi
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From this unit I learned the importance of proper lesson planning and examples of how to do it effectively. I always believed that planning lessons would be a good idea to help prevent situations wher
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Long Pine
Unit 14 is coursebook and lesson materials. Every materials or book has advantages and disadvantages that teachers must remember. For example, coursebook, it provides a balanced mix of grammar, vocabu
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To begin there are numerous levels of any given language. There are also students that range from young to older in age, and with that comes different 'pros' & 'cons'. Each age level comes with a set
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In Unit 3 of the 120-hour course, I learned about some of the different English teaching methods that are used in the classroom. While it is hard to define which method is the best, it is clear that s
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In unit 15 I learned about the different types if internal and external assessments given to ESL students. I learned there are multiple types of assessments given in school for progress and placement
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Loup City
Through this unit, I have learnt about the theories, methods and techniques.There are many methods and techniques which have been using for people to learn language.The most common of these are : gram
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This unit presents the future tenses, one of the most complete area of the English language. We learn about the usages of the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfe
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Reading and Listening skills as applied to a TESOL classroom involves appropriate material that generates interest to the students to keep them engaged and motivated to follow through with the activat
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This unit covered how to conduct a class, from giving instructions to setting up the class seating to discipline. One thing I learned was that whether the teacher is standing and walking around or sit
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An overview of this unit shows the tense system and how each tense can be applied in learning and speaking of English language. I learnt that there are many different tenses and ideas with future mean
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In this this unit, just like the present tense, past tense are actions related to past time periods. In this unit i learnt the following about past tenses. 1- Past simple: It is formed by adding and
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An overview of this unit provides a clear-cut guide to teachers of English Language on the effective and most appropriate methods used in teaching English to learners of all ages and cultural backgrou
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This unit exposes the different materials a new teacher can use in order to carry out a lesson. It is explained that these materials have to be used carefully for specific aims. They are useful but th
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In lesson one, the teacher seemed frustrated with the students for not coming up with the answers he wanted. He didn’t look like he was enjoying the class. He appeared unfriendly because he rarely s
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Unit Four reviews forms and usage for the present tense, including present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. As with many elements of grammar, it can be much
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This unit goes in depth about the common teaching equipments and aids used by teachers for effective lesson planning and execution. It also lists a number of very useful websites that will come in han
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This Unit mainly talks about lesson planning. It is important to write lesson plans, since it serves as an aid to planning, a document that you could refer to during the class and a record. The basi
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