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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

In this unit, they key notes to reflect here is the teaching environment. That is to say the relationship between the teacher and his enviroment which is the classroom, the students. A good teacher is he who understands the needs and the lackings of his students. He is the one who is a manager, model, prompter, facilatator, model, assesor to better educate his students. This unit also will also help the teacher to understand that since ESL is not the first language of the learner, there are going to be some challenges such as unwilling to learn, nervousness cultural shock. In order to handle the chanllenges, the characteristics of a good teacher will come into play of which patients is of the first factor. We also reflect on the levels of new learners of English as a second language with the break downs as follows -Beginner -Elementary -Preintermedaite -Intermedaite -uper intermedaite -Advanced All these levels are important to know so as to be able to tacle different leaners. It is equally worth to mention the fact that while these levels are commonly use, the European union recently established a framework of six levels which are breakthrough;Basic user A1, Waystage:basic userA2,Threshold:independent user B1, Vantage:independent user B2, Effective operational profitiency:proficient User c1, and finally mastery:profitient userc3. Another important issue to reflect on is how a good teacher can motivate his students hold to the fact that adult leaners have high motivation than young learners. In any of the situation , a good teacher most ensure that his lessons are always enjoyable , interesting varied and useful in order to maintain motivation. In conclution, the relationship between a teacher and learners is very important thoug complex.A sensitive, motivated and a caring teacher is likely to have a successful students who enjoys their classes and continue attending class.