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This unit is essentially a refresher on the parts of speech. As noted in the unit text, most native English speakers know how a sentence should "sound" (or at least, recognize when it sounds incorrect
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As the last time I learned grammar rules was in 4th grade, I found this unit and the unit on present tenses challenging to learn and remember. The hardest part is remembering and articulating the rule
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Mason City
This unit examined the two core components of the classroom setting, teachers and students. By observing the roles and attributes effective teachers possess, I have learned the holistic basics of my f
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Unit 8 is about grammar, it contains information about the structures of the English languages which can be used with future meanings. To my mind, the best about this unit is that it describes not jus
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This was extremely helpful, and a little humorous. I am not sure why the teacher in the second scenario brought up Satan and his language school, that caught me as very strange. Aside from that it was
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There are many methods and ideas for learning effectively, such as translation, PPP, task-based, and the silent way. They all have different focuses (such as task-completion or student-lead lessons).
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McCool Junction
The unit was exemplary in its description of different types of tests. I was able to understand well that there are different types of tests for different needs. I was able to learn about placement te
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This unit is about the different kinds of learners and what makes a good teacher. Teachers have many different roles to fill in the classroom and using the right teaching style at the right time is ve
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This unit has taught me the importance of planning lessons. The writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions such as; it aids in planning, it serves as a working document and it acts as
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This unit covered the four past tenses and the common errors students make while learning these. I had never thought about the difference between the past perfect continuous and the past perfect; as w
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Meadow Grove
Teaching New Language Vocabulary, Grammar and Functions Four basic things students should do with language: Be exposed to it Understand its meaning Understand how it is constructed Be able to practi
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As I am teaching students from 5-10 years, the section of "teaching children" in the Unit is the most useful for me. I totally agree that teaching small kids needs much more efforts and energy from a
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In unit 10 I learned the importance of planning, rapport, and having a positive attitude in the classroom. I was able to watch two videos and determine what allows teachers to be successful and not su
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This unit has been particularly educational for me as I was not aware of the different phonic sounds before. This unit goes in a lot of detail about teaching articulation and effective ways to do so.
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This unit has given myself a much greater understanding of how and why we structure sentences the way we do. Prior to this unit, I knew how to structure a sentence but had no idea as to how or why we
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There are 12 total tenses of the English language, including 3 main tenses (past, present, future) and 4 aspects of each (simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous). The present simple tense is
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A brief overview of this unit is a look at common problematic situations teachers face in the classroom and it suggests ways whereby these problems can be solved. it shows that a class can consist of
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In unit 8 I learned about the seven well known future tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going future tense, the present simple, and the present co
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Though this unit was rather short I enjoyed the detail that was present. These may be basic skills, but as I am in the process of learning another language it is made clear how careful one must be in
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Unit 18 modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice was very interesting. I really enjoyed the auxiliary verbs as we use them in our day to day lives, therefore I could easily relate. The unit also highli
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This unit focuses on classroom management skills with emphasis on building rapport with students, maximizing student talk time and working within the physical confines of the classroom space. It offer
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The present continuous is used for definite arrangements while ‘going to’ is used for intentions, predictions, and plans. The future simple tense is used for facts, promises, predictions, spontane
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This was a very interesting unit because it delved deeper into pronunciation and covered phonology. I have learned a lot about how sounds are produced and what parts of the tongue must touch what part
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With this unit I have learned how to explain to my students the 4 present tenses. I also have learned how to explain the structure of the sentences in the affirmative, negative and question for the P
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Planning lessons is important, whether you are an experienced teacher or not. Although more experienced teachers can usually get away with just jotting a few ideas down on a piece of paper, all teache
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Morse Bluff
This unit is consisted of some parts. The first part is about teachers and what qualities a good teacher should have. There are explained roles of the teacher( manager, organizer, assesor, prompter, p
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Unit 4 focuses on the Present Tenses. First, there is a brief discussion of the tense system ending with ITTT's recommended view that the 3 times(Past/Present/Future) each have 4 aspects (Simple/Cont
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Evaluation and testing is an integral part of most English teaching courses. There are three primary methods of assessment: 1) tutorials; 2) evaluation by students; tests. Individual tutorials are
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In unit 11 I learned about the two main receptive skills reading and listening. I learned that you read or listen for two main purposes one is for a purpose and the other is for entertainment. I also
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In this lesson I learned about teaching productive skills. These are writing and talking. I learned ways to encourage students to be comfortable speaking and things that might make it difficult I also
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A teacher’s physical presence and voice play a major role in classroom management. As such, knowing how to use these things properly will translate to better and more productive class sessions. Phy
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Nebraska City
This unit is about the classroom management. We must concentrate on eye contract, gesture and the voice . We can group students according to size of group such a whole-class grouping, students working
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The final unit involves troubleshooting -- ways to address problems that teachers face in their classrooms. Some of the issues covered include starting a new course, working with large classes, coping
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Conditionals are a common aspect of English speaking. There are five main conditional forms, namely zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional.
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There are a myriad of different methodologies that have been identified, used, weeded, and combined to best teach students a language. That said one isn't better than the other. A popular and effectiv
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Unit 16 Receptive skills was very short indeed. I have learnt the two receptive skills, which are reading and listening respectively. I have also learnt the importance of receptive skills which are fo
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Unit Fifteen discusses evaluations and testing. A great many student-evaluation formats are covered, including types of tests and the purposes of each. Teachers need to evaluate students at the beginn
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Unit 6 explains the past tenses clearly and succinctly in keeping with the previous lessons of this course. Also like others, this unit gives the usage for each past tense, formation of the tense, ex
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Newman Grove
I have been shown a very helpful demonstration of an effective English course. This second video give me a lot more perspective about what teaching might actually be like In the real world. I feel as
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In unit 16 I learned about the different conditionals and how to report back direct language. There are five conditionals: zero, first, second, third, mixed. I learned that when attempting to teach th
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While a lot of the information presented in this unit coincides with my experiences as a lifelong learner, I had never seen it broken down so clearly. The different roles of a teacher make sense, but
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In Unit 2, I learned about the different parts of speech that are used in the English language. I learned how to recognize nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and so forth. I found the conten
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In teaching new language, vocabulary is very important early on because it is the basis on which students are able to formulate sentences and describe their thoughts/feelings/actions to others. Lesson
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This unit introduces diverse methods and theories on the most effective ways to teach a new language. We can discover several techniques to make a lesson that involves all students in a relaxing atmos
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Understanding the different tenses has been a struggle for me so far. This unit was another opportunity to review different tenses and understand when they apply and how to teach them. The introductio
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North Bend
Unit 10 is all about a real-time English language classroom where it shows the effective and ineffective ways of teaching. I learned teachers have to engage with the students to break the ice so th
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North Loup
This unit helped me to prepare for any number of cases I may be presented with in my future TEFL endeavors. The information made it so that I could compare and contrast how different special groups ma
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North Platte
Unit 9 is all about Lesson planning. I think making a lesson plan is difficult because it stops me to be creative and flexible. But I've just realized lesson plans can be helpful. Lesson planning h
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There are differing opinions about the use of course books for teaching. Some say that course books are great because they offer in depth lessons and structure. Others say they are too confining and a
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We form the past simple by adding –ed or –d to the base form of regular verbs while to form a sentence in the past continuous, we use was/were + the verb + ing. We use the past simple to talk abou
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