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This unit covered class management; the techniques and strategies for communicating with students, building rapport, and maintaining order and discipline. It stressed the importance of appropriate use
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A brief overview of this unit shows that there are many different teaching aids that can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook.it also explains that di
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I think this video is very informative because to compare two videos and I saw how to teach that all students were interested in the learning process and what not to do so as not to make unnecessary m
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Though this unit was short it was packed with a lot of new and useful information. It gave wonderful advice on how to format a class and makes the case that tests should not the be-all, end-all focus
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This unit mainly introduces the four past tenses, past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Past simple is usually used when the time is given, when the time is asked
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I found unit 8 Future Tenses easy to grasp. This is due to the knowledge that I had acquired in the previous units namely unit 4 Present Tenses and unit 6 Past Tenses. However in this respective unit
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This unit focusses on teaching productive skills, i.e, speaking and writing and suggests some really useful games. speaking skills: There are lists of the reasons people use to communicate, the diff
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In unit 9 I learned the importance of lesson planning. There is a fine line between writing too much or not enough in a lesson plan. It is important to leave room for flexibility in each lesson. It is
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In the unit I learned about the various ways language is introduced to our learners. Some of the ways language can be taught is through grammar - translation, audio - lingualism, presentation and prac
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Classroom management is of great importance in a teaching environment. In this Unite I have learnt that classroom management is the skill of organizing and the managing of a class, having a friendly,
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In this unit , we have learn about equipment and teaching aids in a classroom. Teaching equipment: There are many different teaching aids that can be use to make a lesson more interesting. Some of thi
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This unit discussed characteristics of good teachers and good learners, as well as language levels and students' typical motivations for learning English as a foreign language. Good teachers are able
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A teacher plays a very important role in the teaching and learning process. To be a good teacher, one should have a true passion and love for teaching. Not only should the teacher care about the teach
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This was an excellent grammar refresher. It clearly outlined all the forms of speech of the English language but it also highlighted what a difficult language English can be to teach because there are
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In general, this first unit has given me the opportunity to overview many aspects of the teaching and learning process, that we sometimes forget and don't apply in the classroom. For example, the 5 qu
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The content of this unit emphasizes the need for proper class management and the most effective ways to achieve it. I learnt that being an extrovert or introvert does not necessarily make one a good o
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There are several ways to test students. Some tests are used to determine the skill levels of students at the beginning of the class, which would be useful in creating future lessons. Other tests are
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I really enjoyed unit 17 equipment and teaching aids. The fact that I was once a student I could easilly relate to the unit with some of the aids that I had come across, back then when I was a student
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This unit mainly talks about the ways to teach special groups. The students can be divided into different groups including beginners. individual students, children, business English /English for spec
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This unit is a review of the teaching equipment a teacher might have to deal with in order to teach as effectively as possible. Amongst them, we can find a white/black board, IWP, OHP, visual aids, wo
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During lessons that focus on receptive skills, it is very important for the teacher to carefully select which text or dialogue to use in a class. The level of the students should be considered. Texts
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Throughout this lesson I learned the characteristics that make a good teacher, such as being kind and patient, the true love of teaching, having background knowledge on the subject, and being able to
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In this unit, I have learnt that they are four basics kills in any language, Receptive skills and productive skills. The receptive skills are listening and reading. There are various reasons to which
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This Unit is part of English grammar, an important section for all ESL learners. That's why it is necessary for ESL teachers to review all related terms. I meet many teachers from US and UK, where Eng
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This unit was on the productive skills of speaking and writing. When people are communicating they are typically doing it because they have a communicative purpose, they want to say something, they wa
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Pawnee City
The unit 2 explains parts of speech. We can analyze any sentence in English and divide all elements in the sentence on some groups as parts of speech. The first is a noun. Nouns usage use for names,
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Class arrangement seems easy and unimportant at first, but in fact it has a great impact on the rapport with students and teacher. It requires a teacher to vary her techniques in each class to set up
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Unit 1 was an introduction to the various aspects of both teachers and learners. Qualities such as kindness, patience, enthusiasm, and sensitivity were listed as key to 'good' teaching . The roles o
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In this lesson I learned about the different types of conditionals that can be used in a sentence. I learned the forms and usages of each. I also learned about the difference between reported speech a
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These videos showed amazing examples of an effective and ineffective lesson. It showed how much a teacher’s attitude and demeanor set the tone for the class as well as how much participation student
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It's helpful to see a sampling of all the games that I could use when teaching English. After reviewing all the English teaching strategies, I can see why the ESA lesson structure is the most effectiv
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This unit generally talks about vocabulary, grammatical structures and functions. It shows the best ways of passing these across to students. The unit tries to point at the best ESA ways of introduci
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In this unit explained phonology.Phonology is the study, science, analysis, and classification of the physical properties of sounds. The The terms phonetics and phonology are often used interchangeab
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Unit 2 is an entrance to the grammar of English. In this unit, we can find a classification of the parts of the speech and the explanation of the relevant grammar rules. What we learn from this unite
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This unit mainly talks about evaluation and testing. There are mainly three ways to evaluate students, which are tutorials, evaluation by the students, tests. As far as tests are concerned, there ar
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Platte Center
Unit 16 is Conditionals and reported speech. It discussed the five main conditionals- zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional. I learned th
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In unit 2, I have learnt the essentials of the English grammar. I was surprised at the many different categories of nouns, adjectives and verbs etc. It was interesting to find out that the everyday se
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Pleasant Dale
The classification of the words of a sentence according to their roles in the sentence and the meaning they add to the overall meaning of the sentence is called “Parts of Speech” which include: 1
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Similar to the present tense unit, I found this unit to be more challenging. As a native english speaker, I know how to put these kinds of sentences together, however, it is much harder to break them
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Unit 7 is devoted to the lesson planning. It is divided into three main parts: the first is about teaching vocabulary, the second is about grammar and the last but not least is the part which report
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Unit 3 focused on the methodologies of teaching English developed over the last 300 years or so, by placing them in historical context, explaining the theories behind them, providing examples of usage
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because I'm a Chinese, most of Chinese characters show the parts of speech in a given situation, for Chinese students, they need to understand the meaning by understanding the whold sentence. since I
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The most important task of the first lesson with a new class is to establish rapport with the students. The best way to do this is to have some short exercises that involve interaction with the class
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This unit mainly talks about the potential problems a teacher might come across during their teaching and the most useful ways to solve these problems. The major problems or trouble in teaching Engli
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What resonates with me is the fact that language acquisition has evolved to incorporating aspects of many approaches or methods. Optimally using lessons that address listening, speaking, writing and r
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What resonated with me in this lesson on lesson planning was how important it is to use a systematic approach to instruction with room for flexibility. Knowing, stating and communicating the objective
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As teachers we have to ensure the students are introduced to new language. The four things the students need to do with new vocabulary. The first is to expose them to it. There are a number of activit
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In this unit I took a look at the productive skills: speaking and writing. Communication between people is a very complex and ever changing thing. But there are generalisations that we can make which
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I learned several teaching techniques I have never heard of. The Engage Study Activate method is probably the most effective method of teaching; especially for new ESL teachers. The Straight Arrow les
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This unit taught me the different teaching methodologies, but most especially it pointed out to me the most effective method which is the ESA method.I realised that this method includes the engage,the
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